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Fix “Download Failed” error in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application that is as popular as it is useful, and today almost everyone with access to a Smartphone has WhatsApp on their phone. For this reason, there are not few people who have ever suffered from the annoying error that throws the “Download failed” message when they try to download an image, audio or video received from the application.

Luckily, this problem (which is quite common), has quite simple solutions that you can carry out yourself to eliminate the failed download message and continue using your WhatsApp regularly. In this post, you will be able to know all the causes that generate this error, as well as the way in which you can solve it in each case.

Causes and solutions

The error that throws the message “Download failed. The download could not be completed. Please try again later ” can appear for many different reasons and, therefore, the solutions for each case are different. In this sense, the appearance of this error can range from something as silly as problems with the Internet connection, to lack of internal storage or cache conflicts.

You don’t have enough storage on your phone

One of the most common causes of the error “Download failed in WhatsApp” is generated as a result of the lack of storage space in the internal memory of the mobile device. Thus, when you try to download a multimedia file that you have received via WhatsApp and your phone does not have enough space to host it, the application itself will automatically throw the error.

To check if this is the cause of the error on your phone, you can go to the file manager of your device and see how much storage memory your mobile has left. In case it is saturated, it is very likely that the WhatsApp error does not allow you to download files is caused by this reason.

The most efficient thing in this situation is to delete all the junk files that have accumulated in the WhatsApp folder in all the time you have been using it. These files are also known as cache. To clean the cache of your applications, what you should do is go to Settings or Configuration and look for the apps installed on your computer.

Once there, locate WhatsApp and choose the option to Empty cache. Another easy way to do this is to automatically purge the cache using apps like AVG Cleaner or CCleaner.

You have a very old phone

Although it hurts, we must accept that WhatsApp as well as many other modern applications are constantly updated and increasing the minimum requirements so that they can run on smartphones. For this reason, if you have a phone with a fairly old version of Android and from one moment to another you have started to suffer from the failed download error, then it means that the hardware capacity of your computer no longer adapts to the WhatsApp updates. .

In these cases, the only solution that exists to stop suffering from this problem is to change your equipment for a newer one. In this way, you will not only have better accessibility to WhatsApp functions, but you will also avoid similar errors with other applications such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Incorrect date and time

This type of error may happen because the time and date on which your mobile is configured are incorrect. This usually happens more than anything in old mobiles, since the new ones automatically update said data taking into account the location of the device.

In order to configure the date and time of your mobile, you must enter the settings or configurations menu and look for the option “Date and time”, and then set said data manually. Keep in mind that some data in these steps may vary slightly depending on the version of Android and the model of your mobile phone.

Other solutions

There are many other possible solutions that you can also consider in addition to the ones already detailed in this text. Here is a list of other possible solutions that could be very helpful:

Disable power saving mode : this mode is sometimes configured to prevent the phone from downloading multimedia content through the phone’s apps. This is done for the purpose of saving power on the device. For this reason, if you have this mode activated, it is likely that it is preventing WhatsApp from downloading the photos, voice notes and videos that you receive.

Restart the device : Although it seems silly, sometimes these types of errors are caused by internal system conflicts that are generated from temporary files that are stored in the RAM of the computer. For this reason, you can try restarting your phone and try downloading content again.

Check the quality of your network connection : if your Internet provider does not offer an acceptable speed plan or you have very old network equipment, then it is possible that your phone does not have a stable enough download speed for WhatsApp operate properly. In these cases, you can change providers, switch to a plan with higher bandwidth, or purchase a better-performing router.

Use a relatively modern Android Smartphone : the best thing to do to use the most recent versions of WhatsApp is to have a phone with a modern Operating System, with at least version 6 or 7 of Android being recommended. This is because these devices guarantee better performance to use your apps without worrying about the updates launched by the applications.

As you have seen throughout this post, this error has very simple causes to resolve. You just have to follow each of the solutions that have been detailed in this text to the letter and see which of them helps you correct the problem.


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