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Cómo recuperar mensajes borrados de WhatsApp

To recover deleted WhatsApp messages you must use the last backup that you have saved in the application. To do this, you will have to delete and install WhatsApp again and restore the messages that have been stored. In the same way, you have external applications that will be in charge of rescuing the deleted messages within the platform. This way you can get back to the content that you have accidentally or intentionally deleted.

WhatsApp is one of the applications with the greatest interaction worldwide thanks to the exchange of messages, images, videos, among others. To free up storage space on the device, you need to empty conversations that are not so relevant. However, in case you have deleted some content that is important, in this post you will see all the steps you must follow to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp.

Restoring the backup

The backup protects the messages and the multimedia content that you have within all the conversations. With it, you can recover WhatsApp chats that have been accidentally deleted. However, backups must be done before deleting the message. If stored later, the message will not be found within the restore.

On Android

The procedure to restore WhatsApp backup on Android devices is really simple. You just have to follow the steps that will be detailed below:

  1. Open WhatsApp and click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose ” Settings.”
  3. Go to ” Chats “.
  4. Swipe and click on ” Backup “.
  5. Choose ” Save ” only if the conversation to be retrieved has a date earlier than the one indicated by the application.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. If you have an Android device, press thislink.
  7. The application will tell you if you want to restore the last backup you saved. Press ” Yes “.

On iOS

On both Android devices and iOS phones, you must store the backup via Wi-Fi, since the use of mobile data will consume the entire megabyte package you have available. Having clarified this point, you can observe the steps you must follow to restore the backup on an iOS phone :

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to ” Settings “.
  2. Enter ” Chats “.
  3. Click on ” Backup “.
  4. Click on ” Make a copy “. The data will be saved in iCloud cloud storage.
  5. Uninstall and install WhatsApp for iOS again through the followinglink.

Using external applications

Mobile applications are also tools that facilitate the recovery of messages on WhatsApp. However, you must bear in mind that you will grant access to your contacts, multimedia files, messages, among others. Therefore, you need to be aware that the application can keep this data and the risk that this implies.


With WAMR you can save different types of media such as animated gifs, images, audios, voice notes, messages, among others. Similarly, it will try to store any media that is linked to the message. In case the sender deletes the sent content, you will receive a notification.

However, and as the app itself indicates, there is no official and accepted way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. The messages will be retrieved by notifications, therefore, if the phone or a particular chat has been muted, then WAMR will not be able to save or retrieve that message. If you want to download it, press thislink to get it on your Android.

WhatsRemoved +

Its objective is to detect deleted messages but now WhatsRemoved + will also notify when any element linked to the conversation is deleted. Among its functions we can mention the search systems by group of notifications, storage of the history of your choice, display of all deleted messages, among others.

Another advantage is that it does not take up much storage space, so you will have a fully functional application on your Smartphone. It should be noted that this app is only available for Android devices, therefore, if you want to download it for free you must click on itlink.

Using mSpy

mSpy is one of the programs in which all cell phone content is observed in real time. Even if the person deletes the messages on the device, you will have access to all text messaging or WhatsApp, browsing history, photo gallery, among others. The subscription ranges from € 15 to € 20 per year.

To use this tool you must have access to the phone where you want to recover deleted messages and install the software to use it on the device. It should be noted that in mSpy it is not detected by the naked eye, so you will have to factory reset the phone to eliminate said application. To use this program, press thislink.

Using WhatsApp Web

You can only use WhatsApp Web to retrieve the multimedia content of a WhatsApp conversation. You just have to press thislink and synchronize the devices by scanning the QR code to see the photos, videos or files that have been deleted on your phone. It should be noted that this tool can be used especially in the event that neither of the two people has deleted said image within the conversation.

As you can see, the process to recover deleted WhatsApp messages is somewhat complicated if you do not keep the backup copy up to date within the application. You can use external applications, however, these will only recover those messages that have been deleted after having installed the application.


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