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Cómo descargar packs de stickers para WhatsApp

The most famous instant messaging application in the world is always in constant growth, offering its users fun alternatives to communicate with each other, such as WhatsApp Stickers. These attractive stickers became common in the conversations of this platform, to the point of being shown under the image of artists, anime, soccer characters, etc.

Best of all, you can download them from the official store corresponding to the Operating System of your Smartphone, being Google Play for Android and App Store or iTunes for iOS. It should be mentioned that there are many alternatives available, however, you must be careful with some of them, since they require special permissions from where they can access your private information.


In this digital age it is essential to have a good pack of Stickers on your Android, which allows you to communicate with your friends in a fun way. Find in this list the ones that best suit your personality. The best thing about this type of giant Emojis is that they remain independently in WhatsApp, even if you delete the source app from where you added them.

Famous Stickers

Having the image of your favorite artists in the form of stickers for WhatsApp is something fantastic, with this pack you can count on Rihanna, Selena Gómez, Kendall, Finn, among many other celebrities.

To easily download it to your Smartphone, click on this link:

Animated Characters Stickers

Full of attractive and colorful characters from the animation, from Pumbaa, the funny boar of the Lion King, to the most smiling sponge of all “Bikini Bottom”, SpongeBob. Download these incredible stickers by accessing:

Telegram stickers for WhatsApp

To be able to boast that you have Telegram Stickers also on WhatsApp, is now possible. This is thanks to the fact that their developers decided to include them in the Play Store, so that users can download and install authentic stickers exclusive to this platform.


Emojis Stickers

Now you can have your favorite Emojis in the form of stickers with this fantastic pack, including hand sign language and the funniest expressions. Different models are shown that bring together the best of Android, iOS and Microsoft, in one place. You can download them by clicking the following link.


Memes with phrases Stickers in Spanish

It shows the most famous memes on the web, with phrases in Spanish. Within the app there are different categories, distributed according to the content of the pack. Allowing to find funny images of “game of twins”, “Stickers of famous internet memes”, “Memes with phrases”, “Memes with phrases in Spanish”, etc.



With this sticker store you can discover an infinite variety of options. In addition to being able to design your own stickers and upload them to the application so that other users can enjoy them. Within its catalog of stickers, there are the best memes available on the Internet, in addition to those created by the different people who use the app.


Stickers of series and TV shows

Within the world of WhatsApp stickers there is room for everything, including TV series or television shows. Highlights in this category include:


This pack has approximately 100 free stickers and another 100 paid ones. Some of them incorporate authentic phrases from the Young New Yorkers Show distributed by Warner Bros.

To download it you can click on the following link:

Friends TV Stickers / Stickers for WhatsApp
Developer: MR ERROR
Price: Free


TV Series Stickers for WhatsApp

With this Stickers app you will find various options for stickers of your favorite TV series. Among these are, the renowned saga of GOT (Game Of Thrones), South Park, The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, and even an exclusive category for the TV Show, “Friends”.

Tv Series Stickers for Whatsapp
Developer: FalanApp
Price: Free


Stickers for special occasions

Being able to have a pack of stickers for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas is quite useful if you want to surprise your family and friends with a nice detail. There are several in the Play Store that you can use for this.

Holiday stickers

The next option offers a fun list of stickers for WhatsApp with seasonal motifs. You can find different alternatives, from the day of love and friendship, to a charming Santa Claus ideal for Christmas.