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Backgrounds for Zoom: how to download and use virtual backgrounds

Today, Zoom has become a platform to bring people together and connect through video conferencing. The virtual backgrounds in Zoom are a tool that can be used in case you want to hide the interior of a specific place, be it the office, the room, the house or the place where it is located. In this way, during the videoconference the image of your preference will be displayed.

In view of this, in this article you will see how to download and use virtual funds for Zoom from the PC. In the following sections you will be able to download the backgrounds that you like the most and go to the most popular pages to obtain other images. At the same time you will observe the steps you must follow to use the background in Zoom from the computer, thanks to its desktop application.

Pages to download virtual backgrounds

In the next section you will find a gallery section where you can automatically download and save different virtual backgrounds for Zoom. In the same way, a list of pages will be left in which you will also see a great diversity of images to be used as a background in the meetings.


In this section you can see different virtual backgrounds for Zoom of different categories. You can find nature, cities, food, among others. In this way you will only have to save the image directly on your computer, and then use it on the platform following the instructions that will be explained later.


Through this link you will see that 1Zoom.Me has several wallpapers, which can serve as a virtual background for the meetings you have in Zoom. It has more than 10 languages ​​available and you will see that the page has several categories for its backgrounds, such as cities, cosmos, sports, animation, 3D graphics, among others.

You can get images from 1280×853 up to 5126×2670. The best thing about this page is that you have the ability to choose the size of the image. Once you click on the wallpapers of your choice, you must press the ” Download ” button so that the background is automatically saved on your computer in JPG format.


Canva is the platform for people who want to make custom background designs for cards, presentations, slides, etc. On this website you can find various templates that will be by category, in HD quality, with different storage formats and additionally they will have a size of 1280×720.

You just have to click on the image you like the most, press ” Use th
s template
” and go to the upper right corner of the screen to press the ” Download ” button . Choose the download format and wait for the image to start saving automatically on your computer. Enter thislink for you to choose your preferred funds.

How to use the funds

Once you have saved all the funds of your choice, you must meet a series of requirements so that you do not have any inconvenience when placing the virtual background during your Zoom meeting from your computer.

Previous requirements

Before downloading the application for PC, it should be noted that Zoom demands certain requirements. If you do not have a green screen, version 4.6.4 (17383.0119) or later must be installed on Windows 7, 8 or 10 computers. On the other hand, the computer must have a processor compatible with 720p or 1080p video. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that the application only works with 64bit systems .

Similarly, if you have a Mac computer, you must install version 4.6.4 (17383.0119) or later. However, this desktop program is only compatible with macOS 10.9 or later versions. Your processors must be compatible with 720p video ( Inter i5, i7, i9, Xeon ) or 1080p.

Procedure to follow

If you meet the previously mentioned requirements for both Mac and Windows, then you can download the desktop app in either OS. Once you have installed it, you have to follow the steps that you will see below to know how to use the virtual funds in Zoom :

  1. Download Zoom for Windows through thislink. If you have a Mac computer, this is thelink to use.
  2. Open the file to begin its installation.
  3. When the installation is complete, Zoom will automatically open on your computer. Press ” Enter “.
  4. If you have a Zoom account, enter your email and password. If not, go to the lower right corner and click ” Sign up for free.” Follow the steps indicated by the platform.
  5. When your account is created, press the gear icon on the right side of the window.
  6. Then, select the option ” Background and filters.”
  7. Choose whether or not you have a green screen. Next, press the+symbol so you can add a virtual background.
  8. Choose the background from your computer.
  9. Once you choose it, that virtual background will be shown in your meetings.
  10. To remove the virtual background, press “ None ”.

As you can see, in this post you have found both an image gallery and pages that offer virtual backgrounds for Zoom. In the same way, you have detailed the requirements that are needed to be able to use these funds either on your computer with Windows System or on a Mac. Thanks to the Zoom desktop application, the procedure to use the virtual background is really simple and fast.

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