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Activate WhatsApp Messenger without verification code

WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular instant messaging application in the world. Hence the reason why millions of people want to use it. However, this app requires a verification code to be activated on the device. This is a security measure that the platform uses to verify that you are the owner of the telephone line in question, it is not something easy to ignore, but there are a couple of tricks that you can use to achieve it.

Either using the verification via email or previously activating the verification in two steps from the settings menu. Which gives you access to your account and all the information associated with it in the future, without having to use the code again. In the same way, if you did not have the opportunity to activate this option before losing your mobile or uninstalling the application, this last alternative will not be possible. In which case you will have to do it in the conventional way.

Activating two-step verification

This option will be useful if you already have an activated WhatsApp Messenger account on your device and want to avoid problems of this type in the future. All you have to do is activate two-step verification from the application settings menu, for this you will have to follow the instructions described below:

  1. Go to the WhatsApp menu > Settings> Account.
  2. Select ” Two-Step Verification.”
  3. Press ” Activate “.
  4. Write a 6-digit code that you can easily remember and repeat the operation in the next window.
  5. Set a recovery email in case you forget your security PIN.
  6. Confirm the information provided and press ” Save.”
  7. Press ” Ok “.

In this way, you will have activated the two-step verification of WhatsApp and you will not need to use the verification code in the future when you want to use the same mobile number, even if it is on a different device.

Using your email

This trick will allow you to activate WhatsApp on your device without the necessary verification code. To do this you must activate the ” Airplane mode ” or “Offline profile” on the cell phone and follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Activate the Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Go to the application, accept the terms of use and enter the cell number that you want to associate with the WhatsApp account.
  3. Since the phone will not be able to receive messages or calls with the verification code, you will be prompted to use a different alternative. In this case, the email.
  4. Once you have entered the email, press ” Accept “. Then, before the operation is executed, press ” Cancel “.
  5. Search your email for the verification code received, make a note of it and return to the application.
  6. Write the activation PIN in the corresponding field.

In this way you will be able to activate WhatsApp Messenger without the verification code. It is worth mentioning that you can use it with any cell phone number you want, since you will not receive any messages.

Activate WhatsApp with verification code

If for some reason you cannot use any of the above options, the only available alternative will be to activate WhatsApp Messenger with the corresponding verification code. Which you can receive via SMS or through a call, in case the first method fails. This is a quick process, as well as easy.

Via voice calls

Sometimes the telephone network or the reception of the message with the verification code tends to fail. If this is your case, you can select a different option, such as a voice call. To do this, you simply have to press the corresponding option and wait a few seconds while WhatsApp starts dialing to your mobile.

Make sure to make a note of the code as the operator dictates it so you can type it in the required field. Since, once you use this option, you must wait a period of one hour to be able to use it again. Once you have it, you can go to WhatsApp and activate your account in the same way as you would with an SMS.


When you install the application on your device and indicate the phone number that you want to associate with the account in question, the same app will provide you with a six-digit activation code via SMS. You simply have to search in the cell phone inbox, take note of the PIN and write it in the corresponding field of WhatsApp. Once this is done you will be able to use it without problems.

No chip or SIM Card

When you do not have an active SIM Card where you can receive the verification code and the tricks to activate the account do not work. Use mobile applications that generate virtual phone numbers, such asTextNow, can be a great option. It is worth mentioning that not everyone has the possibility of receiving SMS, but telephone calls. This particular alternative is compatible with WhatsApp and others like it.

In summary, using this application without verification code is something that is not always possible and that, in addition, requires using tricks such as those mentioned at the beginning of this text. Therefore, the best option to avoid this security measure is to activate the two-step verification.

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