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23 WhatsApp tricks to get the most out of it

Since its inception, about six years ago, the growth of WhatsApp has been considerable. Including new features and functions that significantly improve the performance of the app, some are at a glance within the application settings. However, there are others that are not so obvious that require the use of some tricks to appear.

From changing the source of the message, to using a different number than your SIM Card. There are many WhatsApp tricks that you can take advantage of to get the most out of the most used instant messaging application in the world. Learn what they are below.

Hide your information

WhatsApp, like many applications of this type or similar, allows you to configure your account profile with photographs and personal information, such as your name and your permanent status, which is visible by default. However, there is a very simple way to hide this data, to prevent people outside your contact list from accessing it and even your own friends.

You can easily hide your profile picture or the time of your connection on WhatsApp. However, you should bear in mind that by hiding the latter, you will not be able to see it in the information of your contacts when you open a conversation.

With that said, learn how to hide your personal information on WhatsApp, below:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your phone.
  2. Click on the menu icon to display the options (the three vertical dots located in the upper right corner of the screen).
  3. Select ” Settings.”
  4. Press ” Account “.
  5. In the next window, click ” Privacy “.
  6. Select the option that best suits you to hide your information from third parties, remembering what is mentioned a few lines above. Once you do, just hit the “Back” key on your phone and you’re done.

Deactivate the double check

From the beginning, WhatsApp has always been characterized by notifying its users about the sending and receiving of messages through “Ticks”. Added to this was the reading confirmation in the form of a “double check” in blue, something that caused controversy in the public, as many were not (and still do not agree) with this function.

However, this can be disabled in a few steps (something that was not possible at first). It should be mentioned that by doing this, as with hidden information, you will also lose the function of confirming the reading of the messages you send.

If you agree with the latter, proceed to deactivate the WhatsApp double check by following these instructions :

  1. Open the application and click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the main WhatsApp window.
  2. Click on “Settings”.
  3. Select the “Account” section.
  4. In the next window, click on “Privacy”.
  5. Scroll down the list of options until you find “Read Receipts” and move the marker left and right to disable this feature.

When you finish, you will have successfully deactivated the WhatsApp double check. Something important to mention is that you can reverse this and go back to the beginning, just by repeating the process and changing the last step, you will be able to know again when your messages are read.

You also need to know that this is applicable only for individual conversations. That is, it will remain active in group chats.

Read messages without marking double check even if it is activated

Being able to read WhatsApp messages without the read receipt showing, even if it is activated, is something that everyone wants from time to time. To achieve this, you can resort to a couple of tricks, remember to read them carefully until the end to carry them out:

  • From the Notifications panel: When you lower the Notifications panel, you are shown a fragment of the WhatsApp message, but how to read it if it is very long? Well, when you click on the message (without opening it) and slide down at the same time, it is shown in full. So you can read without the double check being marked.
  • Activating WhatsApp pop-up windows: By activating this option, you can view the WhatsApp message without activating the read confirmation. To do this you must open WhatsApp> Settings> Notifications> Pop-up notification. A dialog box will appear, where you must select between “Never show …”, “Only with the screen on”, “Only with the screen off”, “Always show …”.

Note : This is only possible on Android devices.

  • Activating airplane mode to read the message: If you want to prevent the other person from knowing that you have read their message, you can activate airplane mode before opening WhatsApp. After reading, you must close the application and deactivate airplane mode to continue using your line as usual.

Change the text format

In one of their latest updates, WhatsApp developers allowed their audience to change the text format in conversations. This allows the user to highlight parts of the message with bold, italics, and strikethrough. Styles can even be combined with a “Monospaced” font. For this you only need to use some special codes, which you will discover below.

  • Bold: To be able to mark your WhatsApp text in bold you must use the (*), applying the following format ” * Text to change * “, removing the quotation marks and replacing the content between symbols with what you want to highlight in the message.
  • Italics: The format italicized WhatsApp is applied using the (_). In the same way that happens with the previous style, the section of the message to be transformed should look like this ” _Text to change_ “. Remember to remove the quotes and replace the content.
  • Strikethrough: To apply the strikethrough format in WhatsApp you need (~). The text should be as follows: ” ~ Text to change ~ “.
  • Monospaced: The change of font in WhatsApp to monospaced, is possible using the inverted tilde (`) three consecutive times, before and after the text you want to modify. Example: “ `Text to change“`.

You can try the different combinations to add a more personalized touch to your message. Although you must be careful in the use of symbols, the same one that opens the text, is the one that must close. For example, _ * Text to change * _ will make that section bold and italic.

The same happens with other styles, take note of some combinations and start to surprise your contacts:

  • ~ _Crossed out and italics_ ~
  • “ “ * Monospaced and bold * “ “
  • * _ ~ bold, italic and strikethrough ~ _ *
  • _“` Monospaced and italic“`_

Note : You can also use the menu included by default in WhatsApp to change the style of your text. To do this, you must press and hold until the word is highlighted in blue, then press on the icon with the three bars or dots (depending on your mobile phone) that is displayed next to the message. By displaying the list of options, you will be able to navigate between them, selecting the format you want.

Bigger emojis

The list of emojis in WhatsApp is growing and it seems that there is no end near. On the contrary, improvements are constantly being added to this section of the app, such as changing the size of these small icons of feelings, professions, foods and more.

The resizing of WhatsApp Emoji depend on the amount you use in the text field, being this:

  • Large Emoji: A single Emoji in the text.
  • Medium Emoji: Two Emojis in the text.
  • Small Emoji: Three Emojis in the text.
  • Very Small Emoji: Four Emojis in the text.

However, for the size change to work, they must be of the same type of Emoji and there must not be any different characters to these, otherwise their dimension will be the same as the one seen when writing the text.

Answers with GIFs

This popular way of answering was present in WhatsApp some time ago, allowing you to answer messages and stories in a fun and very peculiar way. To send GIFs in WhatsApp you will have to click on the Emojis icon, then you must click on the word GIF and navigate between the possible options, to send it to your contacts. You can also use the search engine to find the ones that are directly related to what you need.

Convert videos to GIF

Another fun way to answer is to create your own GIFs from videos stored in your device’s memory. For this, you have to follow the same procedure as when you want to send a video: click on the camera icon or on the clip and select the file to send. After that, you have to reduce the duration of it to less than 12 seconds, and then select the GIF option that is on the screen.

Find a GIF in the database

If you want to find a specific GIF for your answer, you can do it by clicking on the magnifying glass in the lower left corner, write the keyword, example: “Happy” and select the one you like the most.

Stand out messages from others

This trick allows you to save important messages in the conversation that you don’t want to lose. This can be done by highlighting what you want to mark as a favorite and later, clicking on the star that is shown in the upper bar of the WhatsApp conversation.

Each of these highlighted messages is stored in the app’s memory and you can view them at any time you want, you just have to press ” Menu ” (the vertical points in the upper right corner) and then, ” Starred messages “. Within this section you will find the messages ordered from the oldest to the most recent.

Find exact messages

If for some reason, you forgot to mark a message as a star or favorite and want to find it in the middle of a conversation, you can use the WhatsApp search tool. To use it, you just have to click on the magnifying glass icon that is located in the upper bar of WhatsApp and write what you remember or know what the chat says.

The app will take care of showing you the matching results, from the most recent to the oldest. You just have to click on the one that matches your search and voila, WhatsApp will guide you to that point in the conversation. In the same way, it will offer you a list of results within the chat that contain parts similar to the word you used.

Manage conversations

While WhatsApp provides the option to back up conversations with the application’s backup or backup, it is also possible to archive entire chats and share them as a text file (.txt). It is worth mentioning that this is in the case of Android, for iOS these are copied as part of the content in the body of an email.

You only need to follow a few steps to be able to archive and, if you wish, send your conversation via email or any other similar means. See how to do it:

  1. Press and hold the conversation until it turns blue.
  2. Press the folder icon with the down arrow to archive the conversation.

Note : To view archived conversations, scroll to the bottom of the WhatsApp chats list and press ” Archived “.

Export chat

To export a chat as a text file, you must:

  1. Click on the chat you want to export to open the conversation.
  2. Once inside, press ” Menu ” (the vertical dots) and select ” More “.
  3. Select ” Export chat “, choose the means by which you want to send it and complete the procedure accordingly.

Note : If you have mistakenly archived a WhatsApp conversation and want to return it to the list of chats, you only have to press ” Archived “, once inside this section, press and hold the conversation until it lights up in blue and, finally, press over the folder icon with the up arrow.

Delete conversations

With each new conversation, the memory of your device becomes smaller, which can prevent the download of new multimedia content. To prevent this from happening, you can delete WhatsApp chats and thereby free up memory on the phone. You can delete more than one conversation at a time (as long as they are individual) and speed up the process.

To do this, you simply have to press and hold the conversation (s) you want to delete for a few moments. When they turn blue, click on the trash can icon on the top bar and confirm by pressing ” Delete “.

Appoint other administrators in the group

If you are an administrator of a group on WhatsApp and you want to delegate functions to other individuals, this trick will help you a lot. You can appoint other administrators to support you in this task.

For this you can use two methods, the first is done from the group options menu and the second is to click directly on the group member you want to name administrator. Learn to do it both ways, following these steps:

  • From the group options menu: To name other administrators in the WhatsApp group from the settings menu, you must:
  1. Open the group conversation and click on its name to access the options menu.
  2. Swipe the screen down and tap “Group Settings.”
  3. Once you do, you must press “ Designate admins. of the group ”.
  4. You will be shown the list with the members of the group, click on those you want to name as administrators.
  5. Confirm your decision by pressing the button located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Clicking on the group member: This procedure is more direct than the previous one, to do it you will have to click on the name of the person who will be the next administrator and when the dialog box appears, click on “ Make admin. of the group ”.

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