How to send videos and large files by WhatsApp

The WhatsApp platform imposes limitations on the size of the file that you can share. You can only send files up to 100MB through the app. But this does not mean that you cannot send larger files, at least indirectly. Next, let’s see the most feasible way to send large files and videos by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application worldwide. But in addition to sending text messages, it is also used to share multimedia files, be they photos, audio files or videos with your family and friends. However, people often come across the problem that they cannot send large files or videos over WhatsApp.

Send large files or videos by WhatsApp

You need some tricks to send videos or other heavy files on WhatsApp. Here we will show you two alternatives to send files larger than 100 MB through the messaging application.

1. With WeTransfer

One of the best ways to send large files on WhatsApp is by using an online service like WeTransfer. This is fast, secure, free, and offers great capacity for file size.

How to send heavy videos by WhatsApp with WeTransfer:

# 1. Open WeTransfer in your cell phone’s browser and click on Send file?

# 2. Now Use the + button (Add your files) to upload the file or files to send.

# 3. The part where you must select the file or files you want to share will open and press the Next button .

# 4. In the next window select the option Get a link and press the Send button .

# 5. Immediately the file will begin to upload, which will take time depending on the size and quality of the internet connection. When finished, press the Copy link button .

# 6. Then go to WhatsApp, paste the link and hit Send.

The recipient (s) will receive the link, and when they open it, they will be able to download the file that you have sent them. This procedure with WeTransfer is equally feasible if you are looking to send files of more than 100mb by WhatsApp from your PC.

2. Using Google Drive

You can always upload and share large videos on WhatsApp using a Google Drive link. This is perhaps the best method to send a large file on WhatsApp. 

How to send large files by WhatsApp with Google Drive:

# 1.  Open Google Drive on your phone, press the + icon  on the home screen and choose the Upload option > Photos and videos.

# 2Select the file and press the UPLOAD option in the upper right corner of the screen.

You will have to wait a bit until the file is uploaded to Google Drive, which depends on the size of the file and the internet connection.

# 3. When it’s finished uploading, click the three dots next to the file and select share link.

# 4. Now go to WhatsApp, open the chat of the person you want to share the file with, paste the link and click Send.

Finally, the recipient (s) can open the link to view or download the file from Google Drive.

Alternatively you can replace Google Drive with another cloud hosting service such as Dropbox or similar. Actually the concept is the same, since the idea is to share through a link, which means that you can send any file through WhatsApp.


As you have seen, the way to send heavy videos or other files through WhatsApp is through a link. The recipient user will be able to view or download the file you send by opening this link. In my own experience, using WeTransfer is much faster than using Google Drive. I hope this reading has been useful to you.

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