Useful Plugins and Extensions for Hotmail (Outlook)

The features that you can find in Hotmail are very extensive and useful, thus facilitating the user experience who uses email on a daily basis. Outlook allows you to add extra functionalities and tools so that any user feels comfortable using its service.

Among them you can find the add-ons and extensions available for your Outlook email, having the possibility of using them both on PC and on any Smartphone. With this you will be able to add extra features to your inbox, which will help you to carry out different actions, thus improving the usability of Outlook.

Install extensions and plugins

If you are a regular Outlook user, you will see that by default in your Inbox you will find different tools that, for the most part, allow you to perform any type of action with your email.

But if you want to further improve the experience you have when using Hotmail, you must install some of the extensions that Microsoft Outlook offers you. Through the Office Store you can install the add-ons you want or need.

To be able to install any extension in your mail, follow the steps below:

  1. You must first log into your Hotmail account to access your Inbox.
  2. Afterwards, click on ” New message” as if you were going to send an email.
  3. At the bottom, in the part where you fill in the email, where the options “Send”, “Discard” etc appear, you will see ” ” ( 3 dots ) click there and a drop-down will open (see image down).

  1. In the drop-down, as it appears in the image above, click on ” Get add-ons “.
  2. A new window will open for you, where you can see different extensions that you can add to your Inbox. Among them you have “Salesforce”, “Trello”, “Findtime” and many others.
  3. For example, in order to include the Trello Extension, you can use the search engine and, once found, click ” Add “.
  4. A warning will appear, which you will have to click on ” Continue “.
  5. It will not take long, 1 or 2 seconds, then a window will appear where they will give you a small tutorial on how to use it within your Hotmail inbox.

Best addons and extensions for Hotmail

Seeing how easy and fast it is to install and obtain add-ons in Hotmail, below you will have a list of the best extensions that you can use to add really useful functionalities, facilitating your day-to-day use of your email.


Trello is an online project manager that has programs for both MacOS and Windows, as well as mobile apps for both operating systems, and of course, its online service through its website.

Developer: Trello, Inc.
Price: Kostenlos

But in addition to that, they have released an extension to be able to use our project manager through Microsoft Outlook.

With Trello you can  manage pending tasks, through your email. Imagine that your boss has assigned you a new job, and from that same email that you received, you can create that task, being able to add all the functionalities, such as dates, descriptions, names, etc.


Evernote will provide you with access to the information that you want to save, but that at that moment you do not know how to save it. On many occasions you can receive so many emails a week, and many of them important, that when it comes to remembering the content of each one of them it becomes a somewhat complicated task, thus wasting time looking for email by email for the information that you need.

Evernote solves this problem with this extension for Microsoft Outlook. From the same email received, you can save the most important messages you receive in your email.

And if that were not enough, with this add-on, you can create projects and organize them, so that with just one click, you can see that information that you previously saved. It is highly recommended without any doubt, the installation of the Evernote addon for Hotmail.

Maps for Outlook

This is one of those useful extensions that you can add to your Hotmail inbox. You have to know that it is not a free addon, but rather it is paid. But the utility is incredible, being able to see from the same email received, the map of the address that you have received and many more details.

You will forget about having to copy the address, and to any Maps app, and look for the address. This extension will take care of recognizing any address you receive, showing it to you on a map. Really useful if you don’t stop traveling.

Officeatwork – Mail Reply for Outlook

If you are a person who is never still / a, you do not have free time, you are always in meetings, or you do not have time to answer all emails, this add-on called ” Officeatwork ” will make your life much easier.

Its operation is basically like an auto-responder, taking care of answering all the emails you receive, notifying that you are in a meeting and that as soon as you can you will respond, that you are traveling, etc.

Best of all, you can customize the responses, you can even organize what type of responses you want to send, depending on the sender of the email received.

Translator for Outlook

As its name suggests, the main function is to be in charge of translating the emails you receive in other languages, in your native language. Thus saving you the task of copying the message, opening the translator, pasting it and starting to read it.

From a single glance, you will be able to read in your language, any email received in languages ​​other than ours. A Hotmail extension that should never be missing from your inbox.

DocuSign for Outlook

Forget about receiving any document that you need to sign, download, print, sign, scan, and send it back to the sender by email. This DocuSign tool for Hotmail will take care of signing the documents you receive, without leaving your inbox, and returning them in a matter of seconds.

Best of all, if you take care of signing for other people, either because you are a secretary, notary, etc., you can include more people so that they can give authorization and carry out the action.

Dropbox for Outlook

The last add-on that you must have installed in your Hotmail is Dropbox and its cloud storage service. As long as you are used to working with Dropbox, you will need this extension as it will make it easier for you to attach documents or files.

You can create files from your email and have them automatically saved in Dropbox, without having to do anything, and without size limits. In addition, any received file that you want to save, you will do it with just one click, without the need to copy, drag, paste.

As you have seen throughout the post, installing a plugin, extension or addons in Hotmail is really simple. You just have to follow the steps described at the beginning of this post to do it. In addition to this, here you have been able to observe a list of the most useful extensions that you must have to facilitate the work, order and general use of your email.


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