TempMail: What is it, what is it for and how to use this temporary mail

TempMail is a website to create disposable emails, in other words, you can have an additional email that will be totally temporary. It is an excellent tool to avoid the saturation of ads or SPAM messages in your personal email or to test certain applications in which you do not want to include a frequent email. You only have to enter its web portal and the System will automatically generate an email that you can use.

The best thing is that you do not need to log in or register on the platform. The messages that reach you in this provisional email can be read immediately on its website. Thanks to its practicality and the benefits that its use can bring, in this article you will see how to use TempMail both from the computer and through its application. You will also observe several of its main advantages and disadvantages.

How to use

If you want to use a temporary TempMail email, you just have to enter its web platform or download the application available for both Android phones and iOS devices. Once you choose either method, the remaining procedure is fairly straightforward.

From PC

To use TempMail from your computer you just have to enter their website through thislink and copy the temporary email that will appear on the screen. You can press the ” Copy ” button or the clipboard icon. Then, you must enter the portal in which the email is requested, either for registration, subscription or to receive an announcement.

In the box or box indicated, paste the temporary email that you copied in TempMail. In case you need to verify the email, this platform has its own inbox, in which you only have to press the ” Update ” button to receive the messages that have been sent to your temporary email address.

From the app

If you want to have greater access to the tool, TempMail has a mobile application for both iOS and Android cell phones. It is a lightweight app that does not take up much storage space and has a free version and a Premium version. If you want to use the TempMail app on your smart device, follow these steps:

  1. Download the TempMail app for Android through thislink and for iOS devices using thislink.

  • When you open the application, scroll through the images you will see until you find the option ” Continue with the basic version.”
  • You will see a randomly drawn temporary email on the screen. If you want to use it, press ” Copy “.
  • Go to your ” Inbox ” to review the messages that have arrived.
  • From the Chrome extension

    TempMail also has an extension for Google Chrome, which facilitates the task of generating temporary emails if you use it frequently. To do this you just have to follow thefollowing link and click on the ” Add to Chrome ” button to enable the use of the extension.


    The main advantage that TempMail has is that it will protect your email from fraudulent advertisements, hackers, scam promotions and SPAM messages. Using temporary email you will keep your personal email address clean and safe. All emails provided by TempMail are free, anonymous, secure and temporary.

    Additionally, you will only have to remember the name of the email as you do not need passwords to access the inbox. It is a functional tool if you want to subscribe to digital entertainment magazines, forums or other applications without having to reload or saturate your main email with so much information.


    TempMail only provides disposable emails, that is, they are temporary emails that will be deleted after a while. In view of this, they should not be used to place them as a contact form in important documents such as academic or professional records or the Curriculum Vitae. It should only be used to register on a portal that is not secure, primary or important.

    Also, TempMail does not have the option to send a message from its platform. It will only serve to receive messages whose recipient is the email that has been obtained from the web portal. It is necessary to remember that its objective is to avoid the saturation of unnecessary emails in your account for frequent or professional use.

    In this post you have learned what TempMail is, what it is for and how you can use this service in order to protect and safeguard the privacy of your personal mail. Now you have a simple tool to generate disposable emails and to place them on those portals that do not guarantee security. In this way, you can get ads from different websites without putting your personal information at risk.


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