Locate or track stolen cell phone with Gmail or Google Maps for free

Although many people are unaware of this method, you can track your cell phone using Google Maps or Gmail. It is a very simple process, you just have to log in with your email address to find your Android with its location function (iOS has its own method). Similarly, you can log in with your Gmail account and access Google Maps on your computer to track the device with the application’s location history.

When losing a cell phone, users’ concerns are many. First of all it is important to locate the mobile, but it is also crucial to protect the information it contains. With Google Maps you will be able to know the location of your phone, as well as you can use the Android “ Find my device ” feature to locate it and additionally block or delete the information synchronized with Google, among other functions.

Requirements to meet

There are certain conditions to track a stolen cell phone with Google Maps or your email address. Below is a list of the main conditions, although it should be noted that there is no order of relevance in this list, since they are all essential to locate the mobile successfully:

  • Be connected to the Internet, either through a data connection or WiFi.
  • Have the location active.
  • That the mobile is turned on preferably. Otherwise, you would only get the last recorded location before it was shut down.

The following requirements may only apply to some of the two methods. So if one of them is not met, you should know that you can still use the other option:

  • To track with Gmail : the phone must be synced to your Google account and have the “ Find my device ” function active .
  • On the other hand, you will have to have the Google Maps application installed to find the location of your Smartphone with this application.

Activate location

To activate the location, on most newer smartphones, just press the Widget at the top of the screen, along with Airplane mode, Bluetooth and other functions. In case you do not have this option, you can activate this feature by entering ” Settings ” or ” Configuration “.

Using Google Maps

You can track a stolen cell phone using Google Maps from your computer. This application keeps a record of the different locations through which you have passed with your smartphone. In case of loss, this location history will be very useful to locate your mobile.

To know the last registered location of your Smartphone, enter from the following link to access Google Maps. If you have not logged in to your browser you will have to do it (make sure to enter the account linked to the application on your phone). Then follow these steps:

  1. Once in Google Maps, open the drop-down menu by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Look for the option ” Your routes ” and click on it.
  3. After pressing it, you will see a new tab open. In case you enter the history for the first time, some welcome messages will appear that you will have the possibility to skip.
  4. Later, you will be able to use the tool by selecting a date in the box indicated with the word “ Routes ”. To know the location of the day, press TODAY.
  5. Once this is done, the location will appear on the on-screen map.

By following these simple steps you will be able to know the location of your stolen phone with Google Maps. It is important to note that this method also works for iPhone, as long as you have the application installed. If you use iOS and want to download Google Maps, follow thislink to the App Store.

Through Gmail

It is important to note that this option to locate or track your stolen phone with Gmail is effective only with Android ; since it is necessary to synchronize with the device and iOS has its own method through the iCloud account.

To easily track your cell phone with Gmail, you will have to log in with the account linked to your device and paste this address into your browser: In this way you will access the official Google site “Find my device”. You may receive a notice with some permissions that you must accept to use the tool.

Once on the website, you will see on the screen a map with the last registered location of your smartphone. On the other hand, a warning message will appear on the cell phone indicating that it is being searched for “Find my device”. Therefore, whoever has the device in their possession will know that they are tracking it with this application.

This will be all you need to track a stolen cell phone with Gmail. But in addition, you can use other functions to control the device remotely that you will see in more detail in the next section.

Tool options

With “Find my device” you can know the location of your Smartphone quickly. You will also find the basic information of your cell phone, including battery, charge level and name of the WiFi network to which it is connected. Additionally, the tool has the following functions to protect your device :

  • Play sound : even if you have the phone in silent mode or vibrate only, you can sound an alarm and stop it with the click of a button. This function is used to quickly find the phone if it is nearby and also to scare the thief.
  • Lock device : with this function you can lock the device quickly. It even allows you to create a password if you don’t have a lock method set. In addition, you can show a message on the screen to the person who has your mobile and add a contact number so that they can call you and return it if they are someone honest.
  • Delete data : this option is recommended if you no longer see the possibility of recovering the device, in order to protect your personal information from others. It is used to delete the data synced to your Google account, so you will not be able to continue tracking or controlling the device.

It is important to mention that all data cannot be deleted, only those synchronized with Google, including Google Play applications or all login data in the browser. It is very useful, since many people even access their bank accounts via mobile and save the passwords to facilitate the process.

Mobile version

If you want to track a stolen cell phone from another cell phone instead of the computer, you can use the application. It is available in the Play Store and you can download it by following thislink.

The mode of use is the same as that used on the official site. You must log in with your linked account to be able to track and control your Smartphone remotely and in real time. You can also enjoy the same functions as on the site, such as blocking, sending messages, making the device ring or deleting the information.

In this case, it cannot be said that the use of the application is better or more efficient than that of the official website. The benefit that differentiates these two options is the mobility provided by the application, thanks to which you can track your stolen device from anywhere.

Drag an iPhone with iCloud

To track a stolen iPhone can not be used Gmail account. Instead it is accessed with iCloud
data. You must enter this address from your computer and log in to access the tool. If you have more than one paired device, select the one indicated to find out its location.

Once this is done, you will see on the screen a map with the last registered location of the device. In addition, as with Android, you can install the app from the official store. To get it, follow thislink. The different functions that you can access with this tool are the following:

Lookout Mobile

Lookout Mobile is an app that fulfills multiple functions, among its main ones is to track or locate your mobile. In case your cell phone has been stolen, you can sound an alarm that will sound even if the phone is in silent mode. In addition, it also offers the possibility of managing your data and protecting it against malware thanks to its antivirus and antispaware system.

Special mention should be made of the ” Flare signal ” function , this is used to record the location of the device to detect that the battery runs out and thus send an email. This in order to locate the mobile, using this data if it were to turn off.

This application offers two weeks of use totally free with all its functions, after that time you will have to go to the checkout to continue using it. You will find it available both forAndroid, as forIOS systems.


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