How to make an email go directly to the gmail inbox and avoid the spam folder? Step by step guide

Over time, communication has become vital for the growth of companies, universities and personal relationships, and that is why digital platforms, specifically Gmail, are part of those platforms that offer the best tools to lead an organized life .

One of the actions that keeps your email better organized are the so-called “Filters”, these allow that the emails that you should receive from important senders are not mixed with others that are irrelevant.

In addition, the aforementioned filters can be very useful, because by implementing them in your messages when they need to be sent, they can reach your recipient’s inbox directly, bypassing the SPAM area . Here is an article where you will learn how you can establish them and keep your Gmail organized.

We show you step by step how to use Gmail’s mail filters to make a message go directly to the inbox

Most of the time the emails that come from a strange origin go directly to our SPAM tray . However, some are important and that is why we leave you a small step by step to get them directly to your inbox.

Go for it:

Create filter

At this point we show you how to create the filter that will make this effective:

  • Initially have access to our Gmail account.
  • In the upper area we click on the arrow pointing down, right next to the search bar.

  • We proceed to enter our search criteria for the emails that should appear.

  • The next thing will be to click on “Create filter”.
  • We choose the action that the filter will have, in this case “Do not mark as SPAM”.
  • Finally we click on “Create filter”.

  • Once this is done, the lower left will indicate when it is ready.

Configure email filter

To make a more specific filter we just have to follow these simple steps:

  • We open our Gmail account.
  • We look for the email that we are going to use and mark it with the selection boxes.
  • We click on the three points of “More” and look for the option to “Filter similar messages.”

  • We enter all the data specifically to create the filter criteria.

  • We choose what we want to happen with the email, in this case “Mark as no SPAM”.
  • With these steps the filter is created correctly.

Edit a mail filter

To edit it you must do the following:

  • We open our Gmail account, then we click on the “Settings” icon .
  • We click on “See all settings”.
  • Click on “Filters and blocked addresses”.

  • We look for the filter we want to modify and choose the option “Edit filter”.
  • We edit the filter and click on “Continue”.
  • To finish, click on “update filter”.

Import or export filters to and from other Gmail emails

These procedures are extremely simple and useful to keep your account organized, so let’s see how to do it:

Export a filter

You can do this to filter all incoming emails:

  • We open our Gmail account , we go directly to “Settings” and “See all settings”.
  • We click on “Filters and blocked emails.”

  • We look for the filter we want to export and at the bottom of the page  we will see a button “Export”, there we click.

  • Following this, a window will open to save the .xml file  in the folder of our choice.

Import a filter

If you want to import it, do what is shown below:

  • We open our Gmail and click on “Settings” and then access “See all settings.”
  • We click on “Filters and blocked addresses”.
  • In the lower area we click on “Import filters”.
  • We choose the filter that we want to import into our file.xml account . Which was previously downloaded from another email.
  • After having clicked on “Open File”, click on  “Create filters”.

Learn step by step how to mark an email as “Urgent” so that it goes directly to the recipient’s main tray in Gmail

Many times in the inbox you can find all kinds of emails, whether they are subscriptions or information from social networks or others. However, Gmail has the ability to organize which emails are important and which are not.

That’s why we’ll show you how to get your urgent messages directly to the recipient’s main inbox:

On windows

The process for this operating system is easy and simple, you’ll see:

  • We open our Gmail account, click on the cogwheel button and click on “All settings.”
  • We click on the “Received” settings .

  • In the inbox sections where it says “Without anything” we select it.

  • This will open a window where we must choose “More options”.

  • In the box we add the text and put “Important”.

  • This will take us to the initial configuration where we will look for “Importance markers”  and select “Show markers” and then save the changes.
  • After this, we proceed to create a new email.
  • In the lower right corner of the window we select the three points “More options”.
  • We click on “Label” to classify our message as “Important”.

  • After having selected the box we can write our email and send the message. In this way it will go directly to the recipient’s inbox.

On macOS

In this system the process is a bit more complex, however, with these steps we will make it simple for you:

  • Previously configured the Gmail account on our Mac computer we go to the “Mail” application .

  • Automatically begin to download messages you have not read our emails synchronized.
  • In the upper left area we will find a pen to “Write new emails”.
  • We write the email attaching the files or text to finally send our email by clicking on the “Airplane” icon in the upper left.

  • Remember that important messages are previously configured on the Gmail page as explained above.

On Android

Now, if you will do it from your mobile, let’s start with the most used operating system:

  • We go to our Gmail application  where we proceed to create a new email, by clicking on the “+” button.
  • This will open the start window to write and in the upper right corner we click on the three points.
  • This will display several options, in which we will click on “Configuration”.

  • Then we choose the account from where we will send the email.
  • We scroll through the menu until we find “Manage labels”.

  • We choose the option previously created from the Gmail website and click on “Important” and synchronize it.
  • We write the message and click “Send”.
  • With these steps, all our emails will be labeled as important, and will appear directly in the recipient’s main inbox.

On iOS

Finally, if you have iOS you should know that the procedure is super easy and you will see it here:

  • The first thing is to previously configure the settings of the “Inbox” (process explained above). This can be done from a computer in your Gmail settings.
  • Now if we go to the “Mail” application .
  • After this, we choose the option to send messages from Gmail.

  • Immediately as the labels are already synchronized we write the mail and send it.
  • In this way, the messages will be labeled as “Important” and will arrive directly in the recipient’s inbox.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks!

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