How to delete at hotmail account fast and easy forever? Step by step guide

Hotmail email is one of the oldest and most used in the network of networks. Implemented by Microsoft years ago, it became one of the main vehicles for sending and receiving e-mails globally. A system that ended up also being linked to the famous MSN Messenger and that, without a doubt, marked one of the most well-known times for users who have been moving around the Internet for a long time.

Currently, there are many other ways to use the available mail systems. Companies such as Google or Yahoo also offer their free email platforms, accompanied by a myriad of tools and services in the cloud that leave the old Microsoft in diapers . In fact, even this company has left Hotmail behind to bet on Outlook .

However, if what you want is to migrate from this platform to the new Outlook email service, we also give you the solution to move and take all the information from one to another. It is a good way to take advantage of the news that Microsoft offers in this field without giving up all the information accumulated during these years.

Steps to permanently cancel my Hotmail account

Support is something that is lagging behind for those who continue to use this old system; therefore, it is time to find out how to delete a Hotmail email account to look to the future. In this guide we are going to explain step by step what to do both through the computer and the smartphone if you want to delete this e-mail that has accompanied you for so many years.

Microsoft changed the system years ago to use a unified platform, opting for Outlook to bring all mail-related services together. This does not mean that you cannot delete your Hotmail, but it does mean that you will have to access from this platform to cancel the account. Next, we explain what to do.

Delete from PC

Follow the steps that we indicate now and you will have done it in a matter of a few minutes:

  • Open your usual web browser and go to the address bar. In it, enter the following URL:
  • Once inside, press the “Login” button , you can see it, top right or right in the center of your screen.
  • Now, the system will ask you to enter the email address, the telephone number or even the name of Skype connected to your account. Do it in the empty field and click on “Next” to advance.
  • Then, it will be the turn to do the same with the access password. Remember to respect uppercase and lowercase letters if there are any and, after having entered the password, press the “Start session ” button.
  • With your device logged in, now is the time to go back to the address bar to enter this new URL: . It is the portal destined to proceed with the elimination of Microsoft profiles, and the place we have to go to in order to proceed.
  • You will be asked to confirm your identity to verify that you are the owner of the account to be deleted. You can choose the option of message to the phone so that an SMS will be sent to the terminal linked to it. Click on that option, if you did not enter a recovery phone number, the system will use your email address for verification .
  • After this, you have to write the last 4 digits of the phone number  and press the “Send code” button to send the message to the terminal.
  • You will now receive an SMS with a 7-digit password that you must enter in the form. Copy it and write it in the field that is available on the web to be able to advance.
  • * Failing that, if you do not have a recovery phone, the code will be sent to your verification email, copy and paste it in the field provided for it and click on “Check”.
  • The account closing system will suggest that you download an app for logging in to smartphones without a password, you can skip this step by clicking “No, thanks “.
  • With the information that is given to you now about the closure of the Hotmail account, just click on “Next”.
  • On this new page, you have to check all the boxes to ensure your understanding of the withdrawal of the account. Go ahead and choose a reason for the closure from the drop-down menu as well. When finished, click on “Mark account for closure”.

Unsubscribe from mobile (Android and iOS)

In mobile terminals, the process to follow is tremendously similar to that of PC . In fact, follow the same steps as on the other device, although we are going to try to do it somewhat more abbreviated:

  • Open the web browser of your mobile device and enter this URL in the address bar to directly access the section to delete accounts: .
  • Now, log in starting with the Hotmail email to delete and then with the corresponding password to access.
  • Choose how you want to proceed, you can choose to send a message to the mobile or another alternative. Tap on the phone option. (* As in the case for computers, you can also choose the option to send the code to the verification email).
  • Write the last 4 digits of the number in question to receive an SMS.
  • Copy the message key in the field that is in the browser and press the button to advance.
  • If the option to activate another way of logging is requested, click on “No, thank you.” Now, press “Next ” to move on.
  • Check all the boxes, choose a reason and click “Mark account for closure .”
* Note: You are done; however, if you decide to recover your profile, you just have to log in again in less than 60 days . If you don’t, after those two months you will not be able to access it again and you will lose all the information that may have been stored not only in your Hotmail email, but in your entire Microsoft account .

How do I switch my Hotmail account to the new Outlook email?

To migrate your Hotmail email account to the new Outlook email, you must follow the process explained here. Simple enough, but with the possibility of finally renewing your old account.

  • In your web browser, go to the following address to log in: .
  • Enter the Hotmail email and password in the relevant fields to be able to login.
  • Now, under your name and email address, click on “More actions ” and, within the drop-down, on “View inbox” . After that, you will have to enter some simple information.
  • Inside the mailbox, click on your profile photo or the icon with the first letter of your name (top right). In the menu that appears, choose “Edit Profile.”
  • In this new screen, the email address should appear and, next to it, the option “Manage the login email or phone number “. Click there.
  • It is likely that now you have to link a mobile phone number by writing it and also writing a validation key that will be sent via SMS . If so, proceed, otherwise, you can verify your property by sending a code to your email .
  • Once you have verified your account and within the “Microsoft Login Manager “, where you are now, look for the “Account aliases ” section. Near it you have the option “Add email”, which you must click.
  • Check the box “Create a new email address and add it as an alias ” and fill in the field with it. It can be the same as Hotmail, but with the ending of or .com . Then click on “Add aliases”.
  • Then, look for the new account created and, next to it, you will see the option “Make it main “. Press it and you will have already taken your Hotmail to Outlook.

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