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When talking about GMX e-mail, it refers to an electronic account server that comes from Germany. Among the most innovative that it presents, it brings you a set of options that will help you feel more secure.

Although it is a service that has many similarities with other existing ones such as Gmail or Hotmail, you will be able to realize that its operation does mark certain differences. In this way, you can see that it is a different way to enjoy this type of communication services.

Today’s world has led to the development of more and more tools that allow better use of communications, this is how the GMX email server has emerged . This is a good alternative to consider.

Log in

The login will depend on the team you do it. Here’s how you log in from PC and how to log in from a mobile device:

From the browser

  1. You enter the platform through this link:
  2. Click on the “Login” option .
  3. You must enter the email address and your password below.
  4. Click “Login” and just wait for the page to load and enjoy the service.

Sign in from a mobile device

  1. The first thing you should do is download the application on your mobile.
  2. Once the download is complete, you must open it.
  3. You will be able to appreciate some spaces where you must enter your email and password. Once these data have been entered, you have to click on the “Login” option .
  4. You can now use your email and the best thing is that it will be open on your device.

Download GMX mail for Android:

Download GMX for iOS:

Create an account

The GMX account creation process is very simple, you can do it whenever you like, through these four steps:

  1. The first thing is to enter the official page, you do it in the following link:
  2. You must select the option “Register”. You can also go directly to the registration page

  3. Create a user and check it out.
  4. Subsequently, you must enter all the questionnaire data
  5. At the end of the questionnaire, there will be an option to “check if you are not a robot”, do it
  6. And then, once you have read the terms and conditions, click on ” I agree. Create an email account now “.
  7.  Finally, you must verify your email and voila! you can now enjoy your GMX mail account.



The idea with this type of server is that users can feel more secure when carrying out certain activities. What is important is that you handle the correct information as to what it is and how it works so that you can squeeze more benefit from it. GMX email has a set of characteristics that can be adapted to what you need. Here are the best known:


You can see that GMX email is really striking, not least it brings you the following advantages in its use:


The truth is that if you look closely at all the advantages that GMX email presents, the disadvantages will seem non-existent. You have many good options that, more than giving you problems, would be helping you to perform much more in your activities.

As a recommendation, the important thing is to have good guidance in relation to the way in which you can handle it so that its execution occurs in good terms.



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