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MEGA: what is it, what is it for and how does the cloud work?

MEGA is a cloud storage service used to freely save, share or exchange files. They can be accessed from Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and from any mobile device with internet.

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Official Web site
Category Cloud storage
Developer Mega Ltd.
Creator Kim dotcom
Launch January 19, 2013
Platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, browser extensions
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MEGA is the improved version of MegaUpload, a file hosting service created by computer scientist Kim Dotcom in 2005. MEGA’s main advance is that, when uploading the file or folder, the information is fully encrypted using the RSA encryption system 2048 bits, which is only controlled by the user at their sole discretion.

It is available in multiple languages ​​and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS operating systems. In addition, you have the option of using your application on computers, for ease of use or the application for smartphones.

What is it for?

MEGA is used to save and share endless files, ranging from personal documents, photos, books, music, videos, video games, movies, business documents and even large software packages.

How is it used?

Using the platform is very easy: first go to the main page and then you register by supplying a username, email and password.

With MEGA you have 50 GB of free storage and it is extremely easy to use. It allows you to upload files as large as you can, as long as they do not exceed the limit that they already have established for their users.

Upload files

  • Select one or more files and drag them to the red screen that says MEGA and, at once, they will go to the server.
  • Another way is to locate in the administrator “upload file”; press and then the dialog box opens, you select one or more files. Then you press “open”.

Upload folder

  • Select the folder and drag it to the red screen that says MEGA, all the files will be transferred to the server at once.
  • Locate in the administrator “upload folder” and press. Then all the files will be uploaded to create the new folder.

Share files

Upload the file and once loaded, click on it; You will immediately receive a link to refer who you want to share.

In order for the recipient to be able to download the file you sent them, they must click on the “file” received and select “get link”; then a text link will appear to download it.

Share folders

Click on the folder and press “share”, there a menu opens and you enter the email address of the recipient with whom you want to share. The person will receive an email informing them that you have shared a folder with them.

In the event that the recipient does not have an account in MEGA, they will receive an invitation to join the platform.

File sharing options

When they share a file with you, a message must be reflected in the “contacts” section with the email address of the person who sent it. Within that “contacts” section, the files that have been shared will also appear. The options for sharing the files are:

  • Full access, where you can read, delete or upload other files.
  • Read and write, which allows you to read and append files to the folder.
  • Read-only, where you can only read and download the files or folder.


  1. MEGA works as a P2P Peer-to-Peer network, with servers worldwide that keep encrypted files. (With the exception of domains located in the USA). In addition, the P2P network connects the route of nodes without the need for a central server, thus optimizing the network’s bandwidth capacity.
  2. It uses the domain, to protect itself and avoid repeating the mistakes that led to the closure of its predecessor MEGAUPLOAD in 2012.
  3. The fact that the servers are spread all over the world, allows a higher speed in uploading and downloading.
  4. It has support and connection in several languages, as it is an international service.
  5. Regarding storage space, MEGA offers 50 GB free for any user, being currently the service that offers the most storage for free. For those who require more storage capacity, they have the option of several plans per record that allow increasing storage space and bandwidth.
  6. The information stored has a guaranteed security, because all files are encrypted with an encryption that the person handles individually. When the user wishes to download the files, he is given a “decryption key”. Both the encryption and the encryption key are handled personally and even MEGA internally cannot read these files.
  7. The user decides who to authorize or deny access to their files.
  8. All Internet users can access the platform, both from their computers and from their mobile devices.
  9. There is a guarantee of protection and security on the files stored in the cloud and, therefore, the information can be protected for a long time.
  10. Applications such as spreadsheet, text editor, and calendar are included.

Disadvantages of MEGA

  • If the internet network is slow, it often happens that uploads or downloads “freeze”, forcing the data transfer to be restarted again.
  • When the internet connection fails, uploading and downloading of files slows down.
  • Do not be careless with the access password. It is recommended to create a password that is easy to remember or, failing that, to save it, because the files are encrypted and cannot be recovered without a password. However, you have the option to change the password once the files are locked.

Storage plans offered by MEGA.

The storage space it offers depends on whether you want a free account or if you can cancel a subscription plan. With a free account you have 50 GB to store files. If you require more storage space, you have these subscription plans to increase file hosting along with bandwidth:

  • Lite plan : You can store 400 GB with 1 TB of bandwidth.
  • Pro I : You can store up to 2TB with 2TB of bandwidth.
  • Pro II : You can store up to 8TB with 8TB of bandwidth.
  • Pro III : You can store up to 16TB with 16TB of bandwidth.

And for companies, the Business Plan is available with a minimum requirement of three users, where each one must individually meet their monthly payment. Business offers:

  • Unlimited file storage and transfer.
  • Tools to manage user accounts.
  • Make calls and share documents with customers and suppliers.
  • Direct communication with the work team by call or text messages.
  • Variety of options for the professional field.
  • Access from any computer or mobile device.


The antecedent of MEGA is called MegaUpload. This website for file storage was created in 2005 by MegaUpload Limited; It was owned by Hong Kong-based millionaire and computer scientist Kim Dotcom. had a free basic service where you could upload files up to 2GB. Unregistered users could download files up to 1 GB and registered users could download files up to 100 GB.

It also offered the service of two sites called:

  • MegaVideo, where long videos such as movies, documentaries and series could be hosted.
  • MegaPorn, another video site, but with themes of a pornographic type.

MegaUpload, had no restrictions on file storage and, together with the video streaming technology of Megavideo and Megaporn, managed to attract over the years up to 150 million users worldwide.

Because this service offered the possibility of hosting all types of files without any restriction, the FBI and the United States Department of Justice intervened Megaupload and, in addition, arrested its creator Kim Dotcom, considering that it was a website conducive to safeguarding money laundering files and, in general, documents from organized crime.

Dotcom posted bail and they were unable to substantiate the charges against him; but the FBI confiscated all the information in the files and the site was shut down.

Once released, computer scientist Kim Dotcom is dedicated to improving his previous work and creates three new websites:

  • Megabox, a music sharing service where, in addition, it offers substantial profits to artists.
  • Megakey, a street marketing or alternative advertising service on the web.
  • Mega, an improved file hosting service based on Megaupload. His domain is

The launch of MEGA was on January 19, 2013, and during all these years it has perfected and increased its file storage capacity.

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