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How to open a backup in Google Drive

All the applications that you can download on an Android device have the option of saving a backup copy on your mobile. However, being part of the Google Inc. family, these copies are automatically stored on the Google Drive platform and linked to the email you use on your device. Without a doubt it is a great benefit to have this backup, especially when you format the Smartphone.

From the browser

One of the applications that uses this function the most is WhatsApp, even establishing weekly copies of all your chats and files linked to the platform. Viewing these backups in Drive is not complicated, you can only access them through your browser, whether you use a PC or a Smartphone.

Backups are stored separately from files and folders. To access them you must follow these steps:

  1. On the Google Drive page, click on ” Storage “. This is at the bottom of the menu.
  2. A new window will open showing you all the stored files. At the top left, click on ” Backups “.
  3. Then all your copies will be shown to you.

How to disable or delete a backup

Once you access your backups, you will be told when it was created, its last update, and similar details. However, you can take two actions only, or deactivate it or remove it entirely. To see these options just follow the procedure:

  1. Right click on the backup you want to see more options for.
  2. Then select the ” Preview ” option . This will open a box where it will show you all the information related to the applications.
  3. In the open box, select if you want to “Deactivate” or ” Delete the backup”.

What happens if you deactivate or delete your backup

  • Disable : This will tell Google Drive not to make any further updates to the copy you just selected. It is used by users to reduce the consumption of data that it generates. It will not be deleted.
  • Delete : When you click on ” Delete “, you will no longer have access to the security backup. You should only use this option when you are completely sure that you will no longer need the stored information.

Backups expire

Yes, backups expire, but under certain company parameters. For example, having an Android device, you have the guarantee that all your information is stored in Drive, uploading content frequently to the platform automatically.

But, if you do not use it for a period of 15 days, Google will automatically give you an expiration notice, informing you that, if you do not take any action, it will be completely removed after 57 days from the notification.

This is done to motivate users to enter the web from time to time. It also allows Google to keep its network of unimportant content clean. Copies of applications such as WhatsApp are valid for 1 year. If that time elapses and there is no action on it, it will be automatically deleted.

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