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How to download Google Drive

To download Google Drive, you only have to enter the official store of your Smartphone, either Android or iOS and search for the app by its name. On the other hand, if you want to download this tool for your computer, in this article you will find the necessary steps and the essential requirements to obtain Google Drive on your Windows or Mac computer. So that the program can work without any inconvenience.

Google Drive is a tool that allows you to store different files and offers 15 GB of free storage. It is a very practical way to free up space on the computer of your choice and keep it on the Internet as a digital backup. Because it is such a fundamental storage platform, in this article you will see how to download Google Drive on both smartphones and computers.

For smart phones

Depending on the operating system of the smartphones, some of them have Google tools and among them the Google Drive app is pre-installed. However, if you do not have this package of tools pre-installed, you will have to use the procedures that will be explained in the following sections.

On Android

On Android phones, the Google package is often pre-installed. Therefore, you will see which Google Drive application is available on the mobile. However, if this is not the case, you only have to download the Google Drive app for Android through thislink or go directly to the Play Store, search for ” Google Drive ” and press ” Install “.

Note: In case you do not have the Google Play store on your Android system, then you have an external alternative which is to download Google Drive in APK format. You only have to press on thislink to get it. Once it has been downloaded, you only have to add a Gmail email to start using the app.

On iOS

Google Drive is also available for iOS devices and you can download the application through thislink. Similarly, you just have to enter the App Store, search for ” Google Drive ” and press the ” Install ” button. Unlike Android, iOS devices do not accept external applications other than from their official store.

For PC

According to the Operating System that your computer has, you will have different steps and links to download Google Drive on your computer.

With Windows System

If you have a computer with Windows System, the essential requirement to download Google Drive is to have a version of Windows 7 or higher as well as a Windows Server 2012 or later versions. Having clarified this point, these are the steps you must follow to download Google Drive on a Windows computer :

  1. Enter Google Drive through thislink.
  2. Swipe and look for the ” Backup and Synchronization ” section. Then, click on ” Download “.
  3. Click on ” Accept and download.”
  4. It will automatically start to download a file on your computer called ” installbackupandsync “. If it has not been downloaded, click on the line that says “ click here to try again ”.
  5. Double click on that file. Wait a few minutes for the program to download and install.
  6. Press ” Start “.
  7. Log in with your Gmail email and password.
  8. Choose the folders you want to sync with the cloud storage. Then, choose the quality to upload the files and click on ” Next “.
  9. Define if you want to synchronize everything in ” My Drive ” or just the folders.

Note: Google Drive for computers is not currently supported on Windows laptops and tablets with ARM processors. If you want to download the complete program from Google Drive, you just have to click on itlink.

The file will be named “ GoogleDriveFSSetup.exe. ”. Once it is downloaded, double click on the program to install it on your computer. Then sign in to start syncing your data.

For Mac

This Google tool also has a direct link to download the program on MacOS. In view of this, these are the steps you must follow to download Google Drive on Mac :

  1. Enter Google Drive through thislink.
  2. Swipe and go to the bottom of the page. Click on ” Drive for Mac / PC “.
  3. Go to ” Backup and Synchronization ” and click on ” Download “.
  4. When the file has downloaded, double-click on it to install the program on your computer.

Note: To < ont>download the Google Drive program on Mac computers, you must have version 10.11 or higher. If you use High Sierra, the version must be 10.13 or higher. If you have these requirements, you just have to press thislink and wait for it to download to install it by double clicking and following the instructions.

The steps to download Google Drive on smartphones or computers are really easy and simple. You only need a Gmail account, a smart device and an Internet connection for the download to be completely successful. Once you have Google Drive installed on your computer, you only have to save the files of your choice in this storage cloud.


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