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How to create or take a survey using Google Forms on Google Drive

The Google Forms tool is completely free and is one of the best options to create Forms. You can enter using thislink directly and log in, so the document should be saved in your account automatically. Another alternative and the most recommended, is to access from your account in Drive to make sure that the file is already saved and the changes are simply updated as it is edited.

Few methods can be as useful as surveys when it comes to getting information from a certain group of people. To facilitate this process, there are several platforms such as Google Forms, which you gain access to by creating a Google or Gmail account. In this text, you will learn to create a form step by step and you will learn about the functions of the tool.

Procedure to follow

To create a survey through Google forms in Drive, you will need to follow the basic steps shown in this guide. To start, access your Drive, you can do it by entering the followinglink. Then, you must follow these steps:

Create a new document

Press the ” New ” button and locate the option ” Google Forms “. Hover over the arrow to the side to open the ” Blank Form ” and ” From template ” options .

If you decide to create the new form from a template, you will be able to open a new tab where you will have to choose between the available options. On the contrary, if you use a blank document, you will automatically open the page for editing the online form.

Another alternative is to press ” New ” and select ” Google Forms “, which will directly open the file to edit

Add title and description

Once in the editor, enter the name and description of the survey. To change the title, click on the section that says ” Form without title ” in case you chose a blank document. If you have chosen any of the templates, the default title will be the name of the selected template.

Likewise, you will see the option ” Description of the Form ” under the header of the document. Just click on this space and write to add the corresponding information.

Enter the questions

Next, you can enter the questions on your form, along with the answer method you prefer. Click on ” Untitled question ” and write the question you want to add.

To add more questions, click on the + button on the right of the screen and repeat the process as many times as necessary. This, along with the methods for entering the response method, is basically all you need to know to create a form.

Choose a response method

Then, you must choose how the user can respond, Google Forms has different methods available but the default is ” Various options “. Press this button next to the question section to change the answer form. Among the alternatives to use, the following stand out:

  • Short answer / paragraph : If you want the user to write an answer, choose either of these two alternatives. They are simply differentiated by their length.
  • Several options : It allows the respondent to choose between different options that you must add. It is also possible to include the option “Other” to respond with a different alternative.
  • Boxes : Users will be able to choose between several options and even respond by checking more than one box. As in the previous one, it is possible to add the answer “Other”.
  • Dropdown : Among the different answers that are raised, the respondent can select only one.
  • Upload files : When the answer is a document that must be attached. This method conditions the user to log in and the files will be saved in the form creator’s Google Drive.
  • Linear scale : The respondent must respond based on a scale assigned by the interviewer from 0 to 10.
  • Multiple Choice Grid : Select the answer from multiple choices listed in a column and a row.
  • Grid of cells : Choose more than one answer from several alternatives indicated in a column and a row.
  • Time and date. They are two different modes, but they simply require the user to respond in a certain format.

At the bottom of each question, you will have the option to duplicate or delete the section, as well as mark “ Required ”. This last function makes it impossible to send the form without having answered the marked sections.

Other functions

It is important to know about other editing functions in Google Forms. In the sidebar, below the + icon for “ Add question ”, you will find the following options:

  • Import questions : It is used to copy the survey in some other form that you have saved in Google Drive.
  • Add title and description : It is used to divide the survey questions within the same section.
  • Add image : You can attach images from Google Photos, Drive and other options.
  • Add video. You simply have to enter the URL of the YouTube video that interests you or do a new search on this platform from the form.
  • Add section : It is used to divide the survey into well differentiated sections.

Customize and send

On the other hand, there are buttons at the top of the form, whose function you should also know to personalize and send your survey. These are explained below:

  • Customize theme : By clicking on the palette icon, you can insert an image and / or change the presentation colors.
  • Preview : When you click, it will load a new tab where you can preview the form.
  • Configuration : In this section, you can make adjustments to the form such as the collection of emails, the mandatory login, among others.
  • Submit : You will see several options to share the form. It can be as an email message, a link or an HTML code to insert into a web page.
  • More : You will find additional settings such as adding plugins, adding collaborators, making a copy of the form or deleting it completely, among others.

This way, you can quickly create a survey using Google Forms on Google Drive. The following image is a preview, which will serve as an example of a custom form with these indications.

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