Why use, or not, the password manager of your web browser

When we move around the Internet, more in these times, we take a series of precautions to take care of our data, equipment and operating system. And it is that over time the potential cyberattacks to which we are exposed grow exponentially.

Therefore, as we say, we take a series of precautions that help us to avoid the problems that these external attacks can cause us . For this we use a series of passwords that we use to authenticate the platforms and applications we access. These should preferably be robust, safe and always different. In the case of complying with these tips, it is true that memorizing all of them is somewhat complicated.

We must bear in mind that as the complexity of these passwords that we are talking about increases, the more difficult it is for them to be discovered by attackers. That is why, as has been advised for years, they must be composed of a large number of characters, both numeric and alphanumeric. In addition, it is recommended that we also use both uppercase and lowercase letters and with special characters. Of course, at the same time they must be different each time, which further complicates the memorization of these elements.

Reasons to use a password manager

Hence, an increasing number of users choose to use these password managers to which we refer. They have not stopped increasing in quantity, quality and safety in recent years, becoming basic for many users. Hence precisely the importance of the increasingly used password managers that we make use of.

These are in charge of storing and protecting all the passwords that we indicate to them through their own platform, and a master password that we indicate. In addition, many of them have various security systems such as data encryption, complex key generators, etc.

In fact, at the moment some of the current web browsers already offer us their own password managers to be able to use them with total comfort. In this way we can organize, save and protect the passwords that we use in the same software, without having to use third-party solutions. But of course, as usual, this is something that presents us with some advantages and some disadvantages, as we will see.

Advantages of using the browser password manager

At this point, as most of you will already know first-hand, current Internet browsers have become one of the most used programs. And not only because of the large amount of time we spend with these, but also because of their enormous functionality and because they are compatible with most devices. Hence, its developers do not cease in their goal of having the most advanced and used, where Chrome is currently the undisputed leader.

One of those functions that does not stop reaching these programs are precisely these managers that are gradually being implemented. What better place to use such a service than the browser itself, we might think, but this is not always the case. Therefore, below we are going to mention some of the advantages of taking advantage of this specific functionality in Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

In the first place and regarding privacy, to say that if we do not synchronize the account in the cloud, these passwords that we save in the browser we do it locally . This means that they are not stored remotely on third-party servers, as is usual in many other cases.

The integration of the manager and the browser, key

In addition, it must be taken into account that since the function is integrated into the browser itself, the use of these passwords is much more convenient and faster. We save ourselves from having to open another application or platform to consult each time. Being a service integrated in the program, we have some very interesting utilities.

For example, we can make the program recover that saved secure password and use it in the online platforms in which we are registered. Likewise, every time we sign up for a new service, the browser manager, all automatically, could provide us with a new secure password and save it together with its corresponding URL and other credentials .

To all this we can add the security, to a large extent, that firms of the size of Microsoft, Mozilla or Google generally present us . We tell you this because we are talking about companies that have hundreds of millions of users who use their products every day, so they better take care of their security and privacy.

Disadvantages of the password manager in the browser

But of course, not everything was going to be advantages when using these managers in the most popular browsers. And it is that we can also find some problems. Serve as an example that if we synchronize the account we use, for example, to be able to access the browser data on the mobile, we are already sending all that information to remote servers . First of all, we must say that this does not mean that we necessarily endanger our passwords, far from it, but the risks increase.

And it is that everything that is to transmit our data by Internet, or to store them in another place of third parties, involves risks. We ourselves know the security measures implemented in our PC, but we do not know those of other computers. In addition, on the other hand, it is possible that the browser itself is the one that is attacked and violated, so that all the information stored in it, including the password stored in the manager, could be in serious danger . But of course, this is one of the risks of working locally and without support. Hence precisely the importance of backups that we have talked so much about.

In addition, if we lose access to the account or for whatever reason we can no longer use that browser, we will lose everything saved in it, with the problem that this entails in most cases.

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