What are the best 100% compatible browsers to use facebook? List 2021

It is no secret to anyone that Facebook is one of the most widely used social networks worldwide and it is a platform with great coverage and various functionalities that attract the attention of many users and keep them active there. However, these users often ask the question about which web browsers are best to use to access their FB account .

Well, in the face of such a latent question today, we have decided to make this post in order to narrow down in detail the best browsers to use Facebook and manage everything around said platform with great security, simplification and speed, thanks to the compatibility that these present with the social network.

That is why, in the next section, we introduce you to the most optimal web browsers so that you can select the one that seems best to you and through it, create your Facebook account . Either on your computer, mobile or Tablet.

List of the best browsers compatible with Facebook

In order for you to have the best possible experience in your Facebook account when accessing from the best web browsers compatible with this social platform, below, we indicate the most appropriate alternatives for this:

Google Chrome

Thanks to its worldwide recognition and its excellent compatibility with various platforms, this browser is the most recommended to access and use Facebook from any device you want . Since, Chrome has expanded to various types of operating systems, that is, to Windows, Mac OS, Linux and of course to Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Indeed, it has remarkable coverage for all FB users.

In addition to the aforementioned, it is a browser that exhibits excellent features, starting with the great security that it reveals against any malicious software and thereby protects your privacy. Additionally, it guarantees great browsing speed and in this way, you can manage everything quickly on the social network .

Among other details, it allows you to ensure timely productivity because you can access your bookmarks, open tabs and history from any device. Taking into account that Chrome is also easy to use.

Mozilla Firefox

It is another of the oldest options, when it comes to web browsers. Well, that is why it refers to one of the best alternatives compatible with Facebook to manage this social network from your computer .

In this way, it is considered a web browser that guarantees great security, especially when compared to other browsers, because fortunately, Mozilla Firefox is less susceptible to viruses and spyware than the latter. With which, you will have full guarantee that your private information and your Facebook passwords will be more protected .

For its part and for greater security, Firefox keeps checking the antivirus updates regularly, so it is also advantageous to use it to enter your social network account. In addition to this, the browser is very fast, it is constantly updated, it allows the use of “favorites ” and thanks to this, you can access FB more easily and it also has other functionalities that cooperate in order to offer great productivity to the user.

Microsoft Edge

Although it is a browser that has been discontinued for a long time, it also has several users worldwide, today. For this reason and due to its compatibility with Facebook, we recommend that you use this web browser to access your account on the social network and have an excellent experience, thanks to the design shown by Microsoft Edge . Because it provides a completely streamlined, clean and straightforward reading experience with a highly smoothed style.

For its part, it is a browser that consumes less RAM than other solutions (Google Chrome, for example). This prevents processes from slowing down and the experience on the social network from being unattractive. Taking into account that, it has been considered as a web browser that does not even reveal a notable consumption of RAM memory, being practically zero . This being the greatest advantage that Edge exhibits.


As it is one of the first web browsers that allows browsing with tabs, it is considered an excellent option to manage any action on the Internet. Due to this, it is a good alternative to make use of Facebook through Opera, since it reveals 100% compatibility with the social network and with various operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux .

In addition to this, Opera allows you to create shortcuts quickly and easily with a single movement of the mouse and this, in short, simplifies and reveals greater efficiency to access your Facebook account from your computer.

Additionally, it is a platform that allows you to observe the graphic representation of the page and the relevant code simultaneously and also offers information about the amount of elements present during your experience. In short, it guarantees your browsing safety and great privacy by protecting you against possible fraud and malware on the social platform .


Finally, we could not leave aside the mention of this browser developed by Apple Inc. which is the default web browser for Mac OS X and thanks to this, it is an ideal option for users of the social network Facebook who they manage their actions on the Internet through said Apple operating system and also for those who use their iPhone . But it is even a good solution for those who have a computer with Windows 7 or 10, thanks to the fact that Safari can also be used in these versions of Windows.

In reference to the advantages that this browser reveals, the main one is the remarkable speed it shows . Therefore, it is the most efficient platform for loading HTML and CSS. In addition to this, Safari is also a completely accessible solution with an easy-to-use interface to manage everything related to FB and any social network of the moment.

Internet explorer

It is one of the platforms most used by governments and various administrative areas, especially for its simplicity of use and management. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to use Facebook from there, especially because it exhibits 100% compatibility with this social network .

In addition to this, this browser has a design that allows you to make the most of your computer’s hardware and thus, provides a truly innovative web experience at the graphics level . In addition to this, it reveals great speed and as in the previous case, you can also do what you want in FB in a very optimal and efficient way. Bearing in mind that, as if that were not enough, Internet Explorer shows as much responsiveness as any program installed on a computer.

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