Move around the internet in complete privacy thanks to these browsers

For a good part of both professionals and ordinary users, the Internet has become a key element to a greater or lesser extent. At the same time and how could it be otherwise, the browsers that we use to access it, today are the programs that we use the most, both on the PC and on the mobile .

What’s more, at this point we can say that one of the first software solutions that most of us execute as soon as we turn on the device, is this. We are talking, as you may already know, about a program that is very helpful when it comes to moving through the endless virtual world of the web. These applications help us to visit news websites like SoftZone, play games, work in the cloud, visit social networks, make videoconferences, and much more.

Of course, despite all that the Internet universe is capable of offering us, not all are advantages that we are going to find here. We tell you this because in addition to the multiple modes of operation that we can use, we can also run into a good number of dangers. These can come to us in the form of attacks and privacy violations of all kinds. To this we can add that over time we increasingly work with a greater amount of data online, with which the risks increase greatly.

Security and privacy dangers that we find on the Internet

In turn, many of these are private, personal and sensitive, so that their leakage can be a serious problem for most. Here we find bank details, doctors, personal photos and videos, work files, compromised databases, etc. In addition, many of the websites that we visit cannot be said to do much in favor of our privacy.

And of course, many of these have companies behind that have to profit from somewhere. Hence the almost constant monitoring tasks in navigation, or data collection that they do in real time.

Of course, for many this is an obvious violation of our privacy in web browsing, something for which browsers offer us some measures. It is true that these programs that we are talking about offer us integrated functions that allow us to improve everything related to security and privacy. But of course, at the same time we must know that among the most popular in the sector are Chrome and Edge.

We name these two because, in addition to being the two most used alternatives in the world, they also belong to companies like Google and Microsoft respectively. Once we know this, we can come to the conclusion that these two software giants are not firms that are characterized precisely by maintaining the privacy of their users.

Browsers with VN included to improve privacy

Therefore, more and more users are opting to use other less popular, but more secure and private software solutions of this type . By this we refer specifically to browsers that include, among their many functions, an integrated VPN. For those of you who don’t know, saying that a VPN or virtual private network is actually developer software to protect our privacy when we surf. What is achieved with all this is to anonymize our traffic and location while we move between websites to become almost invisible. At the same time, they help us to avoid certain geographical blocks and thus be able to access streaming services and stores around the world, for example.

On the other hand, we can also make use of certain browsers that were specifically designed to take care of our privacy and online security. Once we know all this, say that below we are going to show you some web browsers that, in one way or another, will be very helpful when it comes to taking care of these aspects in our daily use.

Tor Browser

We start with what can perhaps be considered the quintessential private browser . This is a multiplatform proposal that initially offers us a good number of tools related to privacy. In this way it will be very useful to protect our data from unwanted looks, hackers and attackers. In the same way, it is an excellent option to access content and websites with restrictions by location, and the number one browser for the secure Tor network.

In fact, this is a program that can be configured to the smallest detail to avoid all kinds of tracing, blocking and follow-up. Therefore, it is the perfect proposal to access websites that are restricted for whatever reason, avoid all kinds of online surveillance, etc. If you want to test the benefits of this proposal that we are commenting on, you can do so from this link .


Equally considered by much as the secure browser, this is a definition that this proposal has earned over the years. To give us an idea, Brave is an open source browser based on Chromium and behind its development is the co-founder of the Mozilla Project. At first, the software as such shares some modes of operation with Google Chrome.

But of course, everything until we get to the privacy and security sections. Say that this browser does not share, at all, all the user data that the Google alternative shares. What’s more, this is the reason for the program, which is why the main objective of its developers is linked to the safe browsing of its users. In case you want to put aside your current browser and try Brave, you can do it from here .


This is another interesting proposal in this same sense that is also based on Chromium. Therefore, as you can imagine, it also shares some functions and characteristics with the rest of the browsers developed in this project . Of course, at the same time its creators want to give a distinctive touch to this particular proposal so that it stands out in some aspects over the rest.

This is something that we can see first-hand as soon as we start the program, since we find ourselves with a different user interface. In addition, it is characterized by being highly customizable, which greatly facilitates its use. But what interests us most in this case is that it is an Internet browser that has its own integrated VPN. In fact, it was the first to make this available to its users back in 2016. Thus, among its many functions, we find that we can activate our own VPN that, among other things, reduces online tracking of websites, and to a great extent protect our daily browsing with the program. You have the opportunity to try all this that we tell you from this link .

UR Browser

It is true that this proposal that we are talking about now, cannot be said to be among the most popular in the sector. But maybe that is a good thing for those who want to take care of their privacy when using the Internet. We say this because the program has very interesting functions directly related to all of this. In fact, in these lines we want to highlight that it has its own built-in VPN, in addition to other privacy options.

All of this will help us safeguard our privacy online, but that’s not all, but it also makes the websites load faster. At the same time we found that it has an ad blocker and avoids loading unnecessary scripts . Say that at the same time it has its own built-in virus scanner and thus avoid files that we download and that are malicious. We can test all this from this link .

Epic Browser

We are also going to talk about this other Internet browser more than adequate when it comes to taking care of our online privacy. In fact, for all this, it has such interesting functions as its own integrated VPN and an advanced download manager. In turn, it presents us with a feature that offers an extreme level of privacy protection by blocking ads, trackers, fingerprints, cryptographic mining, etc.

All this, as with other cases in this sector, is based on the Chromium project but with these additions that make it safer. In addition, the integrated proxy encrypts all our data and hides the location. We can get hold of this specific software from here .

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