How to use remote desktop in Google Chrome

Using remote desktop in Google Chrome is really easy. Sometimes you may need to control your computer remotely. There may also be a situation where you have a problem with your PC and a friend can help you by logging into the team from their mobile. Whatever the case for which it is needed, the procedure to be carried out will be detailed in this post.

Allowing remote control of your computer from another device has been possible for some years. Although it sounds complicated, the Google company has created, under its Chrome browser, a version that allows you to interact with your files and information, even if you are not physically in front of the computer. Solving in this way the problems raised. Next, we will discuss how to do this from your PC or mobile device.

From PC

To be able to use the Google Chrome remote desktop from the PC, you can do it thanks to the extension: Chrome Remote Desktop. This is a plugin that works for Windows, Android and iOS, its configuration processes are the same.

Using plugins

This extension is available on the web and works through your Gmail account, therefore it is necessary that you use the same account in your Chrome browser. The same user must be on the main PC and from where you want to access remotely. Get started by installing the extension by following the steps below.

  1. Access the following address:
  2. Once on the page, press “start” and you must click on the download icon that is highlighted in the image.

  3. Pressing the button will open a window that will take you to the Chrome store.
  4. Press “Add to Chrome”.
  5. Then in “Add extension”. The extension will begin to install in the Chrome browser. Once installed, you can now configure your computer so that you have access remotely through your Android device.
  6. Click on the “remote desktop” icon in the upper right to activate, which will send you back to setup assistance.
  7. Automatically, it will start to download an executable file, which is necessary to link the access data.
    Note: Once the file has been installed, you can start the configuration process of your computer.
  8. You must click on “Accept and install” and wait for the process to finish.

In this way, the extension will be completely installed. Now, the next thing is to configure your computer so that it is ready for remote access. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose the name of your computer, it will appear when you search on other devices.
  2. When you have it, click on “Next”.
  3. Then set a 6-digit PIN code as a security measure and click on “Start”.

Note: This PIN code is the one that you will then be asked to establish the connection between the computer and other devices.

Chrome will make your computer connect to the remote access system. After a few seconds, the word “Online” or “Online” should appear under the name you have chosen. This is a sign that the computer is ready for them to connect to it.

To link them with other devices associated with the same Gmail account, you just have to do the following:

  1. Verify that you are Online and Press the Blue button.
  2. It will ask you to enter the PIN that you just configured.
  3. When you continue, your device will automatically be ready to pair with others. For the pairing to be successful, both the computer and the Smartphone must be in the Chrome browser or in the Remote Desktop Android application.

From the cellphone

In order for you to access your computer from an Android or iOS cell phone, you must have the Chrome Remote Desktop application installed. Through the following steps, you will be able to download and install the App successfully .

  1. Use the following button to download and install the application on your mobile :

Chrome Remote Desktop
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

  • After the installation, it is necessary to open it and, within it, a list will appear. You just have to touch the computer with which you want to link the remote access. It is important to remember that both devices must be using the same Gmail account, otherwise it will not appear on your list.
  • Once you have selected the device to link, you must enter the PIN code that you previously established and, in seconds, your computer will appear on the mobile screen.
  • From the screen of your cell phone you can use your computer remotely, you can also write on the PC with the help of the Android keyboard or your iOS mobile. For added protection, the entire remote desktop session is fully encrypted.

    It should be noted that the steps are exactly the same for an iOS device, you just have to search for the application in the App Store and repeat the process already explained.

    Reasons to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop

    This extension has the advantage of being much easier to install than any other remote access application. All the sessions that you carry out through the remote access of this add-on are protected with exclusive Google security features. In addition, it offers other advantages:

    • It can help you manipulate a computer without being physically located in front of the computer.
    • You can help a friend to solve any inconvenience that arises from a distance.
    • When you have to leave the office in a hurry, this add-on can save you a lot of setbacks and headaches.

    The Google Chrome Remote desktop has been designed as a tool to easily solve your problems. Other similar applications have more complex configuration processes and much less secure than those offered by this extension.


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