How to update the safari browser for free to the latest version? Step by step guide

Safari It is the browser that comes pre-installed on Apple devices . It is represented by a blue and white ball that symbolizes a compass. It also has two hands in red and white. If you already know it, it is because you know Apple or have a device of its brand. That is why you may be interested in how you should update the Safari browser to the new version for free and, moreover, very easily.

This browser could be said to be more efficient than the others since its contents load much faster and the battery life of the mobile device in which it is installed is also longer. It also provides the well-known privacy options so that the web pages you frequent cannot be tracked and that no one has access to your browsing history, to give a couple of interesting examples. Safari It can be classified as one of the fastest browsers in the world, due, among other factors, to the fact that it is based on a very fast JavaScript engine .

In addition, it is not only possible to use it for Mac users, but it can also be installed by people who work with the Windows operating system . It is also compatible with Netflix and plays HTML5 videos. In addition, it has a feature that, always from our point of view, is great, because it prevents the videos on the websites from playing alone, so that you are the one who has total control over this, having to  press play if you want to see them or modify the option in the settings so that they play alone, if that is what you want.

How do I update Safari on my Apple Macbook?

We must talk about the technologies and systems that Safari has To protect you. On the one hand, it identifies the companies and advertisers that follow you on the internet and eliminates the tracking data that is shared. In addition, it executes the websites in separate processes so that, if you access a harmful website, only one browser tab is infected. Also, if a website is suspicious, Safari prevents it from loading and alerts you . Finally, we highlight that it allows you to navigate between Apple devices, so if you have opened a website on your iPhone you will have access to it, for example, from your Mac computer. Useful, right?

If your Mac computer is up-to-date, then the Safari browser will be as well, as it comes as a pre-installed application on the computer, this browser is updated when the system itself does.

In any case, to check if there are updates available and they have not been made, you must follow the following steps:

  1. First, turn on your Mac and open the App Store .
  2. Go to the upper toolbar and then click on the last option, where it says “Updates “.
  3. Once that option is selected, updates will be downloaded for all the applications on your Mac that require it.
  4. After finishing, all the updates that have been installed in the last 30 days will be shown at the bottom of the screen .
  5. If you want, you can write the name of “Safari ” in the section at the top right where it says “Search “.
  6. Safari will appear below and, if you need to make an update, it will have a sign next to the name of the application where it will say “Update “.
  7. If you see the poster, click on it and the system itself will take care of everything. When the process is finished, a blue ball will appear next to the name of the application to indicate that it has been updated.

 How to install the latest Safari update on Windows?

Apple discontinued development of Safari  for Windows in 2012, but you can download the latest version that they left enabled, although it must be said that it is not up to date with security patches, so it loses one of the features that give it the most value in Apple.

In any case, the way to install the Safari browser on Windows it is as follows:

Download Safari latest version

  1. To be able to install Safari on Windows it is only available through the links above, they are 100% safe.
  2. Once it has been downloaded, click on the “Run ” option after double-clicking on the file.
  3. The typical Windows installer will open so that you can follow the steps that it asks for the installation. I recommend that you disable the “Default browser ” option and avoid installing additional software.
  4. When you have completed all the steps, you should start Safari on your computer . It will be ready to use!
* Note: As we have already mentioned, Apple has stopped supporting the version of this browser for Windows operating systems, it is only available up to version 5.1.7 so, although it is not entirely safe, you can use this application in Microsoft’s OS.

Download and install the latest version of the Safari browser

Suppose you need to download and install the latest version of Safari  on any of your devices. Next, I show you the steps you must follow to do it.

Download and install Latest Safari version

  1. First of all, I recommend that you access Apple’s file download website from the link above . From the original website you will not have the possibility to download corrupt files that infect your device.
  2. Choose the version of the browser that best suits your version of the operating system you are using at the moment.
  3. Then, click on the “Download ” button . * If the current browser has blocked the download (sometimes it happens), check the “Always allow … ” option that is located on the right side of the browser bar and press “Done “.
  4. Run the installer that appears .
  5. On PC or Mac, drag the icon that has appeared to the desktop to create the shortcut . In mobile or tablet applications, an access to the application itself is already created.
  6. Double click on this icon  and start enjoying great web browsing!
* Note: Sometimes it is necessary to restart the computer to start using it, especially in the Windows operating system, precisely because it is not a native application of the system.

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