How to update Google Chrome to the latest version

With the constant advancement of technology, more and more websites require updated browsers to use their functions. This is why it is important to have the latest version of Google Chrome on your device. You should know that, in general, this application updates automatically in the background, although sometimes this usually takes longer than normal.

However, there are methods to know which is the latest browser update and above all, install it if necessary. Learn how to update Google Chrome on your computer or mobile device from its settings menu. Each of the procedures will be detailed in this post, as well as the most frequent errors that you may encounter when trying to perform this action.

In the PC

The Google Chrome update allows you to keep up to date with the technical requirements of the most used websites, such as: YouTube or Facebook. Similarly, this gives you the facility to install the most up-to-date tools, such as plugins or extensions.

To update Google Chrome on your PC it is necessary to use the browser settings, which can be found in the upper right part of the screen, right next to the navigation bar. Keep in mind that, to achieve this, you need an Internet connection.

Follow the instructions below to update your browser:

  1. Access Google Chrome as usual.
  2. Display the side menu by clicking on the three dots located on the right side of the screen.
  3. Place the mouse pointer on the ” Help ” option and select ” Google Chrome Information.”
  4. A new window will open where the browser information will be shown.

If you have the latest Chrome update, you will see a message with the text “Google Chrome is up to date.” On the other hand, if you still do not have the most recent version of the browser, the process will start automatically and will take only a few minutes (this depends on your Internet speed).

When finished, it will ask you to restart the browser. Press ” restart ” and wait a few seconds for the procedure to finish. When it opens again, you will already have the latest version and you can check it by repeating the first three steps of the previous procedure.

It is worth mentioning that, you can also notice if your browser requires an update in the color of the “plusicon. If it turns red, it means that there is a more recent version than the one you have.

On Android

For Android devices, updating Google Chrome is similar to updating on PC. You can choose to do it from the application store or directly from the browser menu, just as it would be done on the computer. However, you also have the possibility to download the .apk file corresponding to the latest version and install it manually on your mobile.

From the Android app store

The update Google Chrome from the Play Store is quite simple and is done in the same way you would any other application. To do this, you will need to:

Note : You can shorten the path and continue with step number 5 of the following procedure if you use this button that will take you directly to the location of Chrome in the Play Store.

  1. Access the Play Store from your Android device.
  2. Display the left side menu.
  3. Click on the option ” My apps and games “.
  4. You will be shown the list of applications that need to be updated. Find ” Google Chrome: fast and safe ” and click on the icon.
  5. You will advance to a new window where you must press ” Update “.

You can also press ” update ” directly without having to advance to the next window. Wait for the process to finish and enjoy the news that Google Chrome offers for you. It is worth mentioning that, to carry out this update, it is necessary to have an Internet connection and sufficient storage capacity on the computer.

Note : If you have the latest version of this app, you will see a box with the text “updated” in the list of available options and it will not be necessary to perform any procedure.

From the phone’s browser

To < font>update Google Chrome from its configuration menu, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome as usual.
  2. Click on the ” plus ” icon located at the top right of the screen. Note : In case an update is available, this icon will turn into a red up arrow.
  3. Press ” update Chrome: New version available “.
  4. You will be redirected to the Play Store, where you must press ” Update ” and wait for the download to finish.

When the procedure is finished, you can continue using your browser as usual. Perform these steps every time you need to update Google Chrome.

Downloading the APK

The download of Google Chrome APK is done conveniently via the browser. You can access any online application store and download the app safely to later install it on the device.

You can download the Google Chrome .APK file from the following link:

It is worth mentioning that, to install this download, you must activate the unknown sources on your mobile. This will allow you to install any application from a source other than Google Play. The installation will not take more than a few minutes and you can do it manually just by clicking on the file in the download folder.

On iPhone and iPad

To check if there is a new version of Google Chrome available for your iPhone or iPad, you must access the browser from your device and click on ” Profile “. This option is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Following this, perform the following steps:

  1. Scroll down the list of options until you see ” Available updates “.
  2. Look for ” Google Chrome ” in the options of apps to update.
  3. In case there is an update available, press ” Update ” to install the new version of the app.
  4. If necessary, enter your Apple ID password to continue the process.
  5. Wait for the update to install.

In the same way as in Android, you can use the following button to go directly to the Chrome location in the App Store and update said browser on your device.

Google chrome
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Update on Mac OS

Mac computer users have the facility to automatically configure Google Chrome updates on each computer, as long as it is installed in the “Applications” folder. However, you can also do it manually by following these steps:

  1. Access Finder and use the “command + shift + G” keys . In the same way, you can press “Go (Go)” and then “Go to folder”.
  2. Enter the path: /Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/GoogleSoftwareUpdate.bundle/Contents/Resources/

Note: Depending on the version of Google Chrome you have installed, it may happen that the previous path does not have any content or does not exist. In this type of case, you will have to write the alternate path:

~ / Library / Google / GoogleSoftwareUpdate / GoogleSoftwareUpdate.bundle / Contents / Resources /

  1. At this point, you will have to double click on “ CheckForUpdatesNow.command ”. In this way, you can order the computer to be checked and, if there is an update available, it will be installed automatically.
  2. Wait for the process to finish. When this happens, you will see a message similar to “ Process completed ”.

Update in Free Software or Linux

For those who have this multiplatform Operating System and want to use Google Chrome as the default browser, there is also a way to install it and have the latest version available. To do this, you require the use of certain commands available in the OS.

To update Google Chrome on Linux / Ubuntu, you will need to:

  1. Access the terminal using the key command “Ctrl + Alt + T”.
  2. Once inside the terminal, you must write the command “sudo apt-get install google-Chrome-stable”.
  3. Wait while the process finishes and, when it does, you will have the latest version of the browser on your free software computer.

How to know if it is up to date

This procedure is quite simple, you just have to access the browser and click on the ” More ” menu located in the upper right corner of the screen (the three vertical dots). Once inside the list of options, click on ” Help ” and then ” Google Chrome Information “.

A new tab will open where the browser information will be shown, below the icon you will see a text section that will tell you whether or not you have the latest version of Chrome. In case it needs to be updated, this process will run automatically and your job will be to restart the browser to complete the procedure.

Why is it important to keep Google Chrome up to date

Most of the websites incorporate new features with each new update of the portal, therefore, it is necessary to keep the browser updated to be able to access these updates without inconvenience. In the same way, by having the most recent version of this search engine, you will be able to synchronize all your devices and access the different platforms or services that Google Chrome includes.

Also, keep in mind that to keep your browser extensions or add-ons working perfectly, you will need to have the most recent version from Google. On the other hand, this is necessary to enjoy the news and updates that Chrome constantly incorporates, such as Phishing protection tools and a new interface or appearance.

Why can’t i update

The reasons why you cannot update Google Chrome can be several, among them are:

  • Your OS is no longer compatible : If your computer has a Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system, it will stop receiving automatic updates, since it is no longer compatible with these versions.
  • Update error 3 or 11 : Occurs when there is an error checking for available updates. Usually it indicates that the update server is unavailable.
  • Update error 7 or 12 : Indicates that there was a problem during the download, this may be due to internet connection failures.
  • Update error 4 or 10 : It means there was an error checking for updates.
  • Update error : Updates were disabled by the administrator. This is easily solved by contacting the team administrator (person in charge). In case it is you, you just have to activate this option again in the settings.
  • Any other unknown error : Indicates the “update error” for no apparent reason.
  • Google Chrome cannot keep up to date.

For any of these situations, you can try the following solutions:

Uninstall the program and reinstall it

It is possible that the reason for the failure to update the program is due to the lack of files necessary for its operation. So it is necessary to install it again. For this you must:

  1. Uninstall Google Chrome from your computer.
  2. Check the system requirements for installing the program on computers.
  3. Download Google Chrome and install it again. In case the error persists, try the following alternatives:
    1. Windows system : Use the independent installer, clicking the following link:

    1. Mac OS system : You will need to download the software update and install it again.

Check your antivirus, parental control or Windows Firewall settings

Sometimes computer antivirus security systems tend to block automatic program updates. Check if this is what prevents you from updating Google Chrome, as follows:

  1. Verify that software updates are allowed and can connect.
  2. Advise you that the link are not blocked by any Windows security system or external antivirus.

Check for malware

Malware or malicious file can prevent updates from being successful on your computer. Order a full drive scan to check or rule out this possibility.

Restart the computer

In case the update cannot be completed, try restarting your computer. Since the process can sometimes fail. After this, repeat the steps to update Google Chrome to the latest version available.

By following these simple, but useful tips, you will be able to update Google Chrome on any Operating System you want, including iOS and Android.

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