How to download Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the browser developed by Google, and it is considered the fastest and most powerful compared to its competitors. It is the browser par excellence for the vast majority of users in the world, becoming the most used in a very short time. It is available in more than 50 languages ​​and can be installed on almost any device.

This browser is very easy to use, it is fast and safe. It has great features such as tab independence, compatibility with the vast majority of modern web languages, safe browsing, and incognito mode. It is undoubtedly the current gold standard in terms of browsers.

Next, we will show you all the download options for Google Chrome. It is available to download on any PC, whether with Windows or MacOS, and on mobile devices with Android and iOS systems. The download is free on all platforms.

Download for PC

Google Chrome is a web browser created by Google and based on the open source Chromium project. Google’s initial goal in developing Chrome was to provide Internet users with a new and faster browser that offered various innovations compared to Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Even if you consume a lot of RAM, especially when you open multiple tabs, Chrome is still an essential reference in the world of web browsers. It’s already very rich at the core, it can accommodate countless extensions to offer more features, and Google is constantly evolving to improve it.

Google Chrome differs from its competition in particular by dedicating memory space to the user and a unique process for each new window or tab, to ensure better stability and security.

Download Google Chrome for Windows

If you have a Mac, you can also download Chrome, you just need to have iOS 10.10+. Here we leave you the download button from a Mac.

After downloading Chrome on your Mac, you should open the “googlechrome.dmg” file. You look for Chrome in the window and drag it to the Applications folder. You already have it available in your Mac applications.

Google Chrome Mac provides the same automatic recording features as the Windows platform. It also automatically saves the tabs and windows consulted so that the user can easily find their way around. Which makes it very practical.

This version for Mac includes a search engine. This allows users to quickly access the engine without having to open another page. It should be noted that the automatic recording of the pages visited, as well as the integration of the search engine are intended to help the user to be faster and more efficient in their tasks.

Download Google Chrome for iOS

If you want to download Google Chrome on Linux, you must download the file, with the button we give you, open the package and install it, it’s that easy.

Download Google Chrome for Linux

If you have any questions about the download, or need more information, you can go to the page of Google Chrome installation support.

Download for Android

The most used browser of the moment can be downloaded on Android devices. In fact, Google Chrome for Android is an application that will allow Internet users to browse freely from their smartphones. The browser provides the user with a clear interface that supports tabbed browsing. We can open as many tabs as we want.

The browser is equipped with a smart address bar. As you enter a word, Google Chrome for Android offers options for the site you are looking for. Technology that makes research even easier.

Like most browsers, it is possible to add favorite sites in one place, especially since the number of pages that can be added is unlimited. To do this, we can access your favorite pages quickly and at any time. It has many other features,

Download Google Chrome for Android

Download .APK

If you do not want to download Google Chrome from the Google Play application store, you can directly download the APK from the site As in Google Play, to download and have no problems, you must have Android 7.0+. On this page the APKs are kept up to date, they are safe and fast to download.

Download for iOS

The Google Chrome web browser offers this mobile version for iOS mobile devices. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With Google Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, you can open as many tabs as you want. Just swipe to switch between them or swipe the screen for a tablet.

This task is facilitated by an autocomplete system, which offers search suggestions during data entry. Thanks also to voice search, you can search without entering text. This tool includes a module to coordinate browsing habits.

The user connects to your Google account to synchronize the open tabs, as well as the favorites. And of course the famous incognito mode, in which you leave no record of your search history. Google Chrome is available on the App Store and only requires iOS 12.0+.

Download Google Chrome for iOS

Other Platforms

Google launched a line of laptops with its own operating system called ChromeOS, in 2011. This operating system is based on the Chrome browser, and these devices already have the browser installed natively.

Chrome devices are known as ChromeBooks (Similar to laptops) and ChromeBox (Similar to mini-laptop). All its functions depend on the internet connection since the operating system works directly on the network, with cloud storage.

These laptops are much cheaper than the Windows or Mac laptop, although their difference is that they have very little storage capacity and for greater efficiency you must be connected to the internet most of the time.

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