How to delete the cookies stored in the mozilla firefox browser from all devices? Step by step guide

Mozilla Firefox has become one of the most popular and used web browsers today, it stands out mainly for offering a large number of extensions that make the user experience much better.

This is how the use of cookies is also usually used on most websites. This in order to remind each of the people who make use of it a lot of information. Therefore, cookies are small files that are stored on your computer and collect some browsing data each time you visit a web page.

However, these elements can be of great help to most as they will facilitate your stay on the Internet . But, all this stored data can over time become a problem. That is why here we explain how you can delete this information in Mozilla .

Why is it necessary to regularly delete the cookies that are stored in your Firefox browser?

These elements are considered as text files that are installed on computers or mobile devices and that are responsible for storing the information that is provided on certain web portals .

All this is done with the aim of providing a simpler and faster stay for the user the next time they enter said site. This is how users, passwords, searches, emails, some social network, among others, are usually stored .

To all this, it must be said that deleting this information is not mandatory, especially if you agree with this type of tool. However, you must bear in mind that all this data saved in your browser and computer can begin to take up memory space, which causes poor performance in it.

In addition, revealing all this personal data on some occasions can become a big problem for most. Taking into account that the privacy and security of your browsing is lost . Therefore, it is best to delete all this data regularly and thus ensure good PC performance and greater privacy .

How to delete Mozilla Firefox cookies from your computer or laptop?

In the event that you want to delete all this information stored in your browser, you can do it in a very simple and fast way. Keep in mind that this process may vary depending on the computer and operating system where you are.

Therefore, here we are going to explain step by step how you can do this from your computer or laptop from the different operating systems available:

On windows

If you are using a Windows computer and you want to start deleting these text files in Mozilla Firefox, then it is necessary that you follow these instructions that we will explain below:

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox icon on your Windows desktop. 
  • When you have entered the browser select the three lines located in the upper right part of your screen.

  • There a menu will be displayed where you select the “Options”.

  • In the new window that appears we select the “Privacy & Security” section located in the panel located on the left side of your screen.

  • Now we move the window down until we get the section “Cookies and site data”, here we mark the box “Delete cookies and site data when Firefox closes” and then “Clear data”.

  • Here a new pop-up window will open where we will have to select the options that you want to remove. Once this has been done we click on “Clean”.

  • A new confirmation window will open where we will have to select “Clean now” for this to take place. In this way, all these elements will have been eliminated from the browser.

On macOS

In the case that you are using Firefox on Mac, you can also carry out this process of eliminating text files stored in the browser and thus ensure its good performance .

To do this, simply follow each of the steps that we will teach you below:

  • Enter Firefox on your Mac.
  • Now go to the menu bar located at the top of your screen and select “History”.
  • Then choose the “Clear recent history”.
  • Here you will have to choose the “Period of time” that you want to carry out for the elimination.
  • Open the details arrow and select “Cookies.”
  • To finish, click on “Clean now”.

On linux

This process in Linux is very similar to the previous ones, it can be executed in a very simple and fast way.

For this we are going to carry out these steps:

  • The first thing will be to enter the Mozilla browser .
  • Now in the upper right part of your screen an icon with several bars will appear.
  • There we will see a menu where we select the “Preference” option .
  • Then a window will appear where we click on “Privacy & Security”.
  • Different options related to history will appear on the right .

  • Here we select the “Clear data” button in the “Cookies and site data” section to delete all the browser information. It is important that the “Cookies” box is checked .
  • The next thing will be to mark the “Period of time” for the elimination and finally we click on “Clean now”.

Steps to delete and empty cookies from the Mozilla Firefox browser from your Android or iOS smartphone

It is very common for us to use this web browser on our mobile phones, therefore, it is possible that the device may start to work a little slower due to all the elements that are stored in the browser when we visit some websites.

According to this, here we are going to explain how to empty and delete all this information from your Android smartphone and iPhone:

On iPhone

Being able to carry out this process from your iPhone device is very simple, for this you must perform each of the steps that we will teach you below:

  • Open the Mozilla application on your mobile phone.

  • Now click on the three lines located at the bottom right of your screen to open the menu.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu options .

  • Scroll down the screen and click on “Clear private data”.

  • Here you will see several boxes that you have to mark with the switch, in this case it will have to be in blue . Therefore, the “Cookies” option should be in blue .

  • At the bottom of the screen select “Clear private data”.

  • Finally, click on “Accept” to confirm all this operation. In this way, all these elements will be deleted from your browser.

On Android

For Android devices this process is very similar to the iPhone. It will help you improve the performance of your computer and thus be able to enjoy faster and more private browsing .

To do this, just follow the steps that we will explain below:

  • The first thing will be to enter the Mozilla app on Android .

  • Then we click on the three points located in the upper right part of your screen to open the menu .

  • Among the available options we select “Configuration”.

  • Now we touch on “Clean private data” located in the “Settings” window .

  • The next thing will be to click on “Clean now”.
  • Here we mark the box of “Cookies and active sessions” , you can also mark other of the available boxes if you wish to carry out this action.

  • We touch on “Clear data” so that this process begins to run.

In the event that you want to prevent these elements from being saved again in the future, then you can disable it through this route:

  • Enter Mozilla’s “Settings” menu and click on the “Privacy” section.
  • Then select “Cookies”.
  • Finally, check the “Disabled” option and click “OK” to save the changes.

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