How to create an account in google chrome fast and easy? Step by step guide

There are many web browsers, all with their strengths and weaknesses; but without a doubt there is one that is creeping into the vast majority of computers and mobile terminals. Google Chrome, the bet of the gigantic Google, is light, it is fast and it is also integrated with the famous online search engine. All this is what is getting more and more people to use it when looking for alternatives to the traditional Internet Explorer, now Edge.

Already in 2016 it managed to harvest a total of 1 billion active users and, to this day, that number has only grown. It is true that, since it is pre-installed on Android terminals, it is easy for its number of users to inflate in that way; but it is also true that the possibilities it offers when configuring itself, with the ability to adapt to the needs of each person, is what has convinced the public.

In order to do the latter, it is necessary to have a user in Chrome . For this reason, it is automatically essential to find out how to create an account in Google Chrome, since it is through this that all the information and configuration parameters can be stored to make the program completely personalized and adjusted to what you want.

How to open an account in the Google Chrome browser?

Not sure what to do to login to Chrome? In that case, this guide will be of great use to you. We are going to explain both what is necessary to create the account as well as what you should do if you want to log in and configure everything so that it is to your liking. They are quite simple steps, but they require some explanation to be able to perform them without problems or confusion of any kind. You have it all in this text .

In order to take advantage of all the functions of Google Chrome, such as the synchronization of browsing data between different devices, it is essential to open an account in the browser and log in to it through the different devices on which it will be used. .

Fortunately, Google Chrome accounts are Google Accounts . Therefore, the process for registering a user in Chrome is the same as creating a Google account . Next, we are going to explain the steps you have to follow to do it:

1 – Access the Google registration website

Open your Google Chrome browser and, in the address or search bar at the top, write this URL: . With it you will directly access the company’s registration page to create your user profile by filling in its forms.

2 – Enter your data

Now is the time to fill in fields with your personal information to create an identity with which to have a user. You have to write a name, surname, a username that will be your Gmail email and a password with a minimum of eight characters that combines letters and numbers.

It is important that you remember the access code, as well as that the user id is unique, since otherwise you will not be able to advance.

3 – More information

You have to continue providing more data to finish creating your Google Chrome user . You can enter the phone number of your mobile if you wish (recommended for cases in which you have to regain access) along with a recovery email.

It is mandatory to fill in the fields with your day, month and year of birth, in addition to your gender . The date is necessary so that Google can determine your age and check if you can create a user profile, since if you are a minor you may have problems when accessing .

4 – Accept the conditions

We are about to finish. Now is the time to accept Google’s terms of service and its privacy policy . Go down in the list that appears and check the boxes to accept everything.

Once you have done it, the following is as simple as clicking on the “Create Account ” button and then, in the pop-up window that appears, clicking on “Confirmation “. You have already opened your Google Chrome profile! .

From here, you can log in and start configuring your browser to work the way you want . For this, we will better explain all the details in the section that follows.

How to configure Google Chrome? Beginner’s guide

Once you have a user account in Google, you can add it to the web browser to be able to fully customize it and connect with all the devices where you use it. To know how to configure Google Chrome on any computer or phone, you must first understand how to log into it. We will explain everything below.

0 – Install the Google Chrome browser

This is point 0 of this guide, if you do not have this web browser installed on your computer, below we provide you with the download links for both the desktop version and for mobile phones and tablets, so that you can install it quickly and simple, they are in their latest version, fully updated.

 Download Google Chrome for Desktop

1 – Open the Google Chrome browser

Now once we have it installed and working correctly, the first thing to do is open Google Chrome . Look for its icon and access through it. In seconds you will have the window open with the home page in front of you so you can start browsing.

2 – Enter Chrome settings and login

Now, in the upper right part of the window, right next to the URLs bar, you will see a small button with three vertical dots . Click on it and a small drop-down menu will open with various options. You have to access what is called “Settings”.

The section you are in now allows you to configure most aspects of the browser; but, in order for these changes to be saved, you have to login as a user. Click on “Sign in to Chrome.”

Enter the email of your Google Account, then the access password and accept any window that appears. You will have already logged in with your Google Chrome profile .

3 – Modify what you want

Now, you have complete freedom to change your browser settings . You can enter “Appearance ” to alter font size values, customize them or even indicate the zoom level with which you want to see all the pages you visit.

Among other factors to alter, it is possible to modify the default search engine or even decide if you prefer Google Chrome to be your default browser .

If you also have more knowledge and little fear of making a mistake, you can access the “Advanced settings” section to modify as many Chrome parameters. More complex aspects such as the use of the prediction service for a faster loading of the webs, tools to help you with spelling, settings for autocompletion and many other possibilities can be altered here, so it is advisable to take a deep look.

Another alternative provided by the Google Chrome configuration is the possibility of setting visual themes through your store or even installing extensions that offer additional functions. To enter the Chrome Web Store, you just have to go here: .

With all this, you can make Chrome completely configured to your liking and provide all the functions that you consider necessary to navigate comfortably. Its versatility is very high .

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