How to clear mozilla firefox cache to improve browsing speed? Step by step guide

When we enter a specific browser we always want to have a good speed navigation . This will depend on several factors, among them we find what is the cache memory, where information is accumulated daily that over time can become a problem.

In general, browsers tend to save this type of information every time users make use of them and explore different web pages. All these elements accumulate over time and end up becoming a problem, since they cause a slower performance of the browser .

All this begins when we make constant use of the browser and its operation slows down . When this happens, it is very important to be able to erase these elements in order to improve the functioning of it . According to this, here we explain how you can start to do this.

What is a browser cache and what is it for?

The browser cache is a tool that is responsible for improving the speed of web browsers in a certain way , and that is currently used by most of them or at least by the most important ones, such as Mozilla. Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge .

Their main function is to save the information that users are providing on the different web pages, this with the aim of loading the pages faster and improving the speed of navigation .

These types of elements are basically responsible for storing the information that exists on a specific website, that is, images, texts, videos, among the other details that make up the site. In the case that there are very heavy images or very long videos, you will have to spend a good time waiting for them to load to be able to see them.

The cache basically what it does is save all this information so that the next time you enter the site all these files have been saved and you do not have to spend a long period of time waiting for them to load. All this will give you the feeling of having a fast and safe navigation.

What will happen after removing virtual memory from Mozilla Firefox?

As already mentioned at the beginning of the post, the cache can bring certain advantages to users when using browsers. This is because it provides a series of elements that will initially help you to have a better browsing speed.

However, with the passage of time all this can change and therefore cause a slower functioning of the browser . This problem occurs because by accumulating so many elements in the browser’s memory, it fills up and begins to process all the information much slower, causing a delay in its performance.

Therefore, the cache can take up a lot of space on your computer and cause some inconvenience. The best way to solve this is to erase all this information and thus free up disk space.

All sessions will be closed

When this process is carried out in virtual memory, all the sessions that you have open in Mozilla will automatically be closed regardless of whether you had the options to remember username and password enabled either to access email, social network or any other platform.

This will offer you greater security for when you want to make sure that none of your accounts or data has been registered in it . Ideal for when you are using a third-party computer and managing private data and accounts.

All saved passwords will be deleted

As we already mentioned in the previous point, when executing this procedure , all sessions will automatically be closed and the users and passwords that you have stored in some web portals will be eliminated .

It is important to note that this often becomes a tedious process for most users, as this makes you have to re-enter their personal data to access their preferred sites . However, if we talk about privacy and security, it is considered a very good and favorable point for users.

Some pages will load slower

Virtual memory is mainly responsible for storing some data and files from web portals to facilitate the operation of the same for users when they enter them again. This will make the site run faster and your experience on it more enjoyable .

Therefore, when deleting all this stored data, the opposite will occur, that is, the loading speed will be a little slower . This can lead to more data consumption, as the site will be recognizing all these files as new information.

Cookies will be deleted

Cookies have been converted into small computer files that are used and sent by the different web pages and that are mainly responsible for obtaining data about you. This will cause that when you enter a site again and type your email address, it will automatically appear on the screen . The same happens with your users, dates of birth, passwords, among others.

In many cases, cookies can be classified as small spyware that can steal your private information. Taking this into account, it can be said that eliminating virtual memory can become a great advantage since it will eliminate all cookies stored on the computer .

Overall browsing speed will be sped up

Despite having previously commented that by eliminating these elements the browsing speed of some portals would be much slower, we must also say that the browsing speed in general will improve .

This is because all these stored files accumulate over time, reaching a point where virtual memory reaches 100% of its capacity and its performance decreases considerably. Therefore, delete all of this information will make storage capacity again be completely free and speed in its operation and performance much more optimal.

Steps to clear the cache of my Firefox browser

Taking into account everything that has been mentioned above and the importance of being able to eliminate all this data to improve the performance of the computer and the browser, here we are going to show you the different methods that we can carry out to execute this procedure from the computer and mobile device .

To do this, follow each of the methods that we will explain below:

From Mozilla Firefox settings

  • The first thing you will have to do is enter Mozilla Firefox on your desktop.
  • When you have entered the browser select the three lines located in the upper right corner of your screen.

  • There you will see a drop-down menu where we select “Options”.

  • Now a new window appears, on the left side of your screen a menu appears where you select “Privacy & Security”.

  • Here you scroll the window down until you get to the “Cookies and site data” tab . Select the “Delete cookies and site data when Firefox closes” box and then the “Clear data” option .

  • A new window will appear with two options, the first of which is to delete cookies if you wish, if you do not want to delete them, simply uncheck that box and only leave the second box selected, which is to delete the cache . And finally we click on “Clean”.

Clear the cache automatically

In the event that you want this procedure to be carried out automatically every time you finish using the browser, then you must execute the following procedure:

  • Enter Mozilla Firefox and select the three lines located in the upper right part of your screen and there select “Options”.
  • In the new window that appears on the screen, select the “Privacy & Security” section.
  • Now scroll down the screen until you get to the “History” section.

  • Here you must select the custom configuration for the history, in this case you can select “Do not remember the history”. Keep in mind that to activate this function you will have to restart Firefox .

  • Once you restart Firefox, it will appear again ready for its configuration.

In this way you will have configured Mozilla so that it does not continue to store any type of information every time you browse it.

From mobile device

If you are one of the users who are constantly using Mozilla from their smartphone and you want to empty all its history, then it will be necessary for you to execute the steps that we will teach you below:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox from your smartphone.
  • When you have entered the application select the three points located in the upper right part of your screen.

  • There you will see a menu where you can select the “Settings” option .

  • Now scroll the screen down until you get to the “Clean private data” section.

  • Here you will see a new window where you will have to select the data you want to delete, once this is done click on “Clear data”.

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