Easily print any website from chrome, firefox or edge

After turning on the Windows PC in the day to day, either to work or to entertain ourselves, there are several programs that run automatically. But at the same time we open many of them in the first place, as with browsers, which we use for multiple tasks. In fact, below we will talk about how to print a web page in the most important browsers such as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

And it is that these software elements that we are talking about, at the moment have become more than basic programs for most. From here we carry out all kinds of tasks such as playing games, visiting websites, working, chatting, visiting social profiles, etc. Right now we are more than used to hearing about these Internet browsers and everything they offer us. There are many proposals that we can draw on at the moment, although there are three that stand out from the rest. Specifically, here we refer to proposals such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge .

At the same time, we can affirm that the Internet currently offers us a wide range of possibilities and modes of use. Due to all this and its growing importance, users increasingly demand more from the developers of browsers as such. This usually takes into account three basic sections: functionality, security and the appearance of its interface. Here we want to focus on the first of the sections, the functionality.

Main functions of web browsers

For all this that we tell you, the creators of these programs are increasingly focused on providing us with integrated functions that are very helpful. With these, what is intended is that we do not have to use third-party solutions to perform certain tasks.

Therefore, these programs allow us, in addition to moving around websites, much more. At the same time they help us to avoid tracking them, as a password manager, as a web store, file download manager, etc. All this, as we say, in order to improve the user experience with these programs. With everything and with this, in these same lines we want to focus on a very specific section, we will talk about how to print a web page in the most important browsers. Here come into play, as we mentioned before, the proposals Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

It is worth mentioning that this will allow us to put the websites that we visit from these programs to paper if we wish. Also in this sense we will find some interesting functions and additional parameters for all this that we are commenting on.

How to print a web page in Google Chrome

First we will start with the most used Internet browser in the world, which is none other than the one proposed by the giant Google . Chrome is one of its main products, since it has a market penetration close to 70%, which is not little. All this despite the wide availability of products of this type that we can use at this time. Well, to make use of the print function, the first thing we do is open the main menu of the program.

This is found in the upper right corner of the main window and is represented by three vertical points. Thus, when clicking on it, we find a series of options, including Print, which is what interests us now. Of course, first of all we recommend you navigate to the specific web with which we are going to work.

By clicking on the aforementioned Print option, or using the key combination Ctrl + P, a new window appears on the screen . In it, in large, we see a preview of the impression that we are preparing to carry out. In addition, in a panel located to the right of it, we see the options that we can use here.

On the one hand we can choose the printer of the equipment, as well as send the loaded web to a file in PDF format. We must also indicate the pages we want to print, as well as their orientation on the paper. When clicking on more settings, other parameters are displayed so that we can select the paper size, the pages per sheet, etc.

Print a web page in Mozilla Firefox

On the other hand, we find another veteran proposal in this sector, since it has been with us for a good number of years. This is Mozilla Firefox, an alternative that since its inception has been more committed to the privacy and security of its users. It also allows us to print a web page directly from this program, let’s see how to achieve it. To do this, the first thing we do is click on the button with the three horizontal lines to access the program menu.

Here we find the Print option, where we click to go to the window that will allow us to configure the printing as such. In it we find, almost full screen, with a preview of the loaded web. Then, in the upper part, we can customize the orientation of the page to be printed, which pages we want, or simplify the final result in order to save ink. At the same time we will have the possibility to customize the scale of the preview that we see on the screen.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that if we use the Ctrl + P key combination, here we find a window different from the one mentioned. What we will see is the usual Windows direct printing window, more than adequate if we do not want to configure anything in Firefox and print more quickly.

So you can print a web page in Microsoft Edge

And finally we are going to talk about the third in contention, which is actually the second most used browser in the world at the moment. Specifically, this software replaces the classic Edge that was launched together with Windows 10 in 2015. It obtained very little acceptance by users, so those of Redmond made the determination to launch this new Edge. It is based on the same Chromium engine that the popular Chrome uses, so they share many things, but not all.

And is that Microsoft is contributing many ideas of its own to the aforementioned Chromium project and that it implements in its own web browser in the first place. But if we focus on what really interests us here, which is how to print webs in Microsoft Edge . As in the previous cases, we open the main menu of the program through the button with the three horizontal dots. We see this in the upper right corner of the main window.

At that time we will see a multitude of selectable options, so we opted for the so-called Print. In this case, when pressing Ctrl + P simultaneously, we find the same window that we are going to describe. Well, the first thing we come across is a preview of what we are going to print, which is nothing other than the web loaded at that time. Then, the parameters that interest us in this case are found on the left side of it.

Here we find the possibility to establish the orientation of the page, which of these we want to print, select the output device. We can also specify if we want the process to be carried out in color, or in black and white.

In this way, in a simple way, we can print websites from the main Internet browsers at this time. As we can see, the process can take us only a few seconds, depending on the parameters that we are going to customize here. So we can put all those interesting content that we have seen in the browser we use on paper.

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