Chrome webstore what is it, what is it for and how to install one of its browser extensions?

It is no secret to anyone that one of the most used browsers in the world is Google Chrome . Thanks to the fact that it has managed to take advantage of the different growing technologies and beyond adapting to a computer, it has the ability to work perfectly on smartphones, tablets and other devices .

Added to this, Chrome provides remarkable browsing speed, as well as a high level of security against malicious software and all these types of threats. As if that were not enough, it is designed to deliver the greatest possible simplicity to users and also to guarantee an optimal degree of productivity .

Therefore, for users to acquire a better user experience, this browser has an online tool that offers multiple services to get the most out of it . Thus, it is the Chrome Webstore, which is a platform that is worth knowing and knowing how to handle, so we will show you here .

What is Chrome Webstore and what is this platform for?

Although it is true, Chrome Webstore consists of an online store that offers numerous applications or extensions for the Google Chrome browser that are ideal for optimizing the user experience on board the tool. Since, it serves to increase the performance of the browser in question, add new functionalities to it and even to try games to distract you.

In this sense, it refers to a platform that allows any developer to upload and display their web application, in order to improve the experience of Chrome users. Thus, these people will be able to acquire and enjoy both free and paid applications, just by logging into their Google account .

For its part, regarding its main advantages, we highlight that Chrome Webstore is considered a truly effective platform, given that all extensions can be installed quickly in the browser. In addition to this, the Chrome store has the ability to synchronize on several computers, it is a utility that is kept up-to-date, in addition, it does not cause problems on the computers and offers a simple search .

What kind of extensions can I find in the Chrome Webstore?

In general, the Google Chrome online application store hosts various extensions in order to be able to adapt to the requirements of each user, openly. Therefore, it should be noted that there are different types of applications that can be installed through this platform and for this reason, they are classified based on categories .

Which are:

  • Personalized recommendations.
  • Accessibility.
  • Blogs.
  • Purchases.
  • Of Google.
  • Sports.
  • Fun.
  • Photos.
  • Search tools.
  • Developer tools.
  • News and weather.
  • Productivity.
  • Social and communication.

Thus, for example, with these tools you will be able to receive news based around the world and favorable notifications about specific events. Like adding new elements to existing web applications, obtaining relevant information and links on the web pages you visit, using key combinations to ensure more productivity, playing games that allow you to get out of the routine a bit, etc. All this, in order to personalize the browsing experience to the maximum for each user .

Learn step by step how to install an extension from the Chrome Webstore

Beyond knowing what the Chrome Webstore consists of and what types of extensions or applications it hosts, it is also appropriate to know the steps to follow in order to install a utility available on said platform, correctly.

Therefore, below, we detail the process indicated for this:

Access the Chrome Web Store

First of all, you have to enter the Google platform where the extension you need to use is located to obtain a better user experience in the Google Chrome browser . This can be done by simply accessing said browser, typing the term “Chrome Web Store” and clicking on the first search result. However, you can also choose to enter through the following URL: “”.

Start the search process

Once you are in the Google service , it is time to search for the extension or application that you need to install in your web browser. The first option to do so is through the search bar located in the upper left corner of the platform and where you can enter keywords to locate the add-on you require .

Now, there is another alternative to perform this search and, basically, it is through the categories of the Chrome Webstore . In this case, simply click on the corresponding menu, choose the section you want to access and thus, start looking for your ideal extension. In addition, you can use the available filters to obtain more precise results (either in Functions or in Ratings).

Install your preferred extension

Then, when you locate the extension you want to use in Google Chrome when you browse the web, all that remains is to start its installation . To do this, if it is a free utility, you simply have to click on the button that says “Add to Chrome” and confirm the action (select the option “Add to Chrome” again in the pop-up window).

On the other hand, if it is a payment extension, you must press the button that indicates “Buy”, to proceed to enter the information requested regarding the payment and then obtain the installation correctly . In this way, it will be added in the upper right corner of Chrome, in the section that says “Extensions”  in order to use it.

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