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This is how you can cancel your xbox game pass subscription

Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft subscription model for Windows 10 that, in exchange for a monthly fee, gives us free access to more than 100 games. When we choose the plan we want (standard for PC or Ultimate to unify Xbox and PC), we automatically sign up for the service, and Microsoft creates a subscription that is automatically renewed every month. If we forget about the subscription, or things change and we no longer want to use it, then we must cancel it ourselves. If not, Microsoft will continue to charge us for the Xbox Game Pass subscription every month.

The standard Xbox Game Pass subscription has a cost of 3.99 euros per month, a pretty good price considering everything it offers us. However, if we have signed up for the Ultimate edition, although the first month costs only one euro, from the second the price increases to 13 euros per month, a price that, unless we are going to use Xbox services , it is quite high.

To unsubscribe from the service, or change from one mode to another, we must manage our subscription from the main panel of our Microsoft Account. Here we explain how to do it.

How to cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription

When we open the Xbox application on our computer we will be able to see the Xbox Game Pass section again. The same section from which we buy the subscription of this service. The difference is that now, instead of appearing the option to subscribe, a new button called “Manage” appears.

We click on it and the browser will open to load the Microsoft services page . On this page we will see all our subscriptions. If we have purchased space in OneDrive or Office 365, they will appear here. The one that interests us is the Xbox Game Pass option.

To manage this subscription, click on the “Manage” link and a new page will open with more detailed information about the service.

To cancel the subscription we must click on the «Cancel» button . Microsoft will ask us if we want to cancel the automatic renewal of the service on the applicable date or if we want to cancel the entire service and get a refund. If we choose the first option we can use the service until the days are over. If we choose the second, we get the money.

We choose the option we want and continue with the wizard until Microsoft confirms that the service subscription has been definitively canceled.

If we have taken advantage of an offer like the Ultimate version for one euro, obviously the best option is to continue using the service and cancel the renewal. So we can continue enjoying it until the remaining time runs out. When this happens, Xbox Game Pass benefits and all downloaded games will no longer be available.

How to change the subscription model to annual

Like most platforms, Microsoft offers us the possibility of paying for certain months of service at once and, incidentally, save us some money. Although the offers offered by Microsoft are not very juicy, they will allow us to forget about recurring payments for a while.

If we click on the «Change» button we can see that the «Switch plan» option appears. This option allows us to change the modality that we have selected for any of the others available for the service.

We choose the one we want to use, we confirm the changes and, when the next billing period arrives, Microsoft will automatically charge us that amount based on the months of service we want.

We can also cancel at any time as we have explained previously.

Troubleshoot if you can’t unsubscribe

In the event that the “Manage” option does not appear on the “services & subscriptions” page, or in the event that we are unable to cancel or deactivate periodic billing, we must make sure to carry out the following checks.

  • We must ensure that we are logged into the Microsoft account that we used at the time to purchase the subscription.
  • In the event that the option to “Activate recurring billing” appears instead of “Manage”, it means that the subscription will expire on the date indicated for the subscription and we will have nothing else to do. If we want to see the details of the subscription, just select Manage on behalf of the subscription.
  • We must check if any payment method should be updated. If so, you will inform us when you get to services & subscriptions. In case we want to solve any problem, we must access «Payment options».

How to get back months for free or for 1 euro

The truth is, Microsoft’s loyalty plans around Xbox Game Pass are outstanding. Nothing to do with the competition. Therefore, if we usually play often, it is very easy to get free months for Xbox Game Pass, and even games. We simply have to do that, play, and unlock achievements to get points. When we accumulate enough points we can exchange them for free months.

On the other hand, if we have already been users of this service, and Microsoft launches a new offer (for example, three months for one euro), we will not be able to take advantage of it. These offers are for new users only. Although, if we do not mind spending a little time, we can create a new email account and use it to purchase these discounted months.

The free games that Microsoft is offering for Xbox Game Pass is constantly changing. And, the truth is that they are more than excellent titles.

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