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Minecraft vanishing curse: what it does and how to avoid it

Minecraft is a super fun game that offers new features or improvements in each update, such as: the curse of disappearance. This is a spell or enchantment that has intrigued most users, who wonder what it does and how to avoid it. That is why, within this article, the answer to each of these questions is mentioned, quickly and simply.

In this sense, in this post you will learn what the curse of disappearance does in Minecraft, how to avoid it and also how to throw it, if you want to. Now, the first thing you should know is that this is a particular feature of multiplayer games that affects all players in the round, including whoever throws it. To discover everything about this peculiar spell, continue reading this text until the end.

What is it about

The curse of disappearance in Minecraft is a spell that allows you to eliminate or disappear all the objects that you own, once you have died. This applies to armor, weapons and any other item in your inventory that you do not want to fall into enemy hands when it disappears from the game. However, when you use it, you will not be able to see what you deleted again, even if you return to the place where your character died.

Nor will it be possible to recover it, as that is the purpose of this enchantment. That is why, you must be totally sure to throw it at the time of the game. However, it is a good strategy to prevent your enemies from getting stronger with the items you have in your possession.

How to do it

If you wonder how to make the curse of disappearance in Minecraft, the truth is that it is a very simple process for which you will mainly need a table of enchantments. Now, if you don’t have it, you can craft it if you have the necessary elements. Which are: two diamonds, a book and four obsidian blocks, they must be strategically distributed on the table.

To do this you must visualize it vertically and assign imaginary numbers that go from 1 to 9, the first being the one in the upper left corner and continuing with the next one on the right side. In this way, successively, until reaching the last box. Now, the location of the elements will be as follows :

  • Book : square number 2 (top center).
  • Diamond : square number 4 (center left) and 6 (center right)
  • Obsidian : square number 5 (center), 7 (bottom left), 8 (bottom center) and 9 (bottom right).

Once you complete the enchantment table, it should look like the image below and the disappearing spell will be cast in-game. In this way, when your character dies, all the objects in your inventory will disappear.

How to avoid it

The best way to avoid this enchantment is that other players within the game do not use it. However, since this is unlikely, it is important to note that there is no way to avoid the curse of disappearance in Minecraft that can be proven.

However, some users claim that by activating the ” Maintain Inventory ” option in the game’s settings menu, the spell in question becomes inactive. So, you could try this alternative to see if it really works.


Although the Vanishing Curse in Minecraft might seem like an advantage in preventing other players from getting hold of your weapons and becoming more powerful, you need to be cautious when using it. Remember that you will also be affected, so even if you can collect or find your own items, they cannot be used by you or they will end up self-destructing.

After reading this text, it has become clear that Minecraft’s disappearance spell is a double-edged sword, which could have advantages, but also great disadvantages. However, now that you know how to use it and what it is about, it will be up to you to decide if you want to use it during your multiplayer games.

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