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Minecraft Commands: Complete List of Cheats and Keys

As in a large number of video games , in Minecraft it is possible to enter tricks and keys to achieve specific things. From infinite life and resources, to the possibility of teleporting or being immune to negative states. However, when commands are entered in Minecraft, it is not possible to unlock achievements, as the game itself restricts them.

If despite this, you are interested in seeing all the Minecraft tricks and keys to enjoy the game without worries, then you have come to the right place. Below you will see minecraft commands all supported commands for the PC versions of Minecraft, you just have to use them wisely!

How are commands placed in Minecraft?

In order to use the commands in Minecraft, it is necessary that, when creating a new world to play Survival Mode, the option ” Activate cheats ” is activated. Once this is done, you will be able to use the tricks and keys within the game. If you have already done it and you are in your game, all you have to do is press the T key and you will access the game’s command console. Here, enter the command corresponding to the trick or key that interests you and that’s it. In case you want to activate them during the online game, you should know that the possibility of activating cheats or not will depend on the server you are on. Also, if you make use of them, you will not be able to unlock achievements.

Command list

Now that you know how to activate cheats and keys in Minecraft, it’s time to see the complete list of commands that can be used in the game.

Game mode

These tricks allow you to change the game mode in a game that has already started without losing your progress:

  • / gamemode 0: Switch to Survival Mode.
  • / gamemode 1: Switch to Creation Mode.
  • / gamemode 2: Switch to Adventure Mode.
  • / gamemode 3: Switch to Spectator Mode.


As the name indicates, it allows modifying the degree of difficulty of the game within a game that has already started:

  • / difficulty peaceful: Go to Pacific mode.
  • / difficulty easy: Go to Easy mode.
  • / difficulty normal: Go to Normal mode.
  • / difficulty hard: Go to Hard mode.


With these commands you can change the climate within your world to achieve the conditions of your preference:

  • / weather clear:  Sunrise with clear sky.
  • / weather rain: It  starts to rain.
  • / weather thunde r: It rains and lightning strikes.
  • / gamerule doWeatherCycle false: The current weather is kept.

Time of the day

Modify the time of day using the following commands:

  • / time set day: It becomes daytime.
  • / time set night: It gets dark.
  • / time set 18000: It is midnight.
  • / time set 12000:  Dusk is coming.
  • / time set 6000: It is noon.
  • / time set 0: Sunrise.
  • / gamerule doDaylightCycle false: Time does not pass.
  • / time query gametime: Go back to the game time.

Damage for conditions

  • / waterdamage: Used to activate or deactivate water damage.
  • / falldamage “: Used to activate or deactivate fall damage.
  • / firedamage “: Used to activate or deactivate fire damage.


There are two commands to teleport in Minecraft. What they are and what aspects you should take into account is explained below:

  • / teleport charactername XYZ: You must replace the X, Y and Z coordinates with those corresponding to the location you want to reach in the world. Consider that if the Z coordinate (height) makes you get too high, you can die from fall damage.
  • / teleport charactername ~ X ~ Y: You just have to substitute the X and Y coordinates to get anywhere in the horizontal plane. This way, you don’t have to worry about fall damage.

In both cases, you must substitute the charactername for the Nick of your character. In addition, the parameter X corresponds to the number of blocks that you will move towards the East, while Y, indicates the number of blocks that you will go towards the South.

Other commands

  • / ability: Allows to grant
    revoke or consult the ability of a player.
  • / advancement: You can give, delete or check the progress of the players.
  • / attribute: Used to query, add, remove or set an entity attribute.
  • / ban: Used to ban a player.
  • / ban-ip: Gives you the ability to remove a player by IP address.
  • / banlist: Shows the banned list.
  • / bossbar: Modify and create bossbars.
  • / camerashake: Activate the camera shake effect.
  • / classroommode: Enables the option to edit restricted blocks.
  • / clear: Used to clean or remove inventory items.
  • / clone: You can copy blocks from one place and take it to another.
  • / code: Go to the code connection.
  • / createagent: You can create an agent in the current location where the player is.
  • / data: It is used to obtain, merge, modify or delete the data of block entities and NBT.
  • / datapack: Allows you to control the loaded data packets.
  • / debug: Used to start or cancel a debugging session on a server.
  • / defaultgamemode: Change the game mode and switch it to the default mode.
  • / deop: It works to remove the operator status of any player.
  • / effect: Removes or assigns effect states to players.
  • / fill: It is used to fill a region of the map with a certain type of blocks.
  • / give charactername itemname quantity item : Give any item to any user in the game. In ” nombrecharacter ” the username is placed, in ” nombreobjeto ” the name of the object to be granted, and ” quantityobjeto ” the quantity.
  • / forceload: Makes Chunks load steadily.
  • / function: Used to execute a function.
  • / immutableworld: Assigns immutability to a given world.
  • / kill playername : Allows you to kill a specific player. In ” name player ” must go the name of the user. If you want to kill yourself, do not put a name.
  • / loot: It is used to drop all the objects in the inventory and throw them on the floor.
  • / msg: Command to send a private message to the other players on the server.
  • / op: Allows to designate a status to another player.
  • / pardon: Removes the names and IPs stored in the banned blacklist.
  • / particle: With this command particles are created automatically.
  • / gamerule keepInventory true: Once activated, players do not lose their inventory items after dying.
  • / experience add: It is used to add experience to your player.
  • / dropstore: Allows you to empty the inventory and place everything in a chest.
  • / freeze: When using it, all entities are automatically frozen.
  • / instantplant: Makes plants grow immediately.
  • / itemdamage: Used to activate or deactivate wear on objects.
  • / duplicate: Allows you to copy the object that is being used at the moment and the copy is thrown to the ground.
  • / superheat: Used to convert all objects to their molten form.
  • / summon name XYZ: Allows you to summon any character or NPC in the game (as long as it exists). The name of the character (pig, horse, spider, creeper, etc) must be included in ” name “. If X, Y and Z coordinates are entered, it will appear at a specific point. If the coordinates are omitted, it will appear next to you.
  • / atlantis: Sea level rises considerably.
  • / ride: Works to turn any creature you are targeting on screen into a mounted creature.
  • / instantmine: Allows you to break any material with a single blow (no matter what tool you have in hand).
  • / seed: Allows you to have access to the code of the seed in which the world in which you are playing has been created.
  • / raytracefog: Used to adjust the appearance of the snow with Ray Tracing.
  • / save: Creates a backup or backup data of the current game.
  • / save-all: Used to save the server to disk.
  • / schedule: It is used to delay the execution of a function.
  • / setmaxplayers: Allows you to define the number of players who can access a game.
  • / spreadplayers: You will teleport to a place randomly.
  • / stopsound: Allows you to stop any sound.
  • / worldborder: Grants the ability to manage the edges of the world.

Parameter list

Use the parameters as shortcuts to designate the tricks you perform on other players, enemies, your own character and much more. The parameters that can be used in Minecraft are the following:

  • @p: The closest player.
  • @r: A random player.
  • @a: All players.
  • @e: All entities.
  • @s: The entity that executes the command.

Use these parameters in combination with commands to apply Minecraft cheats to specific players or conditions.

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