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Las mejores casas modernas en Minecraft

The popular game from Monjang Studios has been supporting players around the world for almost 10 years. We are talking about Minecraft, a video game that, in addition to offering endless adventures to its players, stimulates the creative part that everyone has inside. Thus, it does not matter if you are a child with dreams of being an architect, or an adult wanting to bring out your creative gifts; Minecraft has room for everyone.

For this reason, this review shows some modern house designs that have circulated on the net and that have been the cause of great popularity among the gamer community. Read on and enjoy the best modern houses in Minecraft. Get inspired and start creating yours after this!

Luxurious modern home

OSHACRA is the Minecraft YouTuber responsible for one of the most spectacular modern houses that have been seen recently. In this design shown by him, a two-level mansion is shown that has it all: a swimming pool, green areas on the roofs, large entrances of light, good use of spaces and a most beautiful white finish.

Modern wooden house


The SheepGG player is known to many Anglo-Saxon-speaking gamers and the world at large for being a Minecraft artist. Thus, one of his creations within the category of Modern House or Modern Houses with the greatest impact has been his modern wooden house. This two-level structure has been built from different types of treated wood and a distribution of spaces worthy of an architect, look at it and enjoy!

Small and easy modern house

Among the Minecraft content creators on YouTube, JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial is one of the best known. In this sense, almost a year ago this YouTuber shared a design of a small modern easy-to-build house. The truth is that its finish is extremely attractive; It has a full wall of glass and a wood finish that gives a cozy look, thus, the result is as attractive as it is simple to create. You dare?

Modern House-Mansion

This house, which is more like a mansion in every sense of the word, is the work of YouTuber IrieGenie, who has shown the process of building a spectacular two-level structure with an all-glass mezzanine slab, as well as a swimming pool. with their respective relaxation chalette. A work worth admiring!

Diagonal house

Again, we must pay homage to an OSHACRA work , and when it comes to modern houses, this YouTuber is one of the most outstanding. With this modern house diagonally, we can see a design that is as bold as it is visually appealing. Located on the waterfront, with two levels and excellent use of inventory, parking, entertainment lobby and much more, this is an exceptional piece that you can create too.

The safest modern house

WiederDude is another YouTuber who has earned the respect of the Minecraft community of players for his most ostentatious architectural creations in the game. Therefore, it is worth stopping to enjoy his work known as The Safest Modern House or The Safest Modern House. This three-level building has a unique distribution of spaces and with a strong technological inspiration that will leave you amazed and wanting to do it yourself.

Compact modern house

You don’t need a large construction to achieve a spectacular result, and this modern compact type house is a great example of this. As you can see in the construction video, it is a cozy design, beautiful to look at and that does not need a large amount of materials to be built. Features large windows, a living room, and a five-star master bedroom, check it out!

Modern pyramid house

A modern pyramid-shaped house is something few could even imagine, but JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial is capable of making the impossible possible. In this sense, this work that is clearly inspired by the Egyptian pyramids is able to make you feel at ease from the first second. It has a single level and large entrances for natural light. In addition, it has a luxury kitchen, a most attractive living room and a beautiful bedroom.

Ultimate modern super house

TrixyBlox showcased a remodel almost a year ago in which they turned their survival home into a definitive modern super home. The result is simply spectacular, and it is that it shows contemporary design skills that are very striking to the eye and that, incredibly, it does not use materials that are very difficult to obtain. Just look at the end result in ultra-realistic graphic quality!

Modern survival house

Building luxury structures in Minecraft Survival Mode is an extra challenge that many players face to have an extra challenge when playing. So the player Fedo showed how he created a modern house for survival mode that, in addition to being extremely beautiful and simple to make, is capable of keeping you safe during the nights in Survival Mode. Do you think you can do something similar?


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