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If you like minecraft, discover trendary games for windows

One of the most popular games in recent years is Minecraft, with players in the millions around the world, thus becoming one of the games with the greatest critical and public success in recent times. That is why other developers have wanted to take advantage of its existence to launch games with a similar aesthetic, focused on all those fans of the popular 3D cube game.

Minecraft is an open world game made up of 3D cubes, where we do not find any specific objective beyond building, destroying and surviving, either alone or in company. It was launched back in 2011 and since then its success has not stopped growing, estimating that there are currently more than 110 million active players around the world.

It has different game modes, such as a survival mode, in which we must gather resources and create all kinds of objects to survive. It also has a creative mode, with which we will have all the resources and the possibility of moving vertically. There is no lack of an adventure mode, similar to survival mode, but with more restrictions. Finally, its spectator mode allows us to move freely around the map without the possibility of interacting with the environment.

After the existence of Minecraft, there are not few games that have come out to imitate it. If you are a fan of the Minecraft universe, we present a list of similar alternatives for Windows that you should not miss.

Games similar to Minecraft for free

At present we can find a wide variety of games that draw on the bases of Minecraft, with the advantage of being free, so it will not be necessary to go through the box to enjoy them. We leave you a selection of games that you should try if you are a lover of the famous Minecraft-style 3D cubes.

Manic digger, create your own cube by cube universe

It is a 3D block building game with an aesthetic and concept quite similar to Minecraft, being open source and completely free. It has been designed to play in the first person, although it also has a multiplayer mode. We will start with our character on a desert island which we will discover as we advance and move on it. The mapping is generated randomly.

In this game we can create our houses, buildings, monuments and other structures with all kinds of blocks that we will have available in our inventory. It has a monster editor, customizable textures to adapt the game to our liking. Surely it does not offer the same quality or the features that we can find in Minecraft, but it can offer a similar experience for fans of the game.

We can download Manic digger for free from this link.

Trove, 3D cube RPG

This game has an aesthetic and characteristics similar to those that we can find in Minecraft because it takes place in an open world that we must explore. It has various RPG aspects and we can create a unique character thanks to its extensive customization options. The game is especially focused on the online mode so hours of fun are guaranteed.

We must enter the deepest dungeons, exploring endless caves full of unique objects, monsters and excavation objects that will help us on our journey in Trove. As we go further with our excavation, the greater the rewards we will obtain, as well as the risks to overcome. By defeating the boss in the established time we can go to the next level.

You can download Trove for free by accessing its website .

Minetest, create your own custom game

We are surely facing the game with a greater similarity in the aesthetic section with Minecraft. It is an open source game which incorporates by default the engine for two games (Minetest Game and Minitest Developmet test) which have been developed to be used as a base so that we can add our own mods, so that we can create our own custom video game tailored to us.

It is possible to play Minetest only online either with our friends with dozens of players on one server. It has many game modes to choose from, being able to choose whether to survive in a hostile world, build creatively or place against other players. Thanks to its wide user community, it will not be necessary to create our mods, but there are a large number of mods and games that we can download to give this game almost infinite hours.

If we want to try Minetest we can download it for free from its official website .

Terasology, Minecraft style with improved graphics

This game has a model quite similar to Minecraft, although with improved graphics, with greater depth of field and higher graphic quality in the flying blocks. Its mechanics are well known since it is very similar to that of the game in which it is inspired, so we can break and take blocks of all kinds, build all kinds of structures, add them to our inventory, etc. But not only can we break and build, we can also make weapons, tools, etc.

That is why we find a sandbox that Minecraft fans should not overlook, not only because of the great possibilities it offers, but also because of its improved graphics and sound that will make us enjoy many hours of fun. All this helped, as it is an open source game constantly updated and improved.

To test Terasology, just download it from its website .

Games similar to Minecraft for payment

For those who are looking for games with an aesthetic similar to Minecraft but don’t mind paying, there are also a good number of alternatives that you should not overlook. In addition, they are usually not too expensive games, so if we are lovers of open world game style with this familiar design and aesthetic, we must take them into account.

Terraria, Minecraft universe in 2D

It is an action, adventure and sandbox video game, similar to Minecraft, but in 2D, where we can enjoy building weapons and killing enemies. We must go into caverns where we can search for enemies with increasing difficulty so that we can put our combat skills to the test. It combines both elements of action games and the creativity of an open world where we can move freely, being able to build and destroy at will.

The game has day and night cycles, in such a way that it affects both lighting, enemies and interaction with them, so that each activity to develop is focused on being carried out at a certain time. We will have all kinds of customization of our character, such as gender and being able to change hair, shirt, pants, among other parameters. Its main drawback is that it is a paid game, so if we want to enter its world we must pay $ 9.99.

We can buy and download Terraria for our computer by accessing its website from this link .

Cube World, traditional RPG in the purest Minecraft style

Another game with a similar design to Minecraft, focusing more on character development than building mechanics. We will have an open mode scenario that we can explore wherever we want. We can equip our character with clothes, improve their skills with different specializations, so it has a similar approach to the more traditional RPGs.

We must choose between one of the four classes for our character, be it a warrior, a ranger, a magician or a rogue. The combats are based on total action and we can both dodge, aim, perform combos and have special abilities. We can dodge weapons, armor, potions, elixirs and food with all the ingredients that we find throughout the world.

To play Cube World we must go through the box, since the game has a price of 19.99 euros, being able to acquire it through Steam.

Developer: Picroma

Blockstorm, first person shooter with 3D cubes

We now come across a game that, while graphically reminiscent of Minecraft, the truth is that the style of play is different. We went from a sandbox to a first person FPS game , set in a world made with destructible blocks. All the maps and characters that are included are made with the same tools, being able to build and destroy everything.

In this game, the player can create all kinds of maps and characters to their liking, as well as edit and customize weapons, from submachine guns, explosives and sniper rifles, with which to compete in a fun multiplayer mode. Without a doubt a video game that can be enjoyed to a great extent by fans of 3D cube games.

Blockstorm is a fairly inexpensive game, since we can buy it on Steam for only 4.99 euros .

Developer: GhostShark

Lego Worlds, Lego adventure in the purest Minecraft style

This is a game offered by the popular toy brand with a design completely inspired by Minecraft, standing out especially for its careful visual section . We can do whatever we want, be it, destroy, build, remodel, copy … everything we want in this Lego universe is at our fingertips. With it we can either explore the world by completing tasks and obtaining new skills, or use its editor to configure games to our liking.

Here we can create anything we can think of, using large-scale landscaping tools to create huge mountain ranges or tropical islands. We can explore all the mapping uploaded in helicopters, motorcycles, or even dragons or gorillas. Any element has a place in this game.

We can buy and download Lego Worlds from Steam for 19.95 euros.

Developer: Traveller’s Tales

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