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How to create a Wolfteam account step by step

To create a Wolfteam account you can choose to register with your Facebook account or through an email and password. Today, interest in shooting and historical-themed online games has grown dramatically. That is why several users turn to Wolfteam: a free and online fighting game from Softnyx, which consists of confrontations of werewolves against armed warriors.

In this article, you will see in a few steps how to create a Wolfteam account both from your Facebook profile, and with your email and password for login. Also, you will have detailed the process to log in and register an account, even if you don’t have Facebook or email. In turn, you will see the procedure to log in and recover your account in case you have forgotten the access password.

With Facebook

It is one of the simplest methods, since Wolfteam only obtains the information from your Facebook account in order to synchronize the data and avoid filling in fields such as name, email, gender, etc. It is a quick process in which you only have to follow the steps that will be described below:

  1. Enter “Wolfteam ”from this direct link to register with your Facebook account. Enter your Facebook email and password.
  2. Press ” Continue as (your name) “.
  3. It will redirect you to the registration page at “ Wolfteam ”. When you slide it, you will see your email, name, gender and date of birth. With this information you will sign on the platform and to continue the process, you must check the boxes registration with Facebook and according to the ” Stipulation of use ” and ” Policy of privacy “. Click on ” OK “.
  4. A welcome message will appear in which you must press ” Ok “. By doing this, you will automatically be in the game options and you just have to choose between ” Start game ” or ” Go to the web “.

With email and password

If you don’t want to link your Facebook account with Wolfteam, you also have the option to enter an email, create a password and a username to access the game when required. You must enter an email that you use frequently, since the platform will send a verification email. With that said, take a look at the steps you need to follow to sign up for Wolfteam with your email :

  1. Go to the page of “Wolfteam ”and click“ SIGN UP ”in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Complete the fields that they ask for. Create a login ID (which you will have to try several times until you find an available name), a password, enter your email, choose your gender, check the box about the ” Stipulation of use ” and the ” Privacy policy “. Then press ” OK “.
  3. The platform will welcome you and a pop-up window will appear. Press ” Accept “.
  4. You will see a new page in which you must select the button ” Send email authentication “.
  5. Softnyx will send you an authentication email. Check the mail both in the inbox and spam.
  6. When you get the email, click the verification link for Softnyx to verify and accept the registration with your email. With this step, you will have finished the process.

Forgot password

If you have registered an account in Wolfteam with your email, but for some reason you have forgotten the access password, you only have to go to the page and enter the information requested to log in. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click on ” I forgot my password “.
  2. Write your login ID and solve the reCAPTCHA. Then press ” Ok “.
  3. The system will indicate if you want to send the email to confirm. Press ” Accept “.
  4. Look for a confirmation email in your inbox or Spam. When you get it, click the link to reset your password.
  5. Then enter a new password and repeat it.
  6. Add a secret question of your own making or predesigned on the page. Click on ” Save “. With this you will finish the process.

No mail

If you just want to test the operation of Wolfteam and other games offered by the Softnyx platform, you can enter with a temporary or disposable email that provides you with a special page. However, Softnyx has made it clear that this type of registration will not have certain benefits and will have restrictions on the website. Having clarified this point, observe the following steps to register with a disposable email in Wolfteam :

  1. Enter “Tempail ” (or any other page where they offer temporary emails, except Yopmail since it is not accepted by the page) and copies the email generated by the page.
  2. Go to the page of “Wolfteam ”and press“ SIGN UP ”.
  3. Complete all the information they request and include the email generated by the “Tempail” system. Check the corresponding boxes and press ” OK “.
  4. Press ” Send email authentication “.
  5. Go to the ” Tempail ” page and wait to receive the email from the platform.
  6. Upon receipt, open it and click the verification link. This done, you will have the shortcut to play Wolfteam on the page.

Log in

To log in to Wolfteam, you just have to go to its official website and press the ” Login ” button if you have the email and password. Now, by pressing the same option, you can also log in with your Facebook account by choosing “ Facebook Connect ”. In either of the two alternatives, you will enter the games menu directly and you must press ” Start game “.

As you can see, to create a Wolfteam account you have 3 completely feasible and simple processes. Likewise, you have at your disposal the necessary procedures to recover your account in case of forgetting it, and to log in according to the method you have chosen as registration. Once you enter you just have to follow the instructions of the game and choose a team to start playing with other participants on the platform.


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