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How to create a server in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world game created in 2011, where you explore and build a world in your image and likeness. Although it has several game modes, it is totally free and without specific missions, inviting you to develop your own world by building blocks. One of the peculiarities of this game is that it allows you to build and explore alone in individual games. However, it also has a multiplayer mode.

To maximize the experience within this video game, it is best to play games online. Whether on mobile phones, consoles or from your computer, you can play it in the company of your friends and with other people worldwide. Therefore, it is essential to have your own server configured for this video game. If you don’t know how to do it, you will learn how to create a Minecraft server quickly and easily.

With Minecraft Realms

It is a paid solution to create your own Minecraft server. With this tool, it can be configured through 2 versions of the game and there are also 2 versions of Minecraft Realms, for each game . The first version of Realms is oriented to Java, which is exclusively for computers.

The other version of Minecraft Realms is aimed at gamers both on PC and on consoles and mobile devices. If you have the money to create a Minecraft server on your own, you just have to choose the versions that you will see below.

With Java Edition

As you know, this edition is exclusive for PC. You have a 30-day trial period that, afterwards, you will have to pay to maintain your server. Follow these steps to configure your server through this method:

  1. Open your browser and access the official Minecraft Realms website with Java by doing click here or through this link:
  2. Once you are on the page, click the ” GET REALMS FOR JAVA ” button.
  3. Then, you have to choose the plan that best suits your needs by clicking on ” Buy “.
  4. After doing the previous step, you will be directed to your user on the Minecraft main page in its Realms section. From there you can see the status of your subscription and the steps you have to do afterwards.
  5. Next, open your Minecraft: Java Edition game and click the ” Minecraft Realms ” button on the main menu.
  6. Next, you have to configure the parameters of your server, in this section you have some options, which you must choose according to your needs and style of play.

Once you have done all these steps, you can play Minecraft from your own server. Invite the people you want, whether they are friends or users from elsewhere.

From Realms Plus for Windows 10 and consoles

To begin with, this process is the same for computers and for consoles. Likewise, you can play from the same server either with a PC or from the console you have, all this if the Realms server has been created with the Bedrock Engine version.

In addition, the multiplatform version forces you to install Realms Plus, which is an additional tool that provides extra content that you can add to your server and thus positively increase your experience in the game. The Realms Plus catalog is updated every month, follow these steps so you can play from your own server.

  1. Enter the Minecraft game and access your user account.
  2. Now, click on the ” Play ” option to start a new game.
  3. Then, go to the ” Worlds ” section and click on the ” Create new ” button. After doing so, click on the ” Create New World ” button.
  4. Once you set it up, click on the ” Create in Realms ” option .
  5. Then click on the ” Buy Now ” option .
  6. Write the name you want for the new Realm. Then, click on the ” I accept ” option in the terms and conditions. Once you do, click the ” Start 1-month free trial ” button.
  7. Finally, you only have to follow the procedures to finalize the purchase of your server. Then the game will start normally.

From this moment on, other players can connect to your server without any problems. They have to enter the data correctly when they start a new game and they will already be connected to the world you have created. Finally, remember that the configuration of your server is up to a maximum of 10 people.

Create a free server

If you didn’t know, you can create a totally free Minecraft server. While it is true that certain hosting, storage and maintenance services can be hired, the truth is that you can store the server on your computer. In the same way, you can configure the server through the 2 versions explained above, you just have to keep reading on these lines.

From Java Edition

You already know that this method only applies if you have the Minecraft: Java Edition game. Which is for computers only. Follow the instructions that you will see below to configure your free server without problems:

  1. Access the official Minecraft site by doing click here so you can download the Minecraft server. Once you are on the page, click on the ” Download Minecraft server.1.16.5.jar ” section.
  2. Now, create a folder on the desktop of your computer and in this way, host your server. Create the folder with the Name ” Minecraft Server “.
  3. When the file downloads, just copy it to the folder you created on your desktop.
  4. Enter the folder you have created, select the server file, called ” server ” with the right click and then click on the ” Open ” or ” Run ” option .
  5. A series of files will appear, in which you have to click on one called ” eula.txt “. Once you are inside that file, change the line called eula = false to eula = true. Save the changes and close the file.
  6. Then reopen the ” server ” file to continue installing files.
  7. Enter the server folder on your PC and right click on an empty space on it. Choose the ” New ” option and then click on the ” New text document ” option . Write the file name ” start_server ” and open it.
  8. Now write these lines without the quotes: “java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar server.jar”. Press the ” Enter ” key and type or copy this line: “pause”. The first line represents the memory that will be allocated to the server and the other line will keep its window open.
  9. Then, click on the ” File ” section and then on ” Save as “. Now, open the menu called ” Type ” and select the option ” All files “. In the file name, change the .txt extension to the .bat extension and then click the ” Save ” button .

Once this is done, the server will be open for you to play with your friends for free. If they do not connect, you have to make some extra changes that you will see below.

Configure router

This is the method to open ports on your router in case a friend cannot connect.

  1. Access it from the gateway model of the router, open an Internet page and type that gateway, such as: ” “.
  2. Once you’re inside, go to the ” TCP / UDP ” option . Then, open a new one with the number ” 25565 ” so others can connect.
  3. Finally, type the name ” Minecraft ” for this new router rule. This so that you remember later why you have opened the ports.

Finally, you only have to connect to the  Internet  so that your friends can enter your server. Open Minecraft again, go to your server, create the game and others can join it without problems.

Free server for other consoles and Windows 10

In the same way as it happens with the paid version for Windows 10 and for consoles, you can configure a server for free through the Bedrock Engine version. These steps must be done from your PC, since you cannot configure a server from a console, but you can connect to a free server through them. Follow these steps to set up your free server without any hassle.

  1. Open your browser and access the official page of Minecraft Bedrock by doing click here or through this link:
  2. Once you are on the page, go to the ” Server software for Windows ” section. Click the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions, and finally click the ” Download ” button .
  3. Create a folder on your PC desktop called ” Minecraft Bedrock Server ” and unzip the files that were downloaded after completing the previous step.
  4. Then press the ” Windows + R ” keys and type ” cmd.exe ” in the window. Once the command console is open, type or copy this code: CheckNetIsolation.exe LoopbackExempt –a –p = S-1-15-2-1958404141-86561845-1752920682-3514627264-368642714-62675701-733520436. In this way, you will be opening the server to play from your computer.
  5. Finally, you just have to open the file ” bedrock_server.exe ” and your server will start working. If your friends connect via LAN, they will access without problems.

Play online with your server

To play over the Internet, you have to follow the same steps that you did with your router with the Java Edition version. Only this time, open the ports of your router with the number ” 19132 ” if the connection is IPv4 and with the number ” 19133 ” if the connection is IPv6.

For security reasons, modify the ” White List ” (whitelist) in the file located in your server folder. This so that the people you allow can enter. Then you just have to enter the IDs of the PC and console users so they can connect.

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