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Get the most out of your games on windows with these programs

There are those who prefer consoles to get the most out of their favorite games, while many others are more in favor of the PC. That is why at the moment, how could it be otherwise, Windows is the desktop system most used for these tasks. Precisely for all this, below we will see some programs to increase the performance of Windows when playing games .

It is evident that the Redmond software , from the beginning, is more than prepared to support the work with the latest games. But of course, for all this you need a hardware that accompanies it. Keep in mind that once we install a copy of Windows from scratch, this system comes to us with a default configuration in order to work as best as possible in most situations.

Whether it’s for professional work, surfing the web, gaming, or writing texts, Windows 10 can be adapted to most situations. While in principle it is optimized for all of them, at the same time the user can make some small changes that optimize it to one side or the other. With this, what we want to tell you is that if we are going to use our Windows PC to play, we will be able to do it without performance problems. But of course, we can always try to improve this, especially with the most demanding games.

This is something that we can carry out both from the operating system itself, and through external programs, as we will see below.

Some basic Windows tweaks to improve games

Before going into the matter, we will tell you that with a series of basic configurations in Windows itself, we can increase the performance of the games . With this what we achieve is to get some extra FPS when running our favorite titles and have a better experience here. To begin with, we will tell you that in this sense it is always important to keep both the operating system and its graphic drivers updated.

On the other hand, if we access the Windows power plans, it is also advisable to activate the maximum performance plan. Likewise, the operating system itself by default has a series of animations and effects that it adds to its interface, well, this is something that we can also deactivate when playing. Those of you who don’t know, the Redmond software has a feature called Game Mode . This is activated automatically when playing games in full screen. So what it really does is optimize and accelerate Windows on its own so that performance is as high as possible.

This is something we find in the Settings app. We access it from the Win + I key combination, and then go to the Games section. From the left panel of the new window we will already have direct access to this Game Mode that we are talking about Windows.

Programs to optimize Windows when gaming

As we can see, there are some steps that we have the opportunity to take in the Redmond operating system to improve the performance of the games . But of course, how could it be otherwise, at the same time we have the possibility of using external solutions for all this. In this way, below we are going to show you a series of programs that you can install on your computer with the healthy objective of making the most of the games that we run here.

Razer Cortex, optimization focused on games

Here we find a popular application specially designed for PC gamers on Windows. As we mentioned, especially in the most recent titles, as a general rule we need to make the most of the team’s performance. This does not help to get a higher amount of FPS and reduce the loading times of the games as such, which will be much appreciated.

Say that this is a program that we can download from this link .

To say that this is a program that is divided into two well differentiated sections. On the one hand we find a general system enhancer that affects all installed software. On the other hand we find another section that focuses specifically on games. In this way, it presents us with a series of interesting functions that are responsible for optimizing different components of the PC to increase performance when playing .

GameGain, squeeze your games in real time

Continuing with the topic that concerns us in these same lines, we will also talk about one of the most complete products in this sense. This is GameGain, a PC game optimization software that has been around for a while. Its objective is to instantly increase the performance of our computer and squeeze the maximum of the resources of the PC to improve the performance of the games. Especially the latest generation titles require high hardware requirements to get a proper experience.

That is why with a few clicks of the mouse, we notice an increase in FPS, a more fluid performance of the game, less lag. The program to achieve this makes several changes to the Windows registry itself to increase the performance of the hardware. This allows us to play the latest titles without having to spend money on more modern components. Say these changes refer to RAM usage or the way foreground apps prioritize CPU usage . For all this we only have to download the program from this link .

Wise Game Booster, free up resources when playing on Windows

On the other hand, we find Game Booster, a program that is also designed to improve our gaming experience on Windows. Thanks to it, we can increase the performance of the PC by optimizing the system configuration in real time. To do this, what the application does in the background is to terminate unnecessary programs, in addition to stopping irrelevant services. This way, you make your team’s resources focus only on the game we are running at that moment.

This is a program that we can download from this link and that also allows us to add game titles to have them more at hand at all times. This allows us to manage them in a more effective way and check their information. Thanks to the software we were able to improve the stability and operating speed of the entire assembly.

JetBoost, speed up the system to play better

We are also going to talk about this other solution that can be very helpful in these tasks that we propose for your leisure time. Actually here we find a software that is responsible for freeing system resources. For this, what it does is eliminate the processes and services that work in the background and that are unnecessary when running our games.

Thus, when we are running a game on the Windows PC, the software manages to adjust the computer so that it works at its maximum performance at all times. Running processes and services are analyzed one by one and grouped into categories. This provides us, directly, several configurations to choose from for acceleration of what we are interested in in this case. We can test all this that we tell you from this link .

GameBoost, optimizes the PC when playing online on Windows

As expected in a software of these characteristics, when we refer to GameBoost we find a game optimization software . However, the main characteristic of this specific software is that it is responsible for optimizing the operation of these, but when we play online. This is largely due to GameBoost taking care of improving your internet connection in a number of ways.

With all this, what is achieved is to instantly increase the performance of the computer and the Internet connection when we play in this way. Since many recent PC games require high hardware requirements, it is important to optimize computer performance even when playing online. For this is precisely the proposal we are talking about in these same lines.

The program makes changes to the registry to increase this performance. In addition, the speed of disk reading and writing, or how graphics can be displayed on the screen, is optimized, while increasing the speed of the Internet connection and latency. It is important to know that GameBoost does not make changes or patch games . This ensures that no cheat detection software considers this software as a cheater. We can test this program from this link .

GeForce Experience, keep up to date and optimize your NVIDIA hardware

We also want to talk to you in these same lines about GeForce Experience, an application that is responsible for optimizing the NVIDIA hardware . This is one of the main manufacturers of graphic solutions, for which many of you have a model. So this is a program that automatically notifies us about new NVIDIA drivers and downloads them. These are responsible for improving the performance of the games and add new functions for all this.

At the same time, GeForce Experience optimizes the graphics settings of games based on the hardware configuration. With this, as is easy to imagine, we achieved an increase in performance when running our favorite titles. Say that the firm performs a lot of testing on games with various combinations of hardware and resolutions and stores this information. Then GeForce Experience accesses all of it and downloads the settings optimized and adapted specifically for your PC . You can download this software that we are talking about from here .

Latency Optimizer, reduce latency and optimize your games

We can also choose to try another interesting alternative of this type called Latency Optimizer. Specifically, this is a software that especially focuses on helping us reduce high latency when we play on Windows . At the same time, it incorporates some interesting functions that help to improve the FPS when we enjoy this type of software, so it speeds up the operation of the games we run.

Similarly, if we play online, Latency Optimizer is also in charge of speeding up the Internet connection in order to improve this experience. This is a software that, if we are interested when playing, we have the possibility to download from here .

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