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FRIV games: the best free games from

Friv Games is a free games platform that collects more than 300 video games in one place. These games are aimed at all audiences and offer coverage on PCs and mobile phones without any inconvenience. In addition to this, Friv hosts all its games online, so it is not necessary to download or install any kind of add-on to be able to enjoy them.

The website has video games from various developers, as well as other more recognized ones that rose to fame on Android or other renowned platforms. For all this, FRIV is recognized as one of the best internet sites to play free games and have fun regardless of age.

Other proposals such as Friv5Online, Kizi or Poki offer very good games, maintaining the Friv games philosophy and even improving the proposals in front of the main site, so has had to renew and update itself against powerful competitors.

FRIV Official Website

FRIV’s official website is where all of their free games are hosted. Thus, all you have to do is access your browser of choice and go to and you will have access to its complete catalog of online games.

It also has some categories that can be accessed to filter the games and get just what you want. It doesn’t matter if you want to play from your phone or computer, FRIV is compatible with both platforms from the comfort of a browser. Best of all, it is not necessary to carry out any type of downloads, since everything that FRIV offers is within reach of a click just by entering its website.

Top 15 FRIV games

If you want to take a look at the best FRIV games, you can take a look at the selection of the 15 most fun, exciting and addictive titles. Next, you can read what they are:

Clash of Tanks

If you have enjoyed or know Clash Royale before, then Clash of Tanks is a game that you cannot stop trying. This FRIV flash game allows you to face different types of war tanks in two territories separated by a river. Here, the objective is none other than to spread your tanks intelligently with the intention of destroying your opponent’s towers once and for all. Strategy, use of resources and a lot, a lot of fun. This is Clash of Tanks, do you dare to try it?


Geometry Tower

The popular game Geometry Tower has been one of FRIV’s big inclusions of late. This simple, but addictive game, consists of pressing a single button. All in order to see how, through a platform full of obstacles, a vehicle moves and dodges dangers to the rhythm of addictive background music melodies. Geometry Tower is a completely challenging game for the skill it deserves. However, it is an attractive and simple option for players of all ages.


Sprint Club Nitro

Do you like racing games? Then Sprint Club Nitro will enchant you. In this simple third-person driving game, you’ll be able to control a Formula 1 racing car and dive into dizzying races against other drivers through different tracks and environments. While you do it, you will have to take care of your gasoline reserves and fill up through the tanks that you will find regularly on your way. Similarly, it should be mentioned that Sprint Club Nitro has different levels of difficulty, so no matter how good you are at these types of games, fun is guaranteed.


Soldier Legends 2

In case you are looking for a shooting game that is fun from the first second, then you should try Soldier Legends 2, a title with a rather colorful and childish appearance, but that invites us to pass different levels controlling a soldier. This friendly character has the mission to protect the planet from the alien threat that is approaching the earth. For that, it will have different weapons, which you can customize and improve yourself as you progress between the levels of the game.


Mitch and Titch – Forest Frolic

It is the turn of platform games. Among all that FRIV offers, there is no doubt that Mitch and Titch – Forest Frolic is one of the most entertaining you have at your disposal. With this entertaining title, you can pass different challenges, either playing individually, or next to a friend who wants to join your game locally. As a team, this title becomes an authentic wonder perfect to spend hours of fun and a pleasant moment, something that is achieved thanks to the nice animations of Mitch and Titch.


Death chase

Get ready to destroy anything that gets in your way. In Death Chase you have the possibility to create a vehicle and customize it with different weapons of destruction. Once this is done, you will not only have the freedom to destroy other vehicles at will, but you will also receive significant improvements with which to facilitate the main objective of the game: to overcome intricate platforms that require concentration, reflexes and a lot, a lot of skill. Do you dare to achieve a good score and compete against the best?


Endless Siege

Clash Royale or Tower Defense? None of that, if you search among the best FRIV games, you will find Endless Siege. This strategy title gives us the possibility of creating defense mechanisms of all kinds. All this, with the intention of stopping hordes of monsters and all kinds of threats that threaten the common good. One of the funniest factors of Endless Siege is in the simple fact that, for each level that we pass, we will be able to obtain bonuses to improve your defenses and thus face greater dangers in a graceful way.


Rio rex

Let’s be honest, as crazy as it sounds, how can it not be fun to control a T Rex and spread destruction everywhere? And this is precisely the Rio Rex. One of the best online games for kids where you can eat anything that comes your way and collect points as you wreak havoc and destruction in this little world. Vehicles, soldiers, trees … Nothing escapes the jaws of your tyrannosaurus, so get ready and have fun.


Demon Castle

This video game is a clear reference to the typical Metroidvania of the 80s. With its 8-bit appearance and a moderately dark animation in the purest Castlevania style, this FRIV game presents an adventure that will leave more than one hooked. Its playability is so simple, that it will be enough to use the keyboard, so it does not take much to have a good time and enjoy Demon Castle.


Kill COVID 19

This simple game is one of the most popular on FRIV right now. The reason is very simple; With Kill COVID 19 you have to face nothing more and nothing less than the virus that causes COVID 19. To do this, you will have to use your mouse and click when your cursor is just above the virus. With this, you will be able to inject the vaccine into this virus and eliminate it. How far can you go?


Mad day special

The theme of soldiers facing aliens is not something new, but it is certainly a cloth to cut through many, many video games. Another of the most entertaining of this type is Mad Day Special, a FRIV video game in which you are invited to take control of an American soldier, get in your Jeep, and use all kinds of weapons of war to end any threat air that enters the terrestrial space. Without a doubt, a simple bet, but more than entertaining.


BMX Street Ride

Among FRIV’s motorcycle games, BMX Street Ride is  not only one of the most beautiful, but one of the most fun that we can find within this category. Compete to overcome all kinds of obstacles on a BMX track and achieve the highest possible score to establish yourself as one of the best motorcyclists in the virtual world. Use your keyboard and enjoy all kinds of pirouettes in the air to multiply your points and be number one.



In Footchinko you will find a nice and crazy football game with which you can not only score goals and move around the field with the help of your keyboard, but the game’s own mystique will keep you glued to the ball. In this video game there are special shoots, cartoonish shots as unique techniques with which you can overcome your rivals and enjoy the magic of this sport in a different way than what you are used to. Why don’t you get on the court right now?


Quest of the Book of Truth

If you’ve ever played The Legend of Zelda on any of Nintendo’s old consoles, then you’ll notice that Quest of the Book of Truth is a nod to this renowned video game saga. Even if you are facing a simpler and less known title, the truth is that at the playable level you will be able to appreciate it for its own magic. The game has good music is one of those titles that both children and adults can enjoy. Without a doubt, thanks to its simple gameplay, medium level of challenge and beautiful art section, Quest of the Book of Truth is totally worth it.


Very Very Little Adventure

Very Very Little Adventure will propose you a classic Adventure in which you will have to move in a beautiful 8-bit world in the form of platforms. And it is that, although it seems like a children’s game, you do not have to be fooled, since this small, but wonderful world is full of traps and threats that promise to hinder your objective of rescuing the princess that is in store for us. Do you dare to cross half the world to become a hero?


Coco monkey

Simple, attractive and challenging. These are the three emblems that define Coco Monkey, a platform game that is present in FRIV and that is one of the favorites of hundreds of people. Within this adventure, you will have to collect coconuts and use them intelligently to solve puzzles in each of the levels that are presented to us. Coco Monkey has an appearance similar to typical 16 Bit video games, so to say that this game is easy on the eyes, is to say an understatement. Test it!


Games by categories

If you click on the magnifying glass located in the upper right corner of the FRIV welcome screen, you will be able to access the different games that this platform offers according to their category. Find out which are the different categories of FRIV games and which are the best options in each case.

Game for two

Games for two can be found in the “2 player” section, which can be accessed from the magnifying glass located in the corner. The 2 best games for 2 people that we selected at FRIV are:

  • Dino Misison: This entertaining game will allow you to control two dinosaurs, so you and a friend will be able to immerse themselves in a Jurassic adventure, fighting against monsters that want to end the world. Enjoy this simple but great adventure for two players in FRIV.


  • Tank Z : Face a friend in Tank Z, a game for two players that gives you the possibility to choose a war tank and equip different weapons to your arsenal to finish off your opponent. This game has several game modes, but without a doubt, it is one of the best to play with another person.

Tank Z

Dress up games

Dress up games can be found in the Dressup category within FRIV. The most attractive options to play in this case are the following:

  • Animal Trends Social media: Customize the social media girls in this game with all kinds of accessories and makeup. This game gives you the possibility to choose your favorite oufit, hair style and dress your character as you like. Can you resist this?



  • Funny Bone Surgery: Enter the medical room of a hospital and take care of a little girl who has suffered an accident while playing. Clean her, heal her wounds, and tend her until she feels better.


Kitchen games

You can access the Cooking Games category by pressing the FOOD option in the FRIV menu. Next, you will see which are the best games of this type:

  • Merge Cakes : Join Merge and prepare the best cakes and desserts you can imagine. The possibilities are many, and this game gives you the freedom to cook your way and create dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.


  • Cook Cook Real HotDog : If you are a lover of Hot Dogs, then this game is for you. Enjoy preparing hot dogs with all kinds of ingredients and satisfy your clientele.


Car games

The car games in FRIV are found in the Motorsport category . If you want to know which ones to try, here are some options to consider:

  • Extreme Car Parking: Challenge your own driving skills as you try to park your vehicle in tight and challenging spaces. How many points can you get on your first try?


  • Hill Climber: Choose your favorite vehicle and start accumulating coins while you overcome mountains that defy the laws of gravity. In Hill Climber you can buy different cars and improve them to go further and get more points.


Motorcycle games

You can get the best motorcycle games in FRIV by locating the Motorsport category . Some worthwhile options are:

  • Pocket Racing: This stickman- style game offers you the illusion of riding your own motocross-type motorcycle and overcoming all kinds of geographical obstacles. Your objective will be to achieve the highest possible score without suffering accidents.


  • Moto X3M Winter: This is a game that follows the general lines of the typical 2D driving title in which you must get from point A to point B. To do this, with the help of your motorcycle you must manage your fuel and jump large ramps , climb steep slopes and avoid dying trying.



FRIV’s shooting video games are located in the Shooting category . These are some of the best that you can enjoy:

  • Battalion Commander: Prepare for war, choose your soldiers, equip them with your best weapons and land on an island located in the middle of the ocean. Play Battalion Commander and kill your enemies at any cost.


  • Cowboy vs Martians: Put yourself in the shoes of the cowboys of the Wild West and use your revolver to kill as many Martians as possible. This title, as simple as it is entertaining, is one of the most popular FRIV shooting games.


Football games

If you want to enjoy soccer games on FRIV, you just have to access the Sports category . Here you will find excellent options such as:

  • Penalty Shootout Multi League: Immerse yourself in a penalty shootout, face the goalkeeper, focus on the ball and get ready to hit his net and shout a goal. This is Penalty Shootout Multi League, a soccer game that, without a doubt, you must try.


  • Soccer Skill runner : How far can you go by doing watermarks, dribbles, and more? In Soccer Skill runner you can show your skills with the ball and achieve the highest possible score while doing it.


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