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Connect and configure the ps4 controller in windows with ds4windows

Today, most games are created with consoles in mind. Therefore, although we can play with the usual keyboard and mouse, most games are also designed to be played with controllers. As in a PlayStation or an Xbox, we can also play on Windows with a wide variety of controls, from basic to professional. And, if we have a console, like a PS4, at home, it is even possible to take advantage of its remote to play on our computer. And the best way to do it in Windows is with the DS4Windows program .

If we have an Xbox controller, being Microsoft itself, using it in Windows is very simple, both wired and wirelessly. However, when connecting a PlayStation controller to the PC, things change.

Problems connecting a PS4 controller to Windows

Although doing it in Windows 10 is much easier than in previous versions of the operating system, the configuration and mapping at the operating system level is very limited. Unless we use tools like Steam, it is very difficult to configure Sony controls in Windows.

Also, not all controller-compatible games allow us to play with PS4 controllers. It is very common to find that a  game does not detect the controller in Windows as it is not an Xbox controller. It can also happen that the keys are moved, or that some functions, such as vibration or motion sensor, do not work.

Some users also experience connection problems, especially when connecting the controller via Bluetooth, since not being connected to the Sony system there are usually disconnections, shutdowns or latency problems.

DS4Windows, the easiest way to connect a PS4 controller to your PC

DS4Windows is a program designed to allow us to get the best possible experience when using a PS4 controller on our computer . This program is responsible for emulating an Xbox 360 controller with our PS4 controller so that it can function normally. Because games detect it as an Xbox 360 controller, vibration and other features work again.

This program is completely free, open source and portable, so we can use it on any computer without having to install anything on it.

DS4Windows allows us to connect the PS4 controllers both by cable and by Bluetooth to Windows 10. In any case, it gives us absolute control from the controller. Thus, we can see the battery that is left in the command, use the trackpad as if it were a mouse and even make use of the movement sensor of this command for certain actions. It also allows you to control the light bar of the remote, changing the color and intensity according to your tastes.

The interface of this program is very simple and clear. The first thing that will let us see is the identifier of the controls that we have connected (we can connect several controls at the same time) and assign each control a different profile and configuration. In addition, we can easily change profiles depending on the game we are going to play.

Control profiles are fully configurable. Through a very clear and explanatory window we will be able to adjust the parameters of the touchbar of the remote control, the light bar (we can make it have a cricket according to the battery that it has left), configure the gyroscope, assign a vibration, dead zones, etc. Many of the features that are only available with Play PRO controllers, available on the original PlayStation controller.

We can change the profiles as we want, or configure the profiles automatically. This means that we can assign a profile to a specific program so that it is activated when the program, or game, in question is opened.

Some limitations of DS4Windows

Without a doubt, this is the best program to connect, control and configure the PS4 controller in Windows 10. But it is not perfect. One of the functions of the Play control that does not work is the audio when we have it connected by Bluetooth. Neither through the jack, nor through the speaker of the command itself, we can hear anything.

In addition, the program causes compatibility problems with some games, which results in double keystrokes or strange inputs. And if we use some streaming platforms, such as Steam Link, we will not be able to use the settings of this program.

Finally indicate that the support is much better when we connect the remote control by cable than when doing it wirelessly.

How to connect PS4 controller to Windows 10

The first thing we will have to do is install the PS4 driver on our computer. We can do this from the first window that appears when running DS4Windows for the first time.

If we are going to play with the remote connected by cable, all we have to do is connect it to the computer and let Windows detect and install it by default. If we are going to connect it via Bluetooth, the first thing we will have to do is connect the Bluetooth receiver to the PC. We will open the Windows Settings menu to add a new device, we will press the «Share» and «PS» buttons on the remote at the same time and when the light bar starts flashing, Windows will detect the remote.

Once the remote is connected, when we reopen DS4Windows it will appear in the list. We can see if it is connected by cable, by Bluetooth and the battery that it has left.

The control configuration options can be found in the «Profiles» section. From this section we will be able to configure everything related to the input of controls, map the buttons of the remote control and configure the touchpad. We can also configure a series of macros or special actions (such as turning off the remote with a combination of buttons) and access the remote readings, to see the latency (between 1 ms and 2 ms via Bluetooth) and the sensors.

When we have the command profile configured to our liking, we save it, assign it to the command in the first window we have seen and that’s it. From now on, the remote will behave according to the options that we have indicated.

Can I connect a PS5 controller?

The PlayStation 5 is already among us. And more and more users are buying a controller to be able to use it to play on the PC. Of course, Sony has succeeded with the design of the Play 5 control, but we are missing drivers and configuration options that allow us to get the most out of it.

DS4Windows is probably the most complete program that we can find to connect and use the PS4 controller on the PC. However, it is an outdated software, which has not been updated for more than 5 years. Therefore, it is not ready to work with a PlayStation 5 controller . If we want to connect the PS5 controller to the PC we must use other control and mapping software, such as Steam.

Download DS4Windows

We can download this program at no cost from its official repository on GitHub . From here we will download a ZIP file, which we will have to unzip where we want to save it on our computer and thus be able to use it.

Although the program is open source, and it works perfectly, the last published version of it (version 1.4.52) dates from October 2016, so it has not received updates for a long time . Not a very worrisome thing considering it runs smoothly, but it could have better support.

Therefore, if we are one of the users who like to use supported software, here are some alternatives with which, broadly speaking, we can do the same: use the PS4 controller in Windows 10.

Other options for using the PS4 controller in Windows 10

Of course, DS4Windows is the fastest, simplest and most complete program that we can find to connect and configure a PS4 controller to Windows. But luckily, it is not the only option.


This free program helps us connect and configure any PS4 controller, by cable or Bluetooth, to the computer. This program acts as a bridge so that it captures all the keystrokes we make and translates them to any button, key or macro that we configure. It has a very easy-to-use interface, so no one will have problems with this program.

We can download this program from here .


If we are users of Steam, the popular gaming platform, we can use the client’s own configuration to connect and use a PS4 controller to play. Steam is responsible for recognizing the controller, linking it to all the games, and it provides us with a large number of configuration options to control even the smallest aspect of the controller. It is a much more complicated way to play with the PS4 controller on the PC, but an alternative for those who do not want to use DS4Windows.

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