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Cómo hacer una piedra lisa en Minecraft

If you are playing Minecraft and you have already realized that aesthetics do play an important role when building everything you have in mind, then you will know that stone is one of the most important resources to make your home or other buildings. However, using the rustic stone is quite crude and unattractive, so it is always worth trying with the smooth stone.

However, do you know how to make a smooth stone in Minecraft? We say it because many do not know how to make it. For this reason, below, you can see how to create this polished finish material that is sure to look great on anything you build. Remember that, in order to carry out this process, you will need to have an oven and a spout, with this in mind. Go ahead!

How to craft smooth stone

In order to start the process of creating or crafting smooth stone , you need to have an oven. If you don’t have it yet, this will be your starting point, so you just have to take the following steps into account:

  1. To build an oven, you simply have to have 8 stones and arrange them in the same way as shown in the following image.
  2. Once you have your oven, it is necessary to activate it using charcoal. To obtain coal, use the pick and extract it from the stone ores. Remember that coal is found in rocks with black dots.
  3. Now that the oven is on, you simply need to place stone blocks in the oven. In doing so, the reaction with heat will result in smooth stone.

If you are using rustic stones instead of normal stones, you will need to go through the baking process twice. In the first process you will get stone, while the second will result in smooth stone.

In the event that the furnace fire is extinguished during your manufacturing process, you will simply need to add more charcoal. If you don’t have one, head to your nearest cave and repeat the collection process.

Use smooth stone in Creative Mode

If you are playing in Creative Mode and want to make use of the smooth stone, you don’t have to worry, since you won’t even need to have an oven or go through a manufacturing process. To use smooth stone, simply access your inventory, go to the first tab, which corresponds to Bricks. Here, in the fourth row, you will find the Smooth stone in third place. Use it unlimitedly without problems!

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