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12 awesome Minecraft house designs

Minecraft is one of the video games that best stimulates the imagination and creativity of people, since, since its launch in 2011, millions of players have launched themselves to show everyone their impressive designs. Thanks to this, Minecraft has not only established itself as a gaming space, but as a whole community that builds, builds and creates in a constant and prolific way.

For this reason, during this post you will see 12 impressive Minecraft house designs so that you can recreate them yourself during your games, or be inspired to create your own version of each one. Are you ready to take a look at what some of the best Minecraft players around the world have created?

Classic mansion

Detailed, cozy and very, very large. This is how you can define the classic mansion built by YouTuber Folli in 2020 and that he himself has shared with the entire community. Inside this mansion built from wood and rustic stone, you will have all the necessary space to establish your survival base during your adventures in Minecraft.

Best of all, you don’t need materials that are very difficult to find, since, as we have seen in the construction process, it is possible to do something truly impressive with very simple resources. Without a doubt, a mansion worth enjoying.

Modern villa

The Youtuber Akilla Gaming is one of the best known members of the community craftera internet. This character has been the architect of numerous amazing structures within Minecraft that are worthy of admiration and tour.

One of the most emblematic, and that most captivated the community in recent months, has been its ” Modern House / Villa & INTERIOR “, a super house in every sense of the word, which exhibits, through huge panels glass, a luxurious and detailed interior. This beautiful house has three levels and many high-end furniture, but also uses fairly common materials, so you can start creating your own version yourself.

Japanese monument

MInecraft has helped players decide to emulate some of the most famous monuments of different cultures. That is why many users have decided to make their own versions of the most famous Japanese buildings. Among all of them, the five-level work of SheepGG, which consists of one of the typical towers of ancient Japan.

This construction has managed to fascinate the entire community due to its good use of space, use of representative materials and, above all, a well-achieved architecture that amazes anyone who observes it. Without a doubt, a design that is worth emulating within Minecraft’s survival mode. Do you dare?

Medieval castle

Being the result of almost five months of constant work, this medieval castle shared through YouTube by the user Cortezerino has caused a sensation among lovers of impressive designs. With towers that skim the clouds and a complete architecture that emulates quite well what it means to be a medieval fortification, this Castle is an authentic wonder fit for any king.

It is enough to take a look at the tour that its creator shows through the official video so that you understand what we are talking about, since there is no doubt that we are facing a job worthy of applause.

Secret luxury underground base

It is very likely that you already know the underground bases used in survival mode. But, have you seen one that really looks luxurious and has all the comforts? It is precisely this that WeiderDude has achieved and shared with everyone. A secret luxury underground base, which not only has three underground levels (pool included), but is also totally safe and hidden from the outside world.

This cozy Minecraft house features a top-notch living room, a five-star bedroom, and a rec room that includes its own spa. Best of all, access to all of this is obtained from a small hallway that is hidden from the outside world.

Mountain House

Like mansions, mountain houses have become one of the favorite structures of many content creators in Minecraft. Among all those that have gone viral on the web due to its dazzling luxuries and visual impact, the one shared on the JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial channel is undoubtedly one of the most colorful and cool you will see.

This house is literally embedded in the side of a mountain, it has two warm and well-proportioned environments, as well as huge glass panels that allow a view from the outside in luxury. Do you think you can do something similar?

Great modern mansion

A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT is a Minecraft crafter who has been sharing his works for several years through YouTube, a platform where he agglomerates a more than considerable audience. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of his most recent works, his Great modern mansion or ” Big Modern House ” has been so acclaimed.

And it is enough to look closely at this wonderful two-level building, which has two swimming pools, large glass windows, green areas around the cornice and a large domed main hall that fascinates just by looking at it. For this reason, it is more than justifiable to mention this house as one of the most impressive buildings in Minecraft.

Modern house under water

Although it sounds crazy, some of the most beautiful houses that have been seen in Minecraft are usually built in unusual environments, such as with houses submerged in water. Therefore, it is necessary to appreciate the work of Randon Steve Guy, a user who has shared his beautiful house built in the middle of a coral reef and which has three levels.

This spectacular structure offers a beautiful view from the outside and the inside in equal parts, as it has glass panels instead of solid walls, which offers a spectacular finish, especially when this home is viewed below sea level.

Luxury cabin

When playing in Survival Mode, many are forced to take refuge in a modest cabin. However, some have proven to be genuine artists and artitectos minecraftianos to the t omar the basic idea of a log cabin and take it to another level entirely new.

That is the case with this luxury cabin created by MY MINECRAFT HOUSE, who has dared to make use of a resource as basic as wood, and build an impressive two-level cabin (including a shed) that is so beautiful because of inside and out, with numerous lights, interactive windows and a cozy living room with a fireplace. Take a look for yourself!

Ultimate Survival Farm

As in the previous case, many people take the concept of a farm and adopt it as a starting point to erect their shelters in survival mode. Due to this, user SheepGG has already shared his own luxurious and definitive version of a survival farm that operates as a shelter.

What makes it so special? Simple, it is a wood-based construction with two levels, which has a scaled main patio in which the harvests function as decoration. This is another example of awesome Minecraft house designs that need nothing but imagination and a desire to unleash creativity.

Hanging house

As the title says, user TheMythicalSausage came up with the fantastic idea of ​​making his “definitive” version of a hanging house on the side of a cliff. The result has been nothing less than spectacular, and we are talking about a small cabin that literally hangs from a cliff.

Although the location of this house is extreme, the truth is that it looks wonderful and awakens the desire to enter it. This structure has its own living room with a fireplace, and a central axis that connects it, as a pendant, with the base of the cliff.

Modern house

Do not be fooled, some designs manage to captivate and win the love of people because of their simplicity. This can definitely be one of those cases, and it is that, when seeing this minimalist style house that dazzles in white, few will be indifferent.

This is another of the great creations of the JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial. It is a three-level building that has a swimming pool, open spaces and beautiful panoramic views from its open balconies with glassware. Why not create your own version of this modern home?

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