Windows 7 black screen what are the causes and the best solutions to this problem?

Knowing what are the reasons why a W7 computer generates a black screen when it has to start the operating system is important to save time and attack the problem directly.

If you want to know what these causes are, you will have to continue reading this article because we will show you in detail each one of them . In addition, we will explain the process to solve these errors.

Do not miss anything if you want to know how to restore the system configuration correctly. You will also see the steps you will do when you want to solve the problem from the W7 driver .

What are the reasons why my Windows 7 gives me a black “Screenshot”?

The main reason why a black window appears and the operating system does not load is when you have installed Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and the Sis Mirage 3 graphics driver has problems starting. Another reason why you may have a black window is when the startup files are not installed correctly or do not exist directly on your computer.

This is very common for different hardware adapter drivers. Finally, you can also have problems in the BIOS or in the RAM memory that are not compatible with the effort and with the requirements you need. You should not forget that the hard disk, the connections and the cards of the motherboards can also cause a black screen in Windows 7.

Learn step by step how to fix Windows 7 black screen error

To solve the black screen error in Windows 7 you can use 2 methods, which we show you below:

Safe Mode method

Do these steps:

Access Safe Mode

To be able to enter the Safe Mode that Windows 7 offers you, you must turn off your computer and then turn it on. Before the operating system loads you will have to press the F8 key to access the Advanced Boot Options function . Once you are in this section you must click Safe Mode .

Choose the Recovery function

When you have entered Safe Mode, you will have to click on the Start button and then choose the Control Panel option . Next, you will have to select the All Items tool from Control Panel . Find the Recovery option and click on it.

Restore the computer to the previous state

Once you have entered the Recovery option , you will have to click on Open System Restore . Then you must select System Restore and click Next . Choose the state before the selected event. You can be guided by the description and also by the date and time you made the restore point .

When you know which one you need, you will have to click on it, click Next and then Finish . If the problem was fixed, the process would end at this stage. But if it continues you will have to follow the following steps.

Repair equipment

Next, you will have to press the F8 key again after you turn off the computer and turn it on again. You should not forget that this action must be done before the operating system loads. Select in the Advanced Boot Options menu , the option Repair the computer and go to System recovery options, enter a keyboard input method and then click Next .

Fill in all your data

At this time you must enter the username and password . Then you will have to click on OK to choose the option Choose a recovery tool and click on System Restore .

Restore files and system settings

You will have to select Next and choose a restore point, as we showed you in the previous steps. Then you will have to confirm the restore point and click on Finish .

Fix issue with Sis Mirage 3 graphics driver

Once you have restored the system you will have to write devmgmt.msc after pressing the Start menu . This will take you to the device manager, for this reason you will have to select the option Display adapters, choose Sis Mirage 3 Graphics and click on Properties .

Select the Driver tab and click Update Driver . Click Browse my computer for driver software, and then click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer . When you have done these steps you will have to look for the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter option and click on it. Then, click on Next and finally you will be able to reinstall Service Pack 1 from Windows Update .

Method from Windows 7 driver

The steps you will have to do in this method are:

  • Insert the disc into the CD player . Next, you will have to press the key that redirects you to the Boot Menu . This combination varies according to the manufacturer of your computer, in some you will have to press Esc and in others F8 .
  • Once you have entered the menu, select the CD-ROM drive option , which can be found in the Boot tab .
  • Press the + key several times until the CD-ROM drive option comes first.
  • Press F10 to exit the menu and save the settings you just arrived.
  • Click Yes .
  • At this time you will have to configure the Windows installation by selecting the time and currency format , language and type of keyboard . When you finish you will have to click Next .
  • Choose the Repair the computer option and continue with the steps that we show you in the Safe Mode method .

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