Windows 10 what is it, what is it for and why use this pc operating system on your pc?

If you do not know well what it is for and how to use Windows 10 as an operating system on your PC , do not worry! In this article we will explain, in detail, everything related to the Microsoft OS.

The first thing you will find in these paragraphs are the main features that Windows 10 provides to users. Then you will read the minimum and recommended requirements to install W10 on your computer.

But this is not all, you will also know the most interesting tools and sections of this operating system and a definitive comparison with MacOS and Linux. Don’t miss out on anything!

What is Windows 10 and what is this operating system for?

In order to define Windows 10, it is first necessary to say that an operating system is a program that is installed on a device to control other software and the operation of the hardware connected to the computer. This is done thanks to computer development that is based on codes according to a specific programming language.

In this way it can be defined that Windows 10 is a version of the operating system of the Microsoft company. It is closed source, this means that no user can access them and change them to suit their needs. All its licenses are paid, so to install one of them it is necessary to have a 25-digit code, which is granted by distributors, resellers or by the official Microsoft store itself.

The version of the operating system was released between 2014 and 2015, and since then it has not stopped receiving updates to correct programming errors or amend security holes . Within its licenses you can find versions for home and business use, so it is possible to use the OS not only on computers but also on servers and mobile phones. This makes it the most used OS in the world .

Its graphical interface is designed through windows, which show the different menus accessed by the user . It brings by default the Microsoft Edge browser and has a virtual assistant called Cortana, which can perform different actions through the user’s voice.

On the main screen, called Desktop , you can see a taskbar that shows running programs and files, and also shortcut icons for applications and documents. Finally, this version of the operating system has an integration with the Xbox video game brand . This makes it much easier to support different game applications , thus avoiding excessive resource consumption.

What are the main features of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system?

We have already advanced in the previous paragraphs some of the characteristics that the operating system has, but it is necessary to deepen each one so that you know as a true professional what Windows 10 is about .

Let’s get started:

Graphic interface

Microsoft has changed some features at this point relative to the Windows 10 predecessors . You can find items and applications that can be used on both computers and mobile devices . This allows a PC license acquired by a user to be used free of charge on a smartphone of the same account, having any type of UI available.

From this it emerges that it is possible to find the best optimization so that it runs automatically each time the operator chooses the keyboard and mouse or a touch screen. The most important element of the graphical interface is the Desktop. You can find the Task View function that allows you to access a list of all the windows that are open so that the user can quickly and easily enter any of them.

On the other hand, not only will the workspaces be found on the task bar, but any program or file that the user needs can also be added as a shortcut. This is seen next to the search bar that is used to find OS applications and tools. The Action Center is another innovative element of this operating system . This section, located in the lower right part of the screen, serves to notify the operator of different areas and the type of configuration you are using.

You can drag with the mouse, or with your finger, any app to appear in this section. The most important of all is that this type of notifications can be synchronized in several connected devices in the same account. Lastly, taskbar transparencies are possible in this version of Windows. In addition, the icons have a renewed design compared to Win8.1 .


Windows has in version 10 the function to exercise identity authentication in several factors. Windows Hello can be used for biometric support to obtain a login via fingerprint and facial recognition .

In this way , it is no longer necessary to access the operating system through a password, but it can be done thanks to a PIN and another factor chosen by the person. In addition, it has the option of ranking users. This means that the operator who has the quality of administrator can encrypt data and block access to other people, thus protecting the system against changes in data protection .


The highlight of Windows 10 at this point is the tool that automatically compresses system files, this allows them not to occupy much space on the storage disk. So the space can be used for other programs that improve the user experience. In addition to receiving updates permanently from Microsoft, there is the function to restore the system through a specific partition.

What benefits the user every time he wants to reset an exact point on his equipment. This is very useful when you have made mistakes in the installation of a program or you need to delete files from a specific time. Finally, within this feature, in the Settings menu it is possible to find a tool that captures the storage capacity of the hard drive or an external drive. In this way the user can choose how to work with the files and documents that are installed.

Web navigator

Since version 10, Windows has changed the default browser, so Internet Explorer has been discontinued to include Microsoft Edge. This tool is compatible with all versions of devices and can be used from an incognito tab to browse anonymously .

It has a configuration menu where you can choose the page layout and customize it. In addition, it is possible to access notifications and recommendations for new features that the browser provides . Finally, you will find news divided into different categories and information about time and finances.

Video game

For lovers of online games, and also for offline Gamers, Windows comes with DirectX and Windows Display Driver Model graphics drivers by default . This means that the architecture of the operating system allows to reduce the work of the RAM memory and improve the performance of the boards and other hardware.

In addition, W10 offers greater compatibility with Xbox, which gives users better options to enjoy video game libraries, both on the computer and on the console. You can do this by using keyboard shortcuts to improve the speed and accuracy of the commands.

Requirements to install Windows 10 What are the minimum and recommended features that my PC should have?

If you want to install Windows 10, you must take into account the type of minimum and recommended features that your computer must have so that the operating system works without difficulty.

We will show you below what those requirements are: 


As for the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10, you must have a processor on your computer that executes x86 or x64 instructions and that has a working capacity of at least 1 GHz .

In addition, you must have a RAM memory with a range equal to or greater than 2 GB and a 32 GB hard disk, but if you have a version 1903 (or earlier) the space you will need will be 16 or 20 GB depending on your architecture. 32 or 64 bits, respectively. On the other hand, the graphics card must have at least DirectX 9 and Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) of 1.0 or higher .


The x64 architecture is ideal so that Windows 10 can work without problems, but do not forget that the processor will need a working performance of at least 2 GHz. The storage capacity of the RAM memory must be equal to or greater than 4 GB or more and the hard disk have a space of 32 GB .

Regarding the WDDM version, it has to be equal to or greater than 1.3. This will require that it has been used on a monitor that has an image quality of 1366 x 768 pixels, much higher than the 800 x 600 pixels that are required as a minimum.

Anatomy of Windows 10 What are the most interesting tools and sections of the OS?

Next, we will show you which are the most interesting tools and sections that you can find within Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10:


The set of elements that make up the graphical user interface is directly related to the Start menu . This can be found by pressing the Windows logo in the lower left part of the screen and in this way accessing a menu in which the device can be turned on or off, enter the OS configuration, the saved images, a the documents and also the accounts to change the user. In turn, it is possible to find a window with pinned icons of quick access applications .

The Task Center is another tool that you can find in the Windows UI. In which you will be able to access all the programs that you have open at a certain time and the notifications that the OS will emit according to the configuration you make in the applications. Like the other operating systems, Windows 10’s graphical interface is represented by windows that make up the user’s workspace.


This section of the OS allows you to find at a glance all the tools that you have available on the main screen . In this way you will be able to access the icons of programs and files that you pinned on the Desktop, the taskbar, the notification center and the virtual assistant Cortana. You can change the wallpaper or background image of the Desktop, modify the icons and customize the theme so that the windows, the color of the taskbar and the other elements have a different appearance.

A trick that few people know is to access the desktop directly, when you have several tabs open, for this you will have to press a button that you will find at the end of the taskbar, that is, in the bottom right of the screen next to from the notification center. If you move the mouse, without clicking, you will be able to see the Desktop and then return to the window that you have open, but if you press you will go directly to the home screen.


The taskbar is one of the most important sections that have an operating system. This is because it can store all the information the user needs to access programs and documents more quickly . In addition, it shows the workspace that is being used through the open windows.

The layout of the taskbar, starting from left to right, is as follows:

  • Button from the start menu of Windows.
  • Search bar, used to find any type of application and element found in the operating system and on the device.
  • Cortana assistant home button icon . Each time you click on it, the assistant will be activated and you can configure it to operate it through the keyboard or through your voice.
  • Direct access to applications and documents that you have anchored in the bar.
  • Active workspace or windows . That is, those that are open because you are using a program.
  • Notification area, in which you will find not only the date and time but also access to networks, the multimedia center and other hidden icons that you can customize.
  • Desktop access button . This is the tool that we mentioned before and that allows you to access the desktop when you are browsing the Internet or using a program.

You must bear in mind that the task bar can be hidden, made invisible or modify where it will appear on the screen.

Control Panel

The control panel is another factor widely used in the graphical interface, which allows access to the paths of the files that are on the computer, in the library or on the network to which the computer is connected.

In this way you can manage system settings and computer security, customize the appearance of the OS and uninstall a program. In addition, you will be able to restrict user accounts and set parameters in the hardware configuration. To enter this tool you can do so by typing the words control panel in the search engine located on the task bar. Another way is to press the start button and then type the name of the function .

Microsoft Office

Office is an office suite, this means that it is a set of applications that are used in the office and that it is composed of a word processor, a spreadsheet, a slide editor and a database administrator, among others. programs.

When you install Windows 10 you will be able to access these apps, so Microsoft Office becomes an important section of the OS. Microsoft offers a free version of Office, called Online. This is the basic alternative to Office 365 in which you can access a greater amount of storage and more advanced tools for each application that contains this set of programs.

Windows Defender

This section is related to operating system security. Windows Defender is the antivirus that protects the device and the programs installed in the OS and on the computer from spy files and other malware in real time.

It is a protection application that is installed by default in Windows 10 and is responsible for preventing, isolating and eliminating any software that may be a threat. Due to this it is important never to deactivate it and, if necessary, grant it the necessary permissions every time you want to install a program (that is trusted) and that Windows Defender does not allow it .


The raster image editor is a component that comes within Windows since its first versions. With this basic editing tool you can create, modify and save images in JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and PNG formats . It is possible to access tools with 3D views thanks to the graphical interface offered to the user, which is exclusively adapted to Windows 10 .

Windows 10 vs MacOS vs Linux What is the best desktop operating system?

Before starting to analyze which is the best desktop operating system, it is important to clarify that both Windows 10 and MacOS are two closed source OS, while Linux is a software called Open Source . The latter allows the user to know the programming codes and to access them to modify them and obtain greater advantages when customizing them.

Another issue that is useful to clarify is that the first two OS are paid, while a large part of Linux distributions are free. From this it follows that not only can the code be modified to adapt it to a specific need, but it is also possible to choose the best distro for each user. Once the above is clarified, the analysis of these three SOs can begin .

Check out:


If we have to analyze the security offered by MacOS, it is possible to say that it is one of the most reliable operating systems out there from this point of view. This is because the applications that can be installed in the official store are previously analyzed by Apple to comply with the company’s standards. In addition, the file and scheduling system is designed so that there are the fewest security holes .

On the other hand, Linux has a permanent update system because its users are also the OS programmers. This means that every security flaw that appears in the software is solved almost immediately, which is why it is also considered today as one of the most prominent OS in terms of security.

Instead, Windows 10 offers good measures to protect user data and not to be attacked by harmful software. But this is often not enough due to the large number of security holes that are shown in the development of their codes. An example of this was the ability to access Cortana when the device was locked.


In this sense, Windows 10 is perhaps the easiest operating system to use due to the simplicity offered by its graphical environment and the tools used to carry out the work. A little more complex, but it will depend on the level of user experience, it is the handling of MacOS. The Apple OS also offers great benefits when it comes to operating its UI and often has fewer steps to access tools found in both programs.

Instead, Linux is intended more for users with a medium level of tech savvy. This is because it is necessary to use a terminal to enter the commands that the operating system needs so that it can deliver the information and work on the computer . The advantage of the distributions of this OS is that when the operator gets used to this type of handling, the operating system becomes a much more comprehensive and functional tool .

User experience

Regarding the user experience, it is important to clarify that in

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