Windows 10 taskbar what is it, what is it for and how to customize it?

Knowing what the Windows 10 taskbar is for is important when you want to save time and do the work you have on your computer in just a few steps.

For this reason, we have prepared this post so that you can find the necessary information and know what the taskbar is and what it is for . Also, you will know the difference of the W10 taskbar compared to that of Windows 7 and 8 .

But this is not all, we will also teach you a guide so that you can customize this tool that Windows 10 offers you and become a true expert .

What is the Windows 10 taskbar and what is it for?

The Windows 10 task bar is a tool offered by the operating system so that the user can quickly access different elements . For example, you can see a search bar, shortcut icons, open programs, calendar, and notification wizard. It is usually located below the screen, but can be configured to remain invisible, hide it, or change its location. You can also incorporate different elements to customize this Windows 10 tool .

How is the taskbar in W10 different compared to the one in Windows 7 and 8?

Windows 10 version brought a great modification with respect to Windows 7 and 8, it includes a search bar to more quickly access different configuration elements that the operating system has. In this way it is not necessary to press the start button and type the tool you want to Search, for example, Calculator. With Windows 10 you can write in this bar and the operating system will deliver the application or the element you want to the user.

In addition, W10 is configured to find items or program windows and icons found on the taskbar faster . The menu stands out from W7 and incorporates w8 enhancements by setting dynamic icons. But the most important difference between Windows 10 and previous distributions is in the virtual desktops offered by this latest version. That is, with W10 you can find the taskbar in different presentations and on multiple monitors.

Learn step by step how to customize the Windows 10 taskbar

As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you can customize the Windows 10 task bar .

To configure different aspects that suit your needs, you will have to follow these steps:

Hide it

You can automatically hide the taskbar . That is, you will need to move the mouse pointer across the bottom of the screen so that you can see this Windows 10 tool . To achieve this, you will have to go to the taskbar and right-click on an empty space in it. Then, you will have to choose Taskbar Settings and click on Hide the taskbar automatically in desktop mode .

Change location

In case you decide to change the location of the taskbar, you will have to unlock it by clicking the right mouse button on an empty space on it. Then you will have to go to Taskbar Settings and disable the Lock the taskbar option .

When you have the taskbar unlocked, in the Taskbar settings section choose the option Taskbar location on the screen . Then choose one of the available options Left, Top, Right or Bottom to locate the operating system tool.

Make it transparent

To make the taskbar transparent you will need to use an external tool, called StartIsBack . Download it from this post. Next, you will have to run the software and give them all the permissions you need .

When you have completed these steps, you will have to choose the Settings tab and select the Appearance option . Activate the option Use custom taskbar coloring and set the taskbar color to its minimum value, this will make it transparent. To finish you will have to think about Apply .

Download StartIsBack Windows

Pin shortcuts

If you need to anchor application shortcuts, you will have to use the search bar to find them faster. For this you will have to write the name of the tool in the search area and then press Enter . A new window will appear in which you will have to select the application you want. Next, click on the More option and choose Pin to taskbar .

Add tools

To add to tools on the Windows 10 taskbar you must select it and then right-click on it. Then choose Pin to taskbar .

Pin hyperlinks and folders

To anchor hyperlinks you will have to open the Chrome browser and write the link you want in the address bar. Next, choose the menu that is represented by 3 vertical dots located at the top right of the screen.

Select the option More tools, then Add to desktop … and finally Open as window . Then, you can drag that folder to the W10 Taskbar . You can also use the Microsoft Edge browser . In case you will have to click on the menu, whose icon is 3 horizontal dots and then select Pin this page to the taskbar .

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