Why are Linux and Mac more secure and faster than Windows? – Comparative chart

The operating system is the soul that makes up computers so that they have the ability to respond to certain activities and in turn meet the needs of the user. Hardware operations depend on the operating system that your computer has, its physical condition, in addition to its practical and simple handling, and above all that your work is effective and efficient.

These operating systems can be part of your desktop, window managers, interfaces or command chains, all systems have in common several functions such as your security, saving time and space on your computer, their use. 

This started the creation of the first operating system by the General Motors company in the 1950s so that it could carry out the activity it was commissioned to do.

Then in the 1960s, various systems emerged with numerous multi-user, multi-processor, distributed, multimedia, multi-tasking, single-processor, and real-time functions. 

In the 80s, several faster, more adaptable and powerful operating systems were created, exceeding the expectations of users at that time, with the passage of time these operating systems have evolved into the existence of more modern and faster systems.

Thus began the arrival of numerous operating systems with different characteristics represented by various globally recognized brands.

What are the most popular operating systems?  

Among the best known systems from these decades until now are Linux, Mac OS, Android, MS-DOS, UNIX, IBM, Windows, Ubuntu.

Linux is a free and free -to-use system that harmonizes with the UNIX system, originally created by Richard Stallman, and then Linus Torvalds starts the new version.

Unlike other Linux operating systems, you do not have to cancel a private license for it as it has been developed and improved with the help of several developers. Due to this, Linux has several versions and distributions that are open source, secure, independent and adaptable to what you prefer.

Linux operating system very advantageous

This is different in the case of Mac or Windows , which are proprietary operating systems, for example the Mac operating system is created exclusively for all Apple computers since this company is its own creator. The fact that this system is developed exclusively for this equipment allows its capacity and operation to be the best and fastest on the market.

You can even find numerous versions of the Mac operating system on the market , which you can adapt to your computer or equipment.

In the case of Windows, it is an operating system that is composed of programs that have their own interface, it is of exclusive origin and, like its competitors, improves its presentations with several versions.

What are the differences that make Linux and Mac faster and more secure than Windows?

Next I will show you a table in which you will visualize the advantages of Linux and Mac compared to Windows:


  • Is free
  • You can use it on any team.
  • You can work as a team simultaneously without damaging it and without fear of viruses
  • The errors that occur can be solved by users quickly on the network
  • It has many applications


  • License granted to only your computers.
  • It cannot adapt to other than Apple.
  • It is safe because its interface is not available to other computers, it is not defenseless against viruses.
  • Your system is faultless and protects itself from viruses.
  • Contains applications and programs even to create and design

windows most popular operating system


  • Their licenses are expensive to be purchased by users.
  • Like Linux you can use it wherever you want
  • It is fragile to the presence of viruses
  • It is exposed to multiple errors by the interface when used by the user
  • Only supports Microsoft apps

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