What is and how to use a SLR camera in a professional way?

A camera is an excellent tool which is used to commemorate different moments or situations and thus be able to keep them forever. Well, it is not the same to capture photos with your mobile camera than with a professional camera.

Within this wide world, there is a group of cameras called reflex cameras, which include those photographic cameras, which place the image that people are going to photograph in a specific way within the camera, all thanks to an optical viewfinder which provides also an excellent quality of them.

The main operation of this camera consists of passing light through a lens, which is reflected inside a mirror and from which, through it, said image manages to reach the viewfinder, using a lot of ISO sensitivity .

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What are the basic functions of a SLR camera?

Reflex cameras are made up of simple but quite functional elements, they are divided into two groups, a body and a lens. In such a way that it is important to highlight the fact that the objectives are interchangeable and therefore must be changed according to the purpose that you want to achieve with the photo.

There are different lenses, which are adapted to the landscapes you want to capture, in the same way, others are used for portraits or for medium-distance photos and the longer the focal length, the more zoom the lens will make and the closer you will have to your object or subject. In each of these photographs the shutter speed must also be taken into account .

Learn about these wonderful useful functions for your SLR camera

  • Save or restore the settings you have made, with this option you have the ability to store various settings you want to make and also restore them again, whenever you want. These settings can be stored in individual profiles which you can name in whatever way you like depending on your ordering methods.
  • Store all the settings inside the memory card, as we explained in the previous step with this type of settings you have the possibility to store all the settings you have made inside the memory card of your PC, so that you will not reach them to lose in very simple ways.

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Step by step to use your reflex camera correctly

  1. To begin, you should know the fact that your SLR camera has multiple possibilities, since with it you can capture any type of photos, thanks to different lenses that you can place on them. The normal thing in this regard is to carry an 18-55 mm lens, but thanks to its great versatility, it is possible that you can adapt any other.
  2. When you start using it, you must know and select the modes with which you will take the photos and thus become familiar with it. The well-known automatic mode is ideal for taking some basic photos, which do not require great precision or which, failing that, exposure to light is quite good. Also, with the programmed mode, you can have the freedom to take certain types of photos, such as portraits or landscapes.
  3. Correct use of the shutter, for this you can use different modes such as manual mode, in which the shutter has the ability to control the shutter speed, that means, that it is the one who controls the time that is left pass the light through our camera.
  4. Likewise, the diaphragm, which corresponds to a somewhat forgotten part, is the one that controls the amount of light, as well as what we focus on, that includes factors such as depth of field, and other elements that will be vitally important to achieve your perfect photograph.
  5. ISO, this is the element that comprises the sensitivity of the sensor to light and which is usually determined as one of the main functions of the camera. The higher the ISO number, the more sensitive the lighting that it brings to the image will be, therefore its definition will be less and could ruin our photographs. After you have captured your photo, you can edit it using the best program so that it has a professional finish.

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