What are the best sensor kits for arduino that we can buy at a good price? List 2021

If you are already familiar with the Arduino and how it works, you may want to expand your horizons a bit more and try new projects. For beginners, it is advisable to start with the Arduino UNO board (official or generic) or with a starter kit, which brings the basic components to know the board, the programming environment, etc.

However, once you know everything about this world, you may want to go a little further . Therefore, it is an excellent idea to have sensor kits to incorporate into projects.

There is a wide variety of them on the market, but not all of them are of good quality or accessible to the user. Consequently, we will show you which are the best sensor kits for Arduino that you can buy at great prices.

What should we keep in mind when buying an Arduino sensor kit to learn?

The first step to consider when you want to start in this world is what type of plate you should buy . This will depend on the needs you have and the budget. Once you have chosen the one that best suits what you are looking for, it can be a great idea to get yourself a sensor kit.

The beneficial thing about this is that thanks to the kit, you have in your hands great possibilities to execute all kinds of projects . It should be noted that the use of them is aimed mainly for beginners, so that they can become familiar with the tools and materials, and start experimenting until they know everything they can do with a simple Arduino board .

If you want to start with your first projects, you must analyze how much money you have for it. With basic kits of few pieces it will be enough, however, if you really want to enjoy and know much more, we recommend you purchase the official Arduino Starter kit with Arduino UNO .

Despite its price of around 70 euros, you will have in your hands not only elements such as cables, breadboard, servomotor, motor, LEDs, push buttons, LCD screen, sensors, etc., but also a complete manual in Spanish with 15 basic projects . In case you don’t have that budget, ELEGOO’s basic sensor kits will suffice. In short, when you ask yourself , what should I take into account when buying an Arduino sensor kit to learn?

The answer lies in two factors:

  • Budget.
  • Types of projects you want to carry out.

List of the best sensor kits to use with Arduino that you can buy without spending a lot of money

Did you know that you don’t need to invest a lot of money in sensors to use with Arduino? . You just have to make a smart decision tailored to your requirements. For example, the kits are much cheaper and include different parts with which you can experiment with various types of projects. Consequently, in the following list you will know the best sensor kits without spending a lot of money.

This is perfect for those who are entering this world and want to further explore the possibilities this board offers:

ELEGOO Sensory

The most popular and highly recommended option is the ELEGOO sensor kit . They are an excellent idea to expand your electronic catalog at affordable prices. One thing you should know is that the quality is not the best, but thanks to its low cost they are worth trying.

This kit is specialized in offering users different types of sensors, including some really interesting ones like an accelerometer. In addition, it is composed of 37 elements . This means that you will have at hand infinite possibilities of projects to create. Regarding its compatibility, you can use it with Arduino UNO R3, UNO, MEGA2560 R3 or Arduino NANO boards . You can find it from 27.99 euros .


Within the starter kits, it can be said that this is the most complete of all and advanced. ELEGOO is a company whose focus is on the research, development, production and commercialization of open source hardware. Specifically this kit, offers users more than 200 components such as: a controller board that is compatible with Arduino mega 2560 R3 and the expansion board.

Apart from that, it has more than 60 types of components and sensors, with which it is possible to develop multiple projects. In Amazon Spain you can buy it for a price that goes a little more than 50 euros . In case you do not require so many components and you are doing well with the Arduino UNO R3 board, you can purchase the ELEGOO ES-EL-KIT-003 for just over 30 euros.

Quitmat Kit sensors Arduino 39 pcs

The latest version of this kit incorporates 39 parts with sensors for those beginners who want to be part of the world of electronics. It includes within the package material to start projects, source code, etc. Added to that, the standard interface can be found directly through the microcontroller.


This is another of the Arduino compatible kits that focus on sensors. You will find up to 37 pieces distributed in sensors, modules, LEDs, buzzers, etc. Prices start at 33 euros . It is very interesting, so we recommend you take a look at them.

ELEGOO Ultrasound Sensor

This kit is the number one best-seller on Amazon Spain, due to its surprising price. Its price is 10 euros and includes an ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04 distance measurement sensor, compatible with Arduino. In the package you will find 5 pieces HC-SR04 with a gift of 10 pieces of female to male dupont cable, so that your projects can be executed in a better way. Thanks to the use of this sensor, you can measure the distance to an object through sound waves.

KeeYees Basic Starter Kit by Arduino

Another highly recommended kit if you want to keep practicing and testing the Arduino functionalities is the KeeYess Basic Starter Kit . It is very economical, since you get it from 19 euros . Among its components we can mention an ATmega328P development board , which is 100% compatible with Arduino .

In addition, it offers 256 parts of up to 33 different types of components and modules. You can find LED lights, resistors, sensors, micro servo motor, etc. One of its main benefits is that it has 12 step-by-step lessons that explain things like what you should do to turn on an LED, display numbers on a digital screen, make a doorbell ring, or use a DHT11 sensor to measure the humidity and temperature.

Arduino Starter Kit for Beginners K030007

This is the official Arduino starter kit, so it contains different elements designed to accompany you in the process of getting to know the board, basic concepts of the platform, and many other aspects with which you can introduce yourself to the world of electronics. If you’re not technically savvy, but are excited to get started, starting with this kit is a great idea.

It has more than 100 components in total, within which you find an Arduino UNO Rev3 board, a 7-inch LCD screen, cables, LEDs, sensors, motors, resistors and actuators. To make the process even easier, it includes a 170-page guide in Spanish where there are basic directions for creating various projects. For example, you can create a keyboard to play music and play sounds, a lamp with different colors, and much more.

UNIROI Complete Starter Kit

The UNIROI Kit is compatible with the Arduino IDE, which is perfect for learning to become familiar with this environment. In it you can get about 45 components to start your own projects. Some of the elements that you will get are: LED lights of different colors, stepper motor, 1602 LCD screen, sensors, battery, among others.

If you are a beginner, you will be glad to know that it has a CD with tutorials in Spanish . In this way, you can follow the instructions step by step and start projects of all kinds. You get it from 27 euros .

Smraza S48F

Another good suggestion to start working and setting up projects with Arduino is with the help of the Smraza S48F Starter Kit. It is composed of different elements such as a controller board that is compatible with Arduino Mega 2560 R3, and has various modules, joystick, four and seven segment LCD 1602 display, etc.

Apart from that, it includes different types of sensors like a humidity, temperature, water lever and even ultrasonic sensor. In total, it has elements of 50 different types. You can use the kit to run simple projects a little more advanced. The price starts from a little more than 50 euros in Amazon Spain . Likewise, you can check the exact amount directly from the Amazon website.

Funduino Kit

This is another of the generic expansion kits that you will get on the market. It is designed for the Arduino UNO R3 model and has an expansion module, push buttons, sensors, joystick, among other components that will be of great help to you. With regard to prices, they range from 37 euros.

Best Arduino projects with sensors that you can assemble yourself at a low cost

If you want to start testing the sensors, here are some ideas about the best Arduino projects with sensors that you can build yourself from home and at a low cost.

Take note:

Connected scale

To carry out this project, you will need the help of a 3D printer to make the case and some of the parts. Apart from that, you will use an Arduino board and a series of sensors that will serve to detect up to 200 kg of weight .

In this way, you can design your own connected scale that has access to the IFTTT service, in order to be able to connect with other quantification accounts. It should be noted that this work is not as complicated as it seems and, with a few simple steps, you will already have this interesting modern scale at your disposal .

Automated garden

Another amazing project that you can accomplish with the help of Arduino sensors is an automated garden . The advantage of this is that through the use of temperature, light and humidity sensors, it is possible to configure the automatic watering of the plants in your garden. If you have indoor plants, you can also control both the temperature, humidity and amount of light automatically that your plants will receive throughout the day. This results in a wonderful autonomous garden.

Radar to detect objects

This is a very unusual idea, but certainly an interesting one. It is responsible for drawing on a map (created on a PC thanks to Processing) the presence of certain objects by means of an ultrasound sensor . This element has a range of up to 4 meters, with a 180 degree coverage / turn. Radar to detect objects can be a great idea to do search activities with your children, or even to help you find missing items.


Tasks that were originally analog can begin to be automated and performed more advanced thanks to Arduino and different sensor kits. This is the case with this particular mousetrap .

It is not as simple as it seems and it takes longer than expected, but the result will leave you fascinated if you want to capture the mice in your home without hurting them. The project consists of a cage suspended by magnets, which by means of proximity sensors are able to recognize when there is a mouse inside and make the trap fall. Finally, we recommend that you include light and sound indicators, which will serve as alarms when the system has worked.

Automatic opening bin

This last idea is probably the simplest of all but very practical for day to day. It is a trash can that opens automatically when your hand approaches it . To do it, just use an Arduino board and a simple ultrasonic sensor. Thanks to this mechanism, you will forget to manually open the bins in your home, office or other spaces. Just by bringing your hand closer, the lid will open and you can deposit the garbage without problems.

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