What are the best applications and decentralized and open source technologies with greater potential? List 2021

When you use instant messaging and send a chat, the data first goes through a server and then reaches the other user’s mobile.

In this way the system is vulnerable to attack by intruders and at the same time all technology depends on the hosting not stop working. Otherwise, the messages could not be sent.

To solve this problem there are decentralized apps or technologies and it is characterized because its members are connected to each other and directly, avoiding the use of a server. In the following paragraphs you will find more information on this topic.

What is a decentralized app or technology and what are its benefits?

Technologies, or decentralized apps (also called Dapps), are computer developments that are characterized by creating a decentralized network with a mesh structure among its members. Therefore, the members of the network do not have a single central administrator who regulates all the movements of the nodes.

In this way it is achieved that the control function of the records that are produced is decentralized, allowing the set of nodes to act as notaries. That is, they attest to the activities and records carried out by the other members of the network.

When the blockchain is used as a structure, greater agility between operations is achieved. This is because it is not necessary to flow data through a server or controller. In addition, it allows increasing security because Dapp users communicate directly and have their data encrypted in a P2P way .

Another of the characteristics of this type of technology is that smart contracts can be closed between the members of the network. By this we mean that, since there is a set of nodes that acts as a notary, it grants approval of the activity carried out by two or more members.

This is because the activity log cannot be erased on the blockchain. Therefore, by having access, all members of the network will be able to agree that the contracting between users was carried out.

List of the best 25 decentralized apps and technologies you should know

We will show you below a list of the best decentralized applications and technologies that will help you improve your life and obtain better results at work. Don’t miss out on any!

eSIM for Europe


This decentralized application is a virtual card, also known as an eSIM. The main feature it presents is that you can download it by scanning the QR code and configure it in a few minutes. It has a service that will allow you to buy in € and then be able to speak 24 hours a day, every day of the week anywhere in Europe.

Independent crowdfunding


If what you are looking for is to finance a personal project, you can ask the community through this decentralized application to help them invest in your project. That way, you can achieve your goal by showing different users what you need it for and what is the benefit that they will receive.

Virtual legal contracts

Using this tool to execute contracts virtually without the need for legal intervention is a great money-saving idea, especially when you’re just starting out with your business. This application is aimed at making smart contracts that will help you to leave all the established terms in a simple way.

Intel Edison

It is a computer the size of an SD memory with which you can incorporate all the power that a PC has in a Smartphone. This idea is thought by Intel and has been in the market for some years now, so it has become a decentralized technology that provides great benefits to its users.

Namecoin Managed Domains


This is a platform that will allow you to register your websites on a special host for a value of 0.0005 Bitcoin. The advantage of this server is that the first year is free, domains do not expire automatically, registration is not required and it works with ZeroNet.

Online learning


In these platforms focused on the possibility of being able to study different languages ​​through the Internet. In this way, it is estimated that in 34 hours you will be able to have a command of the language to be able to communicate without problems. It is designed for different types of users and the best of all is that the schedules are adapted to have a large number of teachers who are also users.

Online education


As with the previous tool, this platform will also help you study different topics online, but that are related to computers and the Internet. The teachers are part of the decentralized network of Dapp.

Cash App

It is a decentralized application that is available for Android and iOS. It is free and will allow you to send and receive money online immediately. You can also cash paychecks and contribute money to independent crowdfunding causes.


As with the previous application, this software for mobile phones with an iOS or Android operating system will allow you to carry out financial transactions avoiding the intermediation of a bank. For this reason, you can send and receive money, make purchases in authorized stores and be part of a community that is constantly growing.



It is another platform that avoids the intermediation and regulation of banking entities. With this you can make programmable payments by creating an account in a few steps, you just have to verify your identity. You will have to choose commissions that will range from variable to fixed percentages and that will be charged in different ways.



It is a platform that is oriented to communications independently, secure and that are at the same time decentralized. Open and funded by the Foundation. It is characterized by having end-to-end encryption and using messaging compatible with Android, iOS and the web.

Commotion Wireless Project


In case you need to build a mesh network, you can use this open source router in a simple way. Downloading its pre-built fonts is free for routers, mobiles, and computers. In this way, others have their own community in the safest way possible.

Agriculture in cities


More and more transgenic foods are consumed in the world. Due to this, the platform that we mentioned offers online courses and teaches different techniques so that you can have your own garden at home. And the most important of all is that you can do it without taking up too much space.

Ideas at the service of the Internet


If you think that the Internet is your thing, you can optimize by contributing different ideas to the web. With this tool you can upload discoveries or inventions that you made for the help of all.

Loans for everyone


This is a platform that will help you find and find out who is willing to lend me money directly without the intervention of the bank or other financial entities. The advantage it offers is that the interest rate is much lower and the requirements easier to meet.

Investments and ISA


Up to £ 25,000 you can find on this platform that will help you grant or receive a loan among the same users. And as with the previous tool, there will be no banking interventions that will increase the cost of the transaction.



A social network that offers its users end-to-end encryption could not be missing from this list. This tool is characterized by not having an intermediary when a message is delivered to an account, so there are no records left anywhere of the conversations that exist.

Coded accounting records

It can be said that this computer tool is a ledger that allows recording operations that are encrypted between the different transactions. It can use different types of currencies and allow the members of the network to have control of the information without intermediaries.



It is a decentralized currency that does not have the backing of any country, but is characterized by the trust provided by the users themselves. One of the advantages is that its supply is limited so the price will go up in the future.

Smart contracts


It will allow you to make property contracts to avoid repositories or eviction orders, since it is built with cryptocurrencies. In this way, costly intermediation is avoided since the same members of the network are the ones who carry out the control.



The decentralized technology that could not be missing from our list is this virtual currency that has an instant payment network. The efficiency of this business model is the key to success and for which it was widely accepted throughout the world.

sustainable agriculture


This is an application with which you can work to learn about different tools and the most modern techniques so that farmers who need to make a turn in their activity find the precise solutions to their problems.

Virtual Bootcamp


If you are interested in obtaining cloud computing technologies in your company, this is an ideal platform for you. You will be able to know different techniques that will teach you to handle everything related to cloud storage.

Virtual health balance

This tool is intended for people who have little time to exercise. Therefore, they will adapt to your daily activities so that you achieve better health. You must bear in mind that these teachers are also members of the network with a mesh structure.

Aquarium thermostat

It is based on the idea of ​​the Internet of things and is characterized by using an open source smart assistant so that you can interact and achieve the ideal temperature for your fish.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks!

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