What are all the tools and services that amazon offers for buyers and sellers? List 2021

While it is true, Amazon is the most important online store in the world and, according to the BrandZ index, it is the most valuable retail brand in the world . Thus, a company of electronic commerce and cloud computing services at all levels, of American origin.

In this sense, by being cataloged as the most representative icon of ecommerce and one of the most frequented websites by users from all over the planet, practically; It is an excellent place to start selling your products, in case you are considering the possibility of making use of these types of platforms for it. Taking into account that, it is also an ideal tool to use as a buyer .

For this reason, in this post, we want to introduce you to each and every one of the tools and / or services that Amazon provides for its billions of customers in various countries worldwide. Detailing, additionally, the main advantages that it guarantees to buyers and sellers .

What are the main benefits of buying and selling on Amazon?

As we indicated above, it is worth specifying which are the most important benefits that using Amazon reveals, both to buy and to sell products.

Thus, below, we proceed to mention the advantages of greatest interest for each case :

For the buyer

To begin, we give way to the main benefits that Amazon reveals to buy on its online platform :

  • You have a wide catalog : On this website you can find a wide variety of products, brands and services in everything you need. Whether with regard to clothing, footwear, household items, electronics, video games and many more. Thanks to this, it is considered the online store that offers the most products to its customers.
  • You can find excellent prices : Another of the most notable benefits of Amazon is that it allows you to get the most accessible prices in the online market. It even contains a great demand for used items in good condition and totally inexpensive, compared to those you get in physical stores or other online stores.
  • It allows you to buy at any time : Amazon users can access the platform and buy 24 hours a day and throughout the week. This being one of the benefits best valued by customers, since they should not go during the working hours established by physical stores to purchase the items when they want.
  • It guarantees a remarkable security in payments : Thanks to the payment methods that Amazon offers you, you can be sure that the business will be totally reliable. In view of the fact that, you only have to enter the card details during the order confirmation and, furthermore, this platform does not work in conjunction with bank transfers, the use of PayPal, money orders, etc.
  • Fast shipping and totally inexpensive : As a customer, you can choose the shipping method and add the address of your choice to ensure fast delivery. Bearing in mind that the dispatch of the shipment is the fastest in the market, because it will only take between two or three days (other online stores take up to 10 days for this). Added to this, shipping is free in any city in the United States and in the rest of the world, you can save a good sum of money.
  • It has availability of Feedbacks : Amazon buyers have the possibility of reading the comments of everything sold by this online store, as well as of the purchases that have already been made and can see first-hand information from the sellers themselves. This being, an extremely helpful option with which the user can ensure that they acquire a certain product with the best quality.
  • Offers discounts, constantly : Users can make their purchases at excellent prices, every day and in addition to that, they have the possibility of finding juicy discounts of up to 70%.
  • Convenience : In addition to allowing you to buy at any time, Amazon also provides you with the facility to purchase the products you want from anywhere and from any device, thus guaranteeing remarkable convenience.

For the seller

On the other hand, it is also appropriate to mention the best benefits that Amazon reveals for all sellers who want to bet on being exhibited through this recognized online commerce platform :

  • Gain remarkable visibility : Through Amazon, your products will be exposed to a large number of people and not only locally, but also globally. Thanks to this, you will be able to obtain an excellent international expansion and attract the general public.
  • Increase in brand value : Once you plan to sell on a platform as famous as Amazon, you will benefit from the value of your brand, because there is a domino effect in the value of your brand. In this way, the investment of the same online company to attract more traffic to its platform will have a positive impact on you.
  • A greater number of sales : Since, by offering their products on Amazon, sellers automatically gain trust and credibility; It is logical that many buyers will choose to purchase your items and even more so, since there are millions of active customers who day after day visit this website to buy.
  • Minimum marketing costs : On its own, Amazon attracts millions of customers every day and once you advertise on this platform, you will be able to access them. In this way, it will be possible to start your sales from day one and without making any effort. Although, of course, it is important to stand out from the rest to win buyers more easily, as there is a lot of competition.
  • An optimal customer service system : You will not have to worry about constantly innovating to keep your customers satisfied, since the same Amazon platform is responsible for providing a perfect interface to optimize the experience of its customers and achieve that, through quality assurance controls, improvements in the purchasing process and customer service systems, these remain active there.
  • Free advertising and on various websites : Due to the great fame that Amazon has obtained, it is considered one of the online platforms that has the most affiliates, blog owners and websites that talk about the millions of products in existence on Amazon. Thanks to this, you can get free advertising on hundreds of online sites that recommend your articles.
  • It is not necessary to do an inventory : Given that this e-commerce company has more than 100 storage centers around the world, all Amazon sellers will be able to send their products to this online store and it will be in charge of maintaining the inventory of each of these, distributing them to the various buyers.
  • Great freedom and convenience to manage your online store : Amazon has different tools that it gives you free of charge, so that you can manage your online store to your liking and in this way, it guarantees the greatest possible freedom and comfort. Taking into account that, this same company will be in charge of preparing the orders and sending them to the end customer.

List of the best tools to analyze competition and Amazon products

If you are a “seller” or seller interested in promoting your products on Amazon, you should bear in mind that finding a place in this world famous marketplace will not be such an easy task. This is why, apart from exhibiting competitive articles and obtaining excellent visibility, it is valuable to know the competition and achieve a good optimization of the product file .

Reason why, in this section of the post, we want to introduce you to some of the best tools available from Amazon to study the competition and products in this online commerce company:

Seller Spirit

It is defined as a set of Amazon tools that have the ability to facilitate different actions to better understand the competition . These actions are based on having knowledge about the keywords that the competition uses, as well as establishing alerts to know, instantly, if you have received any negative criticism and also carrying out product and market research, in general .

Asin Seed

Through the ASIN code, it allows sellers to know their competition . Thanks to this, it provides information about the products of the competitors and also about the keywords they use; so that, you will be able to know the aspects of greatest interest to your adversaries from a reverse search .

However, it should be noted that this tool is only available in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States and Japan.

Keyword Tool

This is a software that has the ability to perform keyword research focused on marketplaces and thanks to this, it delivers totally reliable information that includes competition for each of the keywords to be used, monthly search volumes and trends as well.


If you are an Amazon seller, this tool is one of the most suitable for you. Since, it provides the possibility to analyze and study the profitability of your products, easily. It also allows them to keep track of the main KPIs of their sales and has functions with which they can learn to increase their profits.


In case you prefer to use an all-in-one tool, in terms of product and competition analysis, AMZScout is an ideal alternative for you as an Amazon seller. Since, by using it, you can spy on your main competitors, accessing the ranking history and even the sales and prices of a specific list.

Additionally, this tool will allow you to get profitable products and niches, when you do not know that you can sell and you want to bet on a market with high demand. Also, you can identify the best trends of the moment.

Jungle scout

When it comes to analyzing Amazon products, this tool is perfect in terms of making the best decisions about the items to sell in this renowned marketplace. Well, it makes use of some factors such as the number of reviews and the ranking of the best seller to determine a certain niche on Amazon so that you can bet on an excellent alternative.

Thus, it functions as a niche tracker, product database, and keyword explorer .

Best Free Amazon Affiliate Program Tools

For many SEO specialists and niche builders, the Amazon Affiliate program is one of the most profitable on the market today. Which consists of inviting website owners to promote products from this famous marketplace and thus is considered one of the best possibilities for those who have disused blogs or online stores.

Thus, this program has been present since Amazon began its growth and with this, it allows third parties to easily generate income, at the same time that they provide more sales to this platform .

Well, affiliates must place links on their web pages and redirect traffic to Amazon, with which they can earn between 1 and 12% of the sales produced. Taking into account that, each link contains a tracking ID that allows you to count if the sale comes from these visits.

For your part, you should be aware of some of the best tools that can be used during the Amazon affiliate program. Which, the same platform makes available to users to improve the experience of affiliates. Next, we mention the most optimal of all :

The WordPress Link Builder Plugin

Undoubtedly, one of the most important tools for the Amazon Affiliate program is this Plugin with which the links to be displayed on third-party websites are created . Basically, it is an ad generator that simplifies the search for products to add them in the WordPress editors of these websites.

In this sense, the tool consists of several templates with which you can create the ad to your liking and has different methods to enter the text and the prices of the items to offer . It should be noted that it comes with several default templates and, at the same time, it supports its own designs for greater customization.

The Amazon Affiliate API (Product Advertising API)

It is the best formula to be able to link Amazon with the web page, easily. Therefore, it is classified as an advanced alternative with which it is possible to obtain access to the marketplace in question and its extensive product catalog . In addition to this, it also facilitates the application of filters to carry out searches.

However, if you have not generated three sales, it will be impossible to have access to this Amazon API and apart from that, the Plugin will be useless. For this reason, to be able to use it, it will be necessary to look for an acquaintance who manages to generate this amount of sales manually and from that, specify the access .

Now, once you get this access, you could use the API to see the comments that other buyers have left on the product before. With which, you would be able to retain customers and even show the recommendations of other related Amazon items . Also, you can include links dynamically.


It is a toolbar with which ads are managed in a very simple and fast way . Taking into account that, it is easy to get it when you browse with the affiliate account on Amazon. Among its main functions, we note that SiteStripe allows you to create links directly from the online site and without having to use other additional mechanisms.

In addition to this, one of its best advantages is that it facilitates the creation of links to any web page on Amazon and all of these can be shared on the main social networks of the moment ; such as: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Amazon Affiliate Web Bar

From this Web Bar, you can create a link directly from any Amazon page and thanks to this, it is not necessary to enter the Affiliate panel of the marketplace platform. In addition to this, through said Web Bar, it is possible to make text or text links with an image and you can even use a button to directly access the forum and even the summary of your income.

The Banners

Another tool that the Amazon platform makes available to its affiliates are banners. Taking into account that, through them, it will be possible to create links with which, for the most part, you can achieve a better conversion . Thus, the most favorable of the case is that there are various designs with the possibility of being coupled to the schematization of your website.

Best Amazon Business Tools for Sellers and Optimize Their Sales Campaigns

Amazon Business is considered one of the best programs for both buyers and sellers of this famous platform. In this sense, with respect to the “sellers”, this program reveals excellent benefits and among the most important, we find the fact of selling more and reaching billions of commercial customers around the world .

In this sense, the Amazon Business Seller program offers great value features for all sellers who opt to advertise on this marketplace. With which, they will be able to increase their sales, offer products available only to commercial customers, facilitate the search for their products, simplify the purchase in larger quantities through good prices and accessible payments, as well as automate the tax exemption on qualified purchases of the “sellers”.

For its part, Amazon also provides some tools that are of great help for sellers, in order to optimize their commerce campaigns and obtain many more interesting advantages . Here are the best tools of this type:

Sponsored Products

Refers to a cost-per-click advertising solution that Amazon provides to allow you to promote the items you sell with ads that can be displayed in high-visibility locations within this online platform . As the advertisement will be seen in both desktop and mobile browsers, as well as in the Amazon Mobile application and once buyers click on the advertisement in question, they will be redirected to the product detail page.

Regarding the way in which sellers should use this tool, basically, they will have to select the articles they want to advertise and proceed to choose the keywords or product attributes that they prefer to segment .

However, you can also choose to have the same Amazon system take care of targeting the most important keywords, automatically. In addition to this, Sponsored Products will also allow you to measure the performance of your ads and control how much you want to spend on bids and budgets (it is important to indicate a daily budget).

Sponsored Brands

They are campaigns that encourage Amazon users to discover your brand and interact with it in preponderant search sites . Apart from this, it is a tool that allows you to generate awareness and consideration with completely personalized ads that connect, directly, to a landing page or online store.

It should be noted that these ads are of the “Cost-per-click” type and, for that reason, you will only have to pay when a buyer of the platform clicks on the ad. They are also ads in which you can set your budget and even select the price you want to pay for each click . Keeping in mind that, you can establish a daily budget and a total one .

Now, in reference to the main characteristics of Sponsored Brands advertising, we note that these ads add your brand’s logo along with a clearly personalized title and three of your most special products . Thus, they generally appear on page placements on computers and mobile devices.

Amazon Stores

This, basically, consists of a free self-service store that is available for brands. In this way, it allows you to provide a totally superior Amazon shopping service that remains focused on your brand, your items to sell and the value proposition .

For its part, this tool has the ability to receive traffic from Amazon organic locations, such as the link to your brand name on your product detail pages.

In addition to this, this tool can be used as a landing site for any of your commercial transactions within Amazon and even outside of this platform. Thus, a help mechanism to optimize your brand awareness globally and increase the sales opportunities of your products .

It should be noted that, in order to create a new Amazon Stores store for your business, you have to enter your Seller Central account, proceed to choose the option “Store Showcase” and start the installation process. During this process, it will be necessary to enter the name of your brand as identification of your store, in addition to the logo and the description of the brand.


These phrases or combinations of words are another of the most important tools that sellers on Amazon can use to improve their sales campaigns . Specifically, they are used to match ads with search terms that shoppers typically use to purchase items on Amazon .

However, in the case of Sponsored Products, the same marketplace system matches your keywords with the search terms of the customers and displays the ads of your products. On the other hand, as for Sponsored Brands, Amazon adjusts these phrases with the search terms of the buyers and apart from showing the products advertised in your campaign, they also allow you to view the headline of your brand.

List of Best Amazon Web Service Services for Buyers and Sellers

In case you didn’t already know, Amazon Web Service provides an extensive set of global products that are cloud-based, and also includes resources for storage, computing, databases, analytics, administration tools, developer tools, security, business applications and many more.

In this sense, Amazon Web Service services can be of great help both for Amazon buyers as well as for sellers, companies and emerging companies that want to advance more quickly within this market, have better innovation and reduce costs. IT costs and scale.

Now, then, we present the most optimal services that Amazon Web Service has for you, both as a buyer and as a seller :

Some services for buyers

  • Amazon CloudSearch : This is an excellent search tool that Amazon customers can use. Well, it refers to a managed service in the AWS cloud that simplifies the configuration, management and cost-effective scaling of a search solution for this website. Thus, it has functions such as highlighting, autocomplete and a geospatial search. It is available in more than 34 languages.
  • Amazon Macie : This is a security service that uses machine learning to discover, section and protect your confidential data quickly. Thus, it has the ability to provide control panels and alerts that add visibility into the transfer of your data and therefore constantly looks for anomalies to generate detailed alerts, in case of risk.
  • AWS Elemental MediaConnect : It consists of a high quality live video transfer tool. So, it allows you to send your high-value content in the cloud or transmit it for distribution. Even with this service you can get great satellite and fiber security along with flexibility and agility.

Some services for sellers

  • Amazon Pinpoint : As a seller, by using this AWS tool, you will be able to get to know your customers and easily interact with them by sending personalized and relevant communications from various channels. One of its greatest advantages is that it helps you communicate with the client and the correct message at the right time, since it manages to create personalized audience segments.
  • Amazon Connect : If you use this tool, you can offer better customer service at a lower cost and with great ease. Since, it refers to a self-service cloud-based contact center service. Taking into account that, it manages to make viable millions of conversations with clients and even allows you to track performance metrics without having specialized knowledge.
  • Alexa for Business : This is a service whose main objective is to facilitate and achieve that organizations and their employees complete different tasks in less time. Since, it works as an intelligent assistant that guarantees complete productivity.
  • Amazon Aurora : A MySQL and PostgreSQL compliant relational database built for the cloud that is up to five times faster than standard MySQL databases and three times better than PostgreSQL databases. Apart from that, it combines the performance and availability of common databases with the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of open source ones. It also delivers security and reliability.
  • Amazon Chime : If you have opted to sell on Amazon with your company, this service is ideal

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