Turn the microphone on and off in windows 10 by pressing two keys

There are many additional peripherals that we use today in order to get the most out of our computer. We talk about elements such as the mouse, the keyboard, the speakers, or the microphone.

These, as a whole, help us to be more productive with the team, in addition to making them even more functional. However, due to the fact that their number and use have not stopped growing in recent times, we must know how to optimize their operation. This is largely due to the fact that we are not always going to need these elements to be there, as they can even become a nuisance.

Optimize the use of the computer microphone

As an example, many of the keyboards we use today have a dedicated key to mute the sound from the speakers . At the same time, some offer us the possibility of controlling the reproduction of multimedia content, which is very useful in these times. However, the truth is that there is nothing similar that allows us to silence the microphone that we have installed on the computer.

This is because this is an element that is not always on, since it only turns on when an application accesses it. In addition, if necessary, users are expected to use the mute button within the application, although it is not the best method. As you can imagine, it will always be more comfortable and effective to be able to do this through a keyboard shortcut. That is why we are going to explain how we can mute or cancel the microphone with a keyboard shortcut in Windows 10 below .

For this we are going to make use of a free application called MicMute. We can download this from this link and first of all we will tell you that, when you run it, it is located in the system tray. So here you add a striking new microphone-shaped icon. From there we will have the possibility to access the application settings and customize the corresponding keyboard shortcut .

It is important to know that if the aforementioned icon is red, it means that this component is activated at that moment. However, if we see it in black, it means that the microphone is off.

Quickly enable or disable the microphone in Windows 10

It is worth mentioning that the application has some useful features, for example, we can mute the microphone immediately when it starts. We also have the possibility to see the detected audio input devices on the screen . At the same time, just by clicking the right mouse button on the icon, we can instantly mute the aforementioned microphone.

On the other hand, in order to configure a keyboard shortcut that speeds up this task even more, we will have to go to the Setup Shortcut menu option. Here we will see, in the window that appears, the default key combination, but we can specify our own, as expected. To do this, all we have to do is touch the exact combination that we want to use from that moment to deactivate the microphone .

At this point, it is worth mentioning that here we will have the possibility of using the ordinary keys of a keyboard, or also specifying the special keys. In this way, every time we activate or deactivate the microphone from here, we will hear a beep that will inform us of the change of state. It is also interesting to know that if we are going to use this app regularly, we configure it to start with Windows 10. This is something that we will hardly notice thanks to the few system resources it consumes.

Fix microphone problems automatically in Windows

As many of you may already know, the Windows 10 system itself offers us a good number of functions to solve problems. With this, what we want to tell you is that the system has functionalities integrated by Microsoft developers, to fix itself automatically. This is something that is accomplished by so-called Windows troubleshooters. These are spread across multiple locations on the same operating system.

From the Windows taskbar

Well, we tell you all this because what is related to audio in general and problems with the microphone in particular, was not going to be less. That is why if we see that the microphone that we have connected and configured does not work or does not respond at all, we can use these functions. In this case, what we have to do is click with the right mouse button on the audio icon that is located on the right side of the Windows task bar. This is usually in the form of a speaker and from here we can control the volume of the system, among many other things.

Thus, by right-clicking here, we find a menu option called Troubleshoot sound problems. This will lead to an automatic process whereby Windows itself will try to fix the microphone problems.

From the operating system Settings application

This is something that, if we wish or it is more comfortable for us, we can do from the Windows Settings application. Specifically, we refer to getting the system itself to be the one to fix the problems and failures of an element such as the microphone. In fact, this hardware component is basic for, for example, those who usually make videoconferences on the PC, or who play online with others as a team.

Well, to access the Settings app, we use the Win + I key combination, and so we can click on the System option. We can find this in the initial window of the application, which leads to a new interface. In this one, specifically on the left side, we see several sections, including the so-called Sound, which is the one that interests us in each case. Under the input device section, when we have selected the corresponding installed microphone, we see the Troubleshoot button, which is precisely where we click.

Disable the Windows micro from its configuration

And if we do not want to resort to third-party software, Windows 10 also allows us to activate or deactivate the operating system’s microphone from its own configuration, although it is not as comfortable or fast. To do this, what we must do is open the Windows 10 Settings menu (Windows keyboard shortcut + I) and scroll to the System> Sound section.

We will locate the “Input” section (that is, the devices that input audio to the computer) and in it we will click on “Device properties”.

We will see a new configuration screen like the following one. In it we can see the device we have selected, give it a name to better identify it or calibrate its sound gain. We will also see a box called “Disable.”

If we select this box, the microphone will be deactivated from Windows 10, and, therefore, no one will be able to hear us. Another way to silence it is also by manually lowering the volume, from this same configuration window, to zero. That way no one can hear us either.

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